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Food Preparation System                               Kitchen Workstation


This durable cutting board is ideal for those who
have difficulty in gripping, or only have the use
of one hand. The clamp can fix items such as
tins or bowls, and the spikes keep vegetables still
when peeling or cutting. Size 121/2 x 111/2".
AA5276                                    £62.50
                                                      A multi-functional food preparation unit, which is ideal for those who have difficulty with every day
                                                      kitchen tasks. Includes a removable grater and slicer, bread holder for one handed spreading and a
Grater & Zester
                                                      removable stainless steel spike for holding fruit or vegetables. Dishwasher safe.
                                                      Size 193/4 x 113/4".

                                                      AA5272                                                                            £37.95 (£32.30)

                                                                                                                            Rex Peeler

                                                                                                                            Lightweight and comfortable

                                                                                                                            to use, this metal frame peeler
                                                                                                                            has an effective swivelling
                                                                                                                            blade, allowing peeling
                                                                                                                            without twisting the hand.

A convenient, easy to use grater and zester with
an anti-slip base that reduces the risk of
movement, suitable for those with a weaker grip.                                                                            AA5200                 £5.80
AA5231                                    £14.75
                                                      Reflex Knife Range
Bread Board





                                                      These lightweight knives & forks have large contoured, easy to grip handles which have been
                                                      designed to limit wrist movement.
Made from hardwood, with four non-slip feet to        A AA5240Y                 Reflex preparation knife 5"                             £11.95 (£10.17)
prevent movement. It has six spikes to hold the       B AA5245Y                 Reflex chefs knife 8"                                   £14.95 (£12.72)
bread in place, this bread board is ideal for         C AA5246Y                 Reflex slicing knife 9"                                 £15.10 (£12.85)
those cutting with one hand only. Size 123/4 x 7".    D AA5244Y                 Reflex carving knife 8"                                 £17.00 (£14.47)
AA5274                                    £18.85      E AA5248Y                 Reflex carving fork 6"                                  £16.10 (£13.70)

Baby Boa & Can Pull Pack                                                                                 Strongboy Jar Opener
                                                    A handy pack containing the Baby Boa and

                                                    Can Pull. The Baby Boa provides excellent

                                                    leverage for those who have difficulty turning or
                                                    opening jars, bottles etc. Simply wrap the loop
                                                    around the item, pull the tail and then turn. Fits
                                                    any item from 1/2" to 41/2" in diameter. The
                                                    Can Pull assists with opening of ring pull cans.

                                                    AA5007                                     £7.25

                                                                                                         Flexible stainless steel band, which is clamped
                                                                                                         around top by screw action. Considerable
                                                                                                         leverage can be obtained. For tops from 3/4 to
                                                                                                         41/2" diameter.
                                                                                                         AA5020                                   £10.25

Multi-Opener                                        Table-top Tin Opener                                 Spillnot Jar & Bottle Opener

                                                                                                         This opener has three cones of different sizes,
                                                                                                         lined with a non-slip material. When a jar or
                                                                                                         bottle is pressed in the appropriate cone, it is
                                                                                                         gripped, leaving both hands free to twist the lid.
                                                                                                         Can be used with other openers. Suitable for
                                                    This electric tin opener does not have to be
                                                                                                         jars 13/4 to 41/4" diameter.
                                                    held. It removes lids effortlessly on tins up to
A handy, multi functional opener for bottle caps,   3lbs in weight, and retains them on a magnet.        AA5080                         £19.95 (£16.98)
screw tops and ring pulls. With non-slip handle     Can also remove bottle tops and slice open
for a better grip. Weight 42g.                      plastic bags.                                        Bibs
AA5021                                   £7.75      AA5130                                   £27.50

                                                                      Ring Pull for Cans
                                                                      A comfortable plastic design
                                                                      of ring puller. Providing
                                                                      excellent leverage and a large
                                                                      broad surface to grip. Colour
                                                                      may vary.
                                                                      Length 61/4".
                                                                                                         These bibs have waterproof backing and easy
                                                                                                         to fit stud fastenings at the neck. Fully washable.
                                                                                                         Size 28 x 181/2".
                                                                                                         AA5696       Red                         £14.95
                                                                      AA5193                  £2.60      AA5695       Blue                        £14.95

Mini Jug Kettle                                     Kettle Tippers


A miniature jug kettle ideal for boiling small
quantities (max 1 pint). Extremely light and easy
to lift. Good for travelling.
AA5786                                  £29.95

Two Handled Cup & Saucer
                                                             B                                                         C

                                                    These tippers are especially useful for people with weak or painful grips. The tilting platform enables the
                                                    kettle to be poured safely and with virtually no effort. Available in three styles to fit almost any kettle.
Made from lightweight bone china. The cup has
a double handle which helps those with shaky        A AA5771            Cordless kettle tipper                                             £24.50 (£20.85)
or frail hands.                                     B AA5770Y           Standard kettle tipper                                             £22.95 (£19.53)
AA5732                                  £11.75      C AA5774            Jug kettle tipper                                                  £14.95 (£12.72)

Thumbs-up Cup                                       Clear Caring Mug & Lid                                 Clear Polycarbonated Mug

Lightweight and durable insulated plastic cup
designed for people with limited strength or                                                               A tough, clear plastic mug with a large handle,
co-ordination. Can be used with hot or cold         Clear mug with two large angled handles to             supplied with two lids, one anti-spill, and one
liquids. Capacity 237ml.                            assist weak or restricted grip. Lid has a spout.       with a spout.
AA5755                                  £15.85      AA5710Y                                    £7.95       AA5700                                      £4.95

Dignity Ware                                      No-tip Dinnerware



Ceramic crockery that looks like regular
tableware. The plate has an inward-turning
lip and the bowl is high sided, to aid eating.    A range of tableware comprising of three dishes. Each one can be attached to a non-slip base to
The mug has a large handle to make gripping       prevent spills and mess. Can be used on wheelchair tray, bed table or dining table. Dishwasher safe.
easier.                                           920875      Non-slip base                                                                  £29.40
AA55025 Plate                          £19.55     920876      Snack bowl                                                                     £18.05
AA55026 Bowl                           £13.25     920877      Scoop plate                                                                    £18.05
AA55027 Mug                              £9.10    920878      Divided plate                                                                  £18.05

Round Scoop Dish                                  Manoy Contoured Plates

With a low front and a high back, this dish is
designed for one handed eating or for those
who have difficulty lifting the food from the
plate. The non-slip, rubber-padded bottom
keeps the plate still when scooping the food.
Diameter 8".
1546        Yellow              £8.25 (£7.02)     These oval plates have a sloping bottom and are high sided at one end to help scoop up food.
154601      Ivory               £8.25 (£7.02)     Useful for those with one good hand or those who have difficulty picking up food with utensils.
                                                  Dishwasher safe.
Secure Grip Eggcup                                AA5610      Small 81/2 x 63/4"                                                      £7.00 (£5.96)
                            This ceramic          AA5612      Large 11 x   73/4"                                                    £10.15 (£8.64)

                            eggcup has a

                            handle that is used                                                     Incurve Plate Surround
                            to steady the cup
                                                                                                    This flexible guard can be fitted to ordinary plates
                            whilst eating.
                                                                                                    to assist with one-handed eating.
                            Dishwasher and
                                                                                                    Plate size 71/2 to 10" external diameter.
                            microwave safe.

                            £10.90                                                                  AA5662Y                           £3.95 (£3.36)

                                                  Lightweight Foam Handled Cutlery                      Featherlite Cutlery
                                                  These utensils are mounted on light grey foam

                                                  handles, they are comfortable and easy to grip.

                                                  AA5550       Knife                   £7.25 (£6.17)
                                                  AA5551       Fork                    £7.75 (£6.60)
                                                  AA5552       Spoon                   £7.75 (£6.60)
                                                  AA5553       Teaspoon                £7.50 (£6.38)    This extremely lightweight cutlery range has
                                                  AA5554       Set                 £27.50 (£23.40)      textured, tapered handles for easy gripping.
                                                                                                        Dishwasher safe.
                                                  Caring Cutlery                                        AA55000       Knife
                                                  Stainless steel utensils with built-up handles for    £5.40 (£4.60)
                                                  those with a weak grip and restricted wrist or        AA55001       Fork
                                                  finger movement.                                      £5.05 (£4.30)
                                                                                                        AA55002       Teaspoon
                                                                                                        £5.05 (£4.30)
                                                                                                        AA55003       Spoon
                                                  AA5570       Knife                  £5.75 (£4.89)
                                                                                                        £5.05 (£4.30)
                                                  AA5571       Fork                   £5.75 (£4.89)
                                                                                                        AA55004       Left handed fork
                                                  AA5572       Spoon                  £5.75 (£4.89)     £5.80 (£4.94)
                                                  AA5573R Right angled spoon £5.75 (£4.89)              AA55005       Right handed fork
                                                                                                        £5.80 (£4.94)
                                                  Supergrip Bendable Cutlery                            AA55006       Left handed spoon
                                                  The spoons and fork in this range may be              £5.80 (£4.94)
                                                  bent to any angle. The rocker knife cuts with         AA55007       Right handed spoon
                                                  minimum effort. Comfortable rubber handles            £5.80 (£4.94)
                                                  help improve grip.
                                                                                                        AA55008       Left handed teaspoon
                                                  A703205      Teaspoon               £8.25 (£7.02)     £5.80 (£4.94)
                                                  A703206      Spoon                  £8.25 (£7.02)     AA55009       Right handed teaspoon
                                                                                                        £5.80 (£4.94)
                                                  A703207      Fork                   £8.25 (£7.02)
                                                                                                        AA55010       Ergonomic knife
                                                  A703208      Knife                  £8.25 (£7.02)
                                                                                                        £6.60 (£5.62)
                                                  A703209      Set of 4            £29.95 (£25.49)
                                                                                                        AA55011       Ergonomic fork
                                                                                                        £6.60 (£5.62)
Roller Knife/Fork Combination                      Flexible Cutlery
                                                                                                        AA55012       Ergonomic teaspoon
                                                                                                        £6.60 (£5.62)

                                                                                                        AA55013       Ergonomic spoon

                                                                                                        £6.60 (£5.62)

                                                   These versatile utensils can be angled and
                                                   wrapped around the wrist to secure the position.
                                                   A velcro strap is also included for extra security
A fork combined with a cutting roller for those    if required. Each utensil is 14" long. Dishwasher
with good grip strength in only one hand.          safe to 50oC.
Available with a regular handle or a built up
comfort handle for a more secure grip.
Dishwasher safe.                                   109001        Fork                         £12.90

AA55019 Regular handle           £7.70 (£6.55)     109002        Teaspoon                      £8.35

AA55020 Built-up                                   109003        Tablespoon                   £12.90
        comfort handle           £7.70 (£6.55)     109004        Plastisol coated teaspoon £12.90


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