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					            VEEDER-ROOT brand                                                          7995 General Purpose
             Electronic Totalizing Counters

L   T
E   O
C   T
T   A
R   L
O   I
N   Z                                                                                                          An industrial strength
    N                                                                                                          totalizer . . . with a bright,
    G                                                                                                          easy-to-see, red LED
                                                                                                               display – available in
                                                                                                               base or panel mounts

        High-speed electronic totalizing for hostile factory environments. Perfect     With Count Input from Switch or Relay Contact: Maximum Count Speed:
        for item counting, cycle counting, flow totalizing, and just about any other      3000 cpm (50 Hz)
        in-plant application. Distant, or “off angle” viewing problems are             With Count Input from Electronic Pulse: Maximum Count Speed: 60,000
        overcome by its high-contrast, 0.39" (10.0 mm) LED display – even in              cpm (1000 Hz)
        dim or shadowed lighting situations.                                           Pulse Voltage: 3.5 to 15 VDC
        s Heavy duty die cast construction                                             Reset: Dependent on model, side-mounted pushbutton switch or remote
        s Reliable, long-life design
                                                                                       Operating Power Requirements: 105 to 120 VAC, 1.5 watt, 50/60 Hz
        s 6 digit, large LED display – easily seen at a distance                       Rechargeable Battery Standby: Retains counted data up to 500 hours;
        s Instant reset to zero by side-mounted pushbutton                                battery must be purchased separately
                                                                                       Connections: Wire leads, 12" length (305 mm)
        s Remote reset
                                                                                       Operating Temperature: 32° to 131°F (0° to 55°C)
        s Popular base mount configuration can replace similar electric                Mounting: Base mount; panel mount kits available
        s Count speeds to 1000 Hz (DC input model)                                     Model No.               Description
        s Accepts 115 VAC count pulse without adapters (AC input model)                0799526-001          Counter (base mount) with side button reset and AC
                                                                                                              count input
        s Internal bounce filter for accurate counting from contacts (DC model)
                                                                                       0799526-101          Counter (base mount) with side button reset and
        Series 7995 can take abuse . . . its heavy duty, die cast base mount                                  DC count input
        enclosure will bolt directly to machine frames, or even to a factory wall.     0799536-001          Counter (base mount) with remote reset and AC
        Optional panel mount adapters can make it an attractive addition to any                               count input
        control panel. DC input models count from switch or relay contact              0799536-101          Counter (base mount) with remote reset and DC
        closures, or electronic pulses and sensors, at speeds to 1000 Hz. AC                                  count input
        input models accept count signals directly from 115 VAC sources.               0616361-002          Panel mount kit, lock and key reset for models
                                                                                                              0799526-001 and 0799526-101
                                                                                       0616362-002          Panel mount kit, front panel button reset for models
         For self-powered, LCD display, see Series 7997                                                       0799536-001 and 0799536-101
                                                                                       0614896-001          Battery kit, allows use of battery standby feature.
         For programmable features, see MAXjr Count 1

                                                                                        Dimensions:          3.720"         0.2"
        SPECIFICATIONS                                                                       Leads          94.5 mm       5.1 mm
                                                                                         12" (30.5 cm)
        Display: 6-decade, 0.39" (10.0 mm) red LED
        Count Input Characteristics:
          AC Input Models: Maximum Count Speed: 1500 cpm (25 Hz); Count                         3.742"                          .688"
                                                                                                                             17.475 mm                  .156" Dia. (3.9 mm)
          Impulse Voltage: 105 to 120 VAC                                                      95.0 mm                                                        4 Holes
          DC Input Models: Factory wired for switch contact input; electronic pulse                                                                      .625" Dia.(15.9 mm)
          input by cutting internal jumper wire                                                                                         11.1 mm         Optional wire thru hole
                                                                                                            93.7 mm
        Typical Applications:
                                                                                                                                      .875"             .780"
                                                                                                                                    22.2 mm           19.8 mm

                                                                                                  1.58"                  1.410"                      3.310"
                                                                                                40.1 mm                 35.8 mm                     84.1 mm
               Pulser                                                                     Panel Mounting Kit: Part No. 616361-002     Panel Mounting Kit: Part No. 616362-002
                                                                                                            5.505"                                   4.44"
                                                                                                          139.8 mm                                112.8 mm

                     Meter                                                                   2.130"                                                                 1.88"
                                                                            Punch           54.1 mm                                                               47.8 mm
                        Liquid Flow                                         Press
                                                                                       Cutout: 4.88" x 1.50" (123.9 mm x 38.1mm)    Cutout: 3.75" x 1.75" (96.0 mm x 43.5mm)


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