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					                   Your Set-And-Forget System
                  Blueprint For Massive Passive

                                   "I Couldn’t Believe It At First…
                                     Had They Made A Mistake?"
                 "I Just Kept Quiet As They Deposited More And More Money
                       Into My Account… Day After Day... After Day…"

                               "Until I Could Keep Quiet NO MORE!"
                     "This was back in 2007... And just a few weeks ago, I
                   completed my fifth set-and-forget project... And it worked
                               even better than EVER before…"

                               "How Many Will You Be Setting Up?"
                      Introducing The ONLY Set-And-Forget System For True
                         Wealth-Building Automated Success… And How I
                            Discovered This COMPLETELY By Mistake…]
ClickBank-Cash System...

                                        (This is just a snapshot of the 34 automated rebill payments that I received on this day!)

                                   "Are you ready to find out how I do this?"
                  I thought so…
                  OK, let’s get started shall we… but first… I need you to promise me something…
                  I need you to promise me that you’ll keep this to yourself. I want to show this to a limited number of people
                  only, because I’m looking for a few people to work with but I also don’t want to generate too much competition
                  for me and you.
                  So, once you know what this is and how it’s done, shut the door, hide your notes, don’t send anyone any info on
                  this... and keep your lips sealed.
                  This is truly life-changing stuff, secretive massive-cash generating stuff… and I want to keep this between
                  just you and me for now…
                  To the extent that I’m only letting a few hundred people in on this… and then the site is coming down. You’ll
                  understand why in just a moment.

                                 From Nowhere To Massive Clickbank-Cash...
                  Like I’ve already said, I discovered this technique by mistake.
                  Probably like you, I was just sitting at my desk one day when this e-mail popped into my inbox – something about
                  “continuity” is all that I remember.
                  Anyway, I clicked on the link and was taken to a page that talked all about making money and automating the
                  entire process. Boom! That was it, I was in. I was hooked and the product was mine.
                  And to cut a long story short I started to work on my very first continuity program - a method that would not only
                  make you money once, but over and over again... and I must admit that once I'd set-up the first one I
                  completely forgot about it!!
                  And I still remember logging into that account, some days later. The results were staggering and I still remember
                  me -- mouth wide open -- staring at the screen with this staring back at me... In my very first month I had
ClickBank-Cash System...

                  pulled in over $2,000... and this continued... on autopilot...

                  Now, let me explain…
                  This income was FULLY automated. I had set this up and quite literally forgotten about it!
                  Was there a mistake?
                  Was this someone else’s money?
                  I kept quiet, fearing that this money would be taken away from me if I asked too many questions…
                  And, to my great surprise, it kept coming. In fact it grew and grew… and as quickly as the money came in, it got
                  dumped straight into my bank account!
                  Now, sit down, relax, and take a deep breath, because this is what happened just a few short months after I
                  started using ClickBank... and generating MASSIVE CASH using ClickBank
                                                         Are you ready? OK, here we go:

                                         And this resulted in the payments that you've already seen - below:

                  A truly staggering amount of money for something that I had set-up once and had done nothing to change, tweak,
                  test, track, or even monitor since… The money just kept coming in like clockwork for me on this account!
                  And this is where things get very interesting, because if you’re anything like me… and you see this sort of cold
                  hard cash coming in, then you’d simply add more and more accounts -- right? -- and as fast as possible...
ClickBank-Cash System...

                  Well, that’s exactly what I did… and while I was doing it I was refining and improving the process, so much so
                  that I now have a ClickBank-Cash Blueprint – for the entire process…
                  Call me greedy, but I set-up 5 similar projects as fast as I possibly could!
                  In fact, I was creating a new account at least once every month, with truly staggering results…

                                                          A Day In The Life…
                  So, let’s put you in my shoes, right here and right now, to show you what this is all about.
                  I’m going to take you back to one day in particular. I still remember this day because I stayed up late – excited to
                  see what my system had brought me – and I went to bed very late the next day as well – just so I could see the
                  grand total for the day...
                  Imagine, going out for the day, and still making money…
                  Imagine, setting this up once and letting it work for you each and every day…
                  Imagine, making money on autopilot… and leaving the daily grind well behind…
                  Imagine, using a proven system, implementing proven techniques and copying proven methods to get started…
                  Because this is what I have for you right here, right now.
                  Check this out for JUST one day - showing payments between 11.39 and 12.03:

                                            And look, this is actually what happened at the end of this day:

                  Now, let me explain why I have these screenshots - from 2007.
                  I did this purely to show off!! I did this purely to make people sit up and pay attention!
                  I’m going to be honest here…
                  I wanted to show my friends and family what I had done and I grabbed these screenshots to show off, to boast
                  and to prove to them that anyone could copy my system and achieve what I have achieved. I wanted to help
                  them, I wanted to show my closest friends and family what can be achieved with my systems in place… and the
                  only way in which I could truly get their attention was to show them this sort of stuff.
                  I’m sure it’s got your attention right now as well.
                  But, what if I then told you that every single penny of what you have just seen is PURE PROFIT.
ClickBank-Cash System...

                  The income that I generated from these projects had ZERO costs.
                  Yes, exactly! Now I've got your full attention haven't I?...
                  (This isn’t always the case with the system, but it can be.)
                  I will explain how in just a minute, but first let me get back to what happened when I showed this to my friends
                  and family…

                                          My Brother And Sister – Converted!
                  Shortly after seeing what I was up to my brother was in.
                  He was on board and ready to make some serious Clickbank-Cash. In fact, it didn’t take him long to
                  realize the potential at all… and he got started with this system VERY FAST indeed.
                  He has now quit his job and is working with me on several projects instead of the daily grind.
                  In fact, he recently made more than he used to earn in an entire year with just one project - and in just three
                  months! He's now working on his third set-and-forget project now...
                  Then, my sister jumped on board as well… and started making money in no time at all… and this was proof
                  enough to me that this system would work not only for me, but for anyone that truly wanted a set-and-forget
                  system -- working 24/7 for them -- just like mine does…
                  She now works whenever she chooses to, a few minutes every morning to set-up her daily income and the rest of
                  the day is hers – to do exactly what she wants to do.
                  And it was while I was showing both my brother and my sister how this works and the processes involved that I
                  started to document every step required to make this work. It is very simple to do, but it's also like a jigsaw
                  puzzle… as I’m sure you can relate to if you’ve been looking at Internet Marketing for a while now.
                  Everything out there works! But, you need every piece of the jigsaw in order for it to work - for you.
                  If you have a piece missing, then this Internet Marketing thing can be the most frustrating place in the world…
                  but with all of the pieces… it's truly life-changing…
                  And I should know. My Clickbank-Cash system has completely changed my life and the life of my friends and
                  family too. Check out the video below to see just one of my $1,000+ per day accounts:
ClickBank-Cash System...

                  In the past, I have spent thousands of dollars on opportunity after opportunity. I have lost money with poorly
                  planned advertising, I have jumped from one “latest craze” to the next “best technique”, followed only by next
                  weeks launch!
                  And if this sounds familiar, then I’m on your side…
                  I’m here to get you on the other side of the fence. No longer a consumer of information products, no longer a
                  customer, no longer a rabid buyer of the latest and the next best technique.
                  No more!
                  Right now, this is the product that’s going to turn your thought-process inside-out, upside down and then back
                  again... so that you know exactly what the internet experts are thinking, how they go to market, why they promote,
                  which techniques they use, and how they maximize each and every customer.
                  And what’s more, this is all about AUTOMATION…
                  Remember the amounts that I've shown you up to now -- money that I've made on COMPLETE set-and-forget
                  Well, that’s just the tip of the iceberg of what I’m going to show you – it really is…

                           The Truth Behind The Complicated Systems, Funnels,
                                         Processes And Flows…
                  So what is this all about, and what can this do for you?
                  Well, in short, I’m going to make this as simple as possible for you to follow… for you to set-up and for you to get
                  going as fast as you can.
                  I have seen (and bought) so many systems and processes and different techniques and plans in the past that it
                  took me absolutely ages to work out if it was the one for me, to work out if it actually worked, and even to work
                  out what I was supposed to do with it…
                  And if this sounds familiar then you’re not alone!
                  Like I’ve already said -- everything works out there -- the problem is with the getting it started part… or to use a
                  fancy word – the implementation.
                  If you can’t get the thing started, then how on earth are you supposed to make any money from it?
                  And this is where my system is so very different, because I have already pieced this together numerous times for
                  myself and also for my brother and sister -- so I know exactly what’s required to get you from where you are now
                  to where you want to be… and as fast as possible.
                  Remember, the set-and-forget system can be implemented as many times as you like, so if you want to make a
                  few thousand more every month then that’s fine, but if you want to make millions, then you’ll just need a few
                  more systems in place!!
                  And I will be showing you how to get your very first Clickbank-Cash generating system up and running -- fast -
                  - so that you can then decide how much you want to make…
                  No more complicated stuff. Just what you need, when you need to do it… and why!
                  Then, leverage on what you've already done to reinvest some profits, or enjoy and spend what you've just made
                  because it’s coming in day after day, week after week and month after month!
                  In exactly the same way that you have already seen…
                  This system can be copied and duplicated by absolutely anyone – when you have the Clickbank-Cash System
                  Blueprint and the step-by-step instructions that I’m going to give you:

                                    Introducing:- THE Clickbank-Cash System

                                                     ClickBank-Cash E-book Series...
                               How to make ongoing sales and commissions
             so that you get paid for months!
             Why the BIG GUYS don’t tell you this – they’ve
             been raking it in using systems like this for
             How to set-up the technical stuff within a matter of
             minutes and then forget about it! The set-and-
             forget system will then do the rest for you!
             Why your very first project will pay you for at least
             6 months, allowing you time to enjoy the money or
             work on your next Clickbank-Cash System for
             even more money…
             How to do this over and over again!

             And why this works for both product owners
             and affiliates alike!

This system is one that has completely changed the way I approach life, think about money… and this one system
alone has enabled me to achieve ALL of my goals in life in a matter of just a few years…
This took me from my wage-slave existence, struggling to get by month after month, to family house
owning, supercar driving, luxury vacationing, jet-setting, Internet Millionaire… and now I want to show
you how.
You have in front of you right now the keys that unlock a life of no more empty ClickBank accounts, no
more credit card debts, no more struggling to pay for things and no more checking the price label…
And this one might sound a bit strange, but when I explain the following you’ll see what I mean.
My girlfriend and I now go out to dinner a lot, we go shopping quite a lot as well… and when we do go out we buy
the things that we want. We don’t buy what we can afford, or look at the price-tag. If we like it, we get it… and if
we want a MacDonald's, then we’ll get that as well!
This hasn’t changed us as people -- it has just opened doors that were previously slammed shut on us. We can
get into the nice places, drive expensive cars, fly first class and take vacations whenever we want… and we do…
Just last year we went on three vacations in as many months -- to South Africa, Lake Louise and Jasper in Canada
and then another skiing trip in France with our friends at the end of the year.
And it’s all because the systems that have been set-up work whenever and wherever we are. We don’t need to be
in the office to monitor them. We have set them up once and we can then forget them.

             Your Set-And-Forget Clickbank-Cash System…
When I was putting together the system blueprint for my brother and my sister, I also decided that the best way
to show them how to set things up and get them started was to create some videos...
That way, they could not only test the step-by-step process, but I could effectively show them both how to do it
at the same time. I just had to video it the first time that I did it…
So, what you’ll also be getting is an over-the-shoulder look at one of the very same businesses that I have set-
up, while I walk you through how to do it yourself.
It’s like I’m in the room with you… and you can even pause me and take a break, rewind me to get me to
repeat certain steps and even replay the whole thing as and when you need to… or when you want to set-up
another system.
That’s why this video series is so powerful… and it’s why I’ve included it within this package for you today.
You’ll be getting the very basics within the e-book series and then the step-by-step instructions and
guidance within the videos -- which will literally walk you through the set-up process as if I was in the room
with you.
                                    ClickBank-Cash Video Series...
              Why ClickBank is still the best place for you
              to start!
              How to take and make monthly recurring
              payments on auto-pilot...
              How the ClickBank upsell process works…
              Which back office system to use and why…
              How to set-up a ClickBank residual income

              And much much more…

This is the complete system to take you from where you are now to where you want to be… and in no time at all...
Remember, I have started my online business and this system from scratch myself so I know that I can show you
how to do the same.
You’ll be getting everything you need to get started with my ClickBank-Cash System, but if you act now you will
also qualify for my FAST MOVERS Extra Bonus… which will show you how this system works outside of
ClickBank as well.
I’m going to show you how I make money from giving away a skin care product, giving away DVDs and I’m also
going to show you how I built a membership site that gives away reports and videos and runs on complete
autopilot… plus you'll be getting the chance to get access to this membership site and sell it as your own as well!
But first, before I show you what the Fast Movers Bonus contains, I want to show you what this bonus can do for
When I first decided to test the system outside ClickBank, I set-up the system using some very similar methods, but
then it required a few tweaks here and there for it to really work.
All of these subtle changes have been detailed within the bonus... and this is what I made in the first 3 months when
I took this system outside of the ClickBank comfort zone.
Nothing dramatic, nothing heroic, but solid income... and something to grow and build from... which is exactly what
I did!

Look what happened from these humble beginnings when I turned on the tap -- you won't want to miss out on
this Fast Movers FREE Bonus!!
                            Your Fast Movers FREE Bonus Series...
              How the "free plus shipping" model really
              Why it pays to give away products – to get
              Why this actually works better with physical
              products that get shipped to the door...
              How you can set-up your very own physical product
              line, without doing ANY of the work…
              Where to source products from, so that you
              can set this up in a matter of days!

              How my membership site works - on complete
              autopilot - and how you can start selling this
              as your very own - right away...

This product package is absolutely MASSIVE… and no-one is giving you all this info… to get you started… No
But I’m going to give you all of this. Everything you need in order to get started with your very own ClickBank-
Cash System -- before moving onto a physical product line and getting your own free plus shipping offer out there.
Check out the video below to see what this Fast Mover FREE Bonus is going to show you:
This system is going to take you step-by-step through the processes involved – to get your ClickBank-Cash
System up and running and your accounts looking like this, rather than like this:

                 BEFORE CB-Cash...                                      AFTER CB-Cash!

If you look at the account on the right -- the AFTER -- you can see that although the payments don't initially
increase each week, they don't fall away because of the monthly rebills that kick-in and keep kicking in for you.
This is not traffic and sales that die after a while... The money keeps coming in... And this is the true secret to
the Clickbank-Cash System... and I will be revealing all to you...
 And I’m so confident that this is going to work for you that I’m going to give you the following guarantee:

                 My 8 WEEK RISK FREE Money Back Guarantee...
           "You can take a full 8 WEEKS to check out ClickBank-Cash. If you are not happy in any way with the
           secret strategies and techniques that you'll be shown, then I will refund all of your money.

           I’m assuming all of the risk… so that YOU have plenty of time to put your own ClickBank-Cash System
           into action and change your life forever.

           I’ve decided to give you this 8 WEEK RISK FREE period because there is SO MUCH life-changing
           information within ClickBank Cash that I want to give you plenty of time to digest it all, put it into
           action and experiment with my many different techniques.

           Remember, you have absolutely NOTHING TO LOSE...

Best Wishes,

Chris Cobb

P.S. You're just one click away, and a few minutes away, from discovering exactly how I'm able to make huge
amounts of money, day after day, week after week, and month after month... using my Clickbank-Cash Set-and-
Forget System...
P.P.S. This is the lowest price that Clickbank-Cash will EVER be offered at so you need to act fast as I will have to
raise the price VERY SOON… or even close the doors on this one for good.
Make sure you don’t miss out on this one... or my Fast Mover FREE Bonus! Remember, I can only work with a
limited number of people on this one. DON’T MISS OUT!
P.P.P.S. You may still be a little skeptical about all that you've just read and you may also have some questions that
I've been unable to answer. That's totally understandable.
Remember that you're fully backed by my 56 DAY RISK FREE Guarantee… You risk absolutely nothing. I am taking
all of the risk here...
                                   What... No Testimonials?…
No, this system is something that I have kept quiet for the last few years. Only my brother and my sister have
seen exactly how I do this... and how this system works...
And because of this I can't show you any testimonials.
I could easily have created some of my own, or asked some of my partners to write some quick testimonials for me, but
I don't like to do that. What I'm looking for now is to create some testimonials -- from your success -- from real
people that are starting from scratch, making this work and changing their lives...
Is this you? Or, are you going to let this one pass you by?
I have a very restricted number of places and people that I can work with on this one, so be quick to
reserve your place today!
I have a space below for your testimonial...

                                        YOUR Testimonial Here...
           "Hi Chris, thanks so much for showing me your "Set-And-Forget" System. Everything is now clear and
           makes sense...
           I have just launched my very first project and in the first month I have made $xxxx.xx!
           Thanks again Chris!"
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