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					     1. PARA – Pandemic Update: to follow in a separate email
     2. PARA - Know Your Contract: Scheduling at Christmas
     3. PARA Negotiations 2010 Update
     4. Award Winners in Medical Education
     5. Upcoming Events
             PARA Board of Directors Meeting & Annual General
             PARA Yoga Night
             Grey Cup 2009 Beer n’Nachos
     6. PARA’s Spot the Stethoscope – Winners
     7. PARA’s 2009 Resident of the Month

1.   PARA – Pandemic Update: to follow in a separate email

2.   PARA - Know Your Contract: Scheduling at Christmas
Christmas time or Block 7 is a tricky time to schedule for both because all residents are
entitled to five consecutive days off and because, in terms of the contract, it is the
exception to call and stat holiday expectations:
        Residents are considered to be “on service” for their five Christmas days:
        Vacation, as defined in Article 12, is off service, but the five holiday days are not
        considered vacation and outlined in Article 13.

13.03 (a)    Residents shall receive five (5) consecutive days off duty for Christmas or New
             Year’s Break. The five (5) consecutive days off shall take place either December 23
             to December 27, or December 29 to January 2, at the discretion of the Program
             Director. All Residents shall be available for service on December 28. Where
             possible, a Resident shall not be scheduled for on-call services the day preceding his
             or her five (5) consecutive days off. Time in excess of five (5) consecutive days may
             be granted at the discretion of the Program Director.

          Normally, statutory holidays that fall on a Saturday or Sunday will be moved to
          Friday or Monday so as to provide residents with a long weekend (Article 13.01
          [b]). However, here again Block 7 is an exception. Article 13.01 (c) states
          “Pursuant to Article 13.03, provision 13.01 (b) does not apply to the following
          Named Holidays: Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Year’s Day.” This year,
          Boxing Day is on a Saturday. Only residents who are scheduled and perform call
          on this Saturday will receive a day in lieu for this statutory holiday. If a resident
          works any of these statutory holidays, they are entitled to a working day in lieu.
3.   PARA Negotiation Update
         AHW and AHS
In his televised address on October 14th, Premier Ed Stelmach announced the Alberta
Government will be asking physicians, nurses, teachers and public sector workers to
accept a two-year fee/salary freeze. This announcement has serious implications on the
2010 PARA negotiation. PARA invites you to chime in on your thoughts and opinions
through PARA’s Negotiations Suggestion E-box. It is important that any reflection
seriously recognize the provinces current financial situation.

           Survey – Response rate and upcoming report
The 2009 PARA Contract Negotiation Survey went out September28 and closed October
18, 2009. Six hundred and thirty three resident physicians or 50% of the PARA
membership responded to PARA’s request for direction for its upcoming negotiations; of
those who responded, 54.0% claimed affiliation with the University of Alberta and 46%
with the University of Calgary. Thank you to all of you who contributed feedback. Six
respondents won a $100 gift certificate to Best Buy, Congratulations to each of our lucky
winners! PARA will provide the membership with a summary of the results in the
December’s Eblast.

If you have any further feedback on the contract or contract negotiations PARA’s
Negotiation Suggestions E-box can be found at:

4.   Upcoming Events
          PARA Board of Directors Meeting & Annual General Meeting
           Date:       Monday, November 16th
           Location: Calgary – The Westin Hotel (320 – 4th Avenue SW)
           Board Mtg: 1200 Noon – 1630 Hrs (Lunch will be provided)
           AGM:         1630 – 1730 Hrs
               RSVP to para-ab@shawbiz.ca by Thursday, November 5th
               Residents will be responsible for their own transportation, but PARA will cover
               travel expenses.

           Yoga Night is Friday, November 20th
           PARA will sponsor the first twenty (20) residents in both Calgary and Edmonton.
           RSVP by Thursday, November 19th to para-ab@shawbiz.ca

           Calgary: Yoga Shala (1509/1511 – 19th Street NW) @ 6:30 PM
           Edmonton: The Yoga Loft (2nd Floor 10309 Whyte Avenue) @ 7:30 PM

           Grey Cup 2009 Beer n’Nachos
           Sunday, November 29th Kickoff @ 4:30 PM
           Calgary: Melrose Café & Bar (730 – 17 Avenue SW)
           Edmonton: Hudson’s Taphouse Downtown (11248 – 104 Avenue)
               RSVP to para-ab@shawbiz.ca by Thursday, November 19th to add your name
               and those of you guests (without hospital ID) to the guest list.

For more information on upcoming events visit PARA’s events calendar online at
5.   Award Winners in Medical Education
         In honor of his contributions in improving undergraduate and postgraduate
         medical education in Canada, Dr. M. George Elleker, Associate Dean of
         Postgraduate Medical Education, University of Alberta (U of A), received the 2009
         Dr. Joseph Mikhael Award for Medical Education from the Canadian Association
         of Internes and Residents (CAIR).
         Recognized for demonstrating a commitment to innovation in residency
         education, Dr. Terry D. Sosnowski, Program Director, Emergency Medicine
         Residency Program, U of A and Director of Medical Education, Royal Alexandra
         Hospital, received the Program Director of the Year Award from the RCPSC.

6. PARA’s Spot the Stethoscope – October’s Winners
Check out the PARA website at http://www.para-ab.ca and win. Each month until March
31st 2009, a stethoscope will be hidden somewhere on PARA's new website. The first 14
residents who correctly reply by email detailing where on the PARA website the
stethoscope is hidden will win!!! Residents cannot win two months in a row.

First Prize - two tickets to a December NHL game

                         Drs. Kathryn Brown and Laura Stinton in Calgary
                             Drs. Brendan Wong and Ratna Samanta

Second Prize Winners: two tickets to the movies
Dr. Pierre-Marc Villeneuve            Dr. Stephanie Mullin
Dr. Chieh Jack Chiu                   Dr. Declan Unsworth
Dr. Simon Ko                          Dr. John Walker
Dr. Vikram Gurtu                      Dr. Meira Louis
Dr. Talib Rajwani                     Dr. Hussein Unwala
Dr. Micheal Chu                       Dr. Angie Paulson

For more information on the Spot the Stethoscope Contest, visit PARA online at

7.   PARA’s 2009 Resident of the Month
     Dr. Kevin Schwartz
     Pediatrics PGY 3
     University of Calgary

A fellow resident had this to say about Dr. Schwartz:
      “Dr. Schwartz is always willing to step in and take call shifts when no one else
      will. Kevin has also been very involved in instituting a revised resident teaching
      program to promote resident-to-resident teaching sessions on a weekly basis,
      which include case based, and actual physical exam practice. This has been
      well received by the ACH resident group, and has taken weekly efforts to
      institute on Kevin’s behalf.”

Regards from,
Your Professional Association of Residents of Alberta

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