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                                      Minutes for 01/11/10

TITLE/SPORT:                                REPRESENTATIVES PRESENT:

     Athletic Director                       Pete Shambo
     President                               Tom VanThof
     Vice President
     Secretary                               Chris Evans
     Treasurer                               Chuck Fogle
     Assistant Treasurer                     Bill Connal
     Assistant Principal, Bay Trail
     Bay Trail Representative
     School Board Rep                        Karin Wilson
     Student Rep                             Alex Bourcy
     Varsity Club Co-Advisor
     Varsity Club Co-Advisor
     Webmaster                               Tom Lynd
     Baseball                                Jay Locke, Mike Travers
     Basketball                 Boy’s        Janet Huddle
     Basketball                 Girl’s       Marie Mahany
     Basketball                 Girl’s
     Bowling                                 (need a rep)
     Cheerleading                            Maggie Angeline
     Cross Country               Boy’s       (need a rep)
     Cross Country               Girl’s      Laura Bourcy
     Field Hockey                            Victor Burroughs
     Football                                Tom VanThof
     Golf                        Boy’s
     Golf                       Girl’s
     Gymnastics                              Jeff Cook
     Ice Hockey                              Al Steves
     Lacrosse                   Boy’s        Jim Huntington
     Lacrosse                   Girl’s       Bill/Kim Connal
     Senior Bash
     Skiing                     Alpine       Lisa Dreste
     Skiing                     Nordic       Heather Hansen
     Soccer                     Bay Trail
     Soccer                     Boy’s
     Soccer                     Girl’s
     Softball                                Anne Zehler
     Swimming                   Boy’s        Kay Gerlach
     Swimming                   Girl’s       Diane Martin
     Tennis                      Boy’s       Chris Evans
     Tennis                      Girl’s
     Track Indoor               Boy’s        (need a rep)
     Track Indoor               Girl’s       Laura Bourcy
     Track Spring               Boy’s        (need a rep)
     Track Spring               Girl’s       Mary Holleran
     Volleyball                 Boy’s        Rhonda Sangster
     Volleyball                Girl’s        Karin Wilson
     Wrestling                               Linnea Moran

Please email Chris Evans if you forgot to sign in ( – Thank you!

Meeting was called to order at 7:05 p.m.

   Motion to accept November minutes was made by Jim Huntington
   Motion seconded by Bill Connal
   All in favor


    o   New order forms for 12x12 pavers are being created
    o   They will be posted online when complete
    o   Old form is fine for regular pavers
    o   New form needs to be used for 12x12 pavers
    o   Would like to push to get orders placed by 3rd week of February if possible
    o   CSV codes still needed (18-24 of them) from people who placed orders with credit card
    o   Gary Haltoff needs the phone numbers of people who want logos so he can contact them

VICE PRESIDENT’S REPORT: (rep not present)


       Review your individual transaction detail report for accuracy
       There has been a massive number of requests the last two weeks
       Please call Chuck before sending a fax so he does not miss it
       Requests by mail and email also work well
       Chuck will be paying bills on weekends
       Let him know if you need tax-exempt forms
       Chuck needs name and address of vendor for tax-exempt forms
       We need to protect our tax-exempt status; do not want to put it at risk
       Best way to reach Chuck is by email:

STUDENT REP: Alex Bourcy

       Penfield girls indoor track team took first place at the Rochester Relays - first time in 10 years
       Boys sprint medley finished first (highlight for the boys)
       Both track teams are getting ready for sectionals which will be coming up at the end of February
       Additional highlights noted by reps and Pete:
           o Ice Hockey won 3rd tournament in a row
           o Wrestling is ranked 11 out of 71
           o Basketball lost an exciting match to Webster Thomas 93-97


     A golf tournament planning meeting will be scheduled by the end of February

MEMBERSHIP: rep not present

CONCESSIONS: Concessions Committee
-   Gary Brockler has resolved Fall concessions
-   We are halfway through winter concessions season
-   $250-$300 per night gross sales (half goes to club running concessions and half goes to boosters)
-   Construction not quite done on the closet but still a huge improvement on what was used in the past
-   Have a huge chiller available
-   Need to convert Dutch door to be more user-friendly so that 2 people can be at window at one time
-   Need to add shelving
-   A question was asked regarding setting up a process for key transfer to the person doing the
    concessions setup
    o Box and key go to Pete at end of the night: he will lock in safe, he will then give box and key to
       ticket takers prior to the event, concessions people will pick up box and key from ticket takers and
       give them to Pete at the end of the night
-   Note: hallway will be opening up soon which will affect traffic flow
-   Make sure to take all money except $100 to be left in the cash box at the end of the night
-   Per Jim - Recycling box would be a nice addition – had a couple people ask about it
-   Per Marie - will try and buy a pizza warmer bag that will be ours rather than borrow from pizza places
-   Per Pete, there is ongoing discussion about what can be taken into the gym
    o If you are willing to clean bleachers at end of the night, can discuss letting people take
       concessions into the gym
    o Also considering entrance areas be set up as a place to eat
-   Concessions schedule will be determined by sectionals
-   Pete anticipates that the group playing will be the group hosting concessions
-   Per Karin - need to invite Gary Brockler to concessions meeting at the end of the month


   Happy New Year everyone!
   There are currently Monday/Wednesday lacrosse scheduling conflicts that Pete will work to figure out
        o Daylight savings tends to create conflicts
        o Pete will work out a compromise
   JV baseball diamond is not done
        o Contractor tried to turn over to our grounds people, however we will not accept the field until it
            is ready
        o Possibly ready by May
   Softball will be ready for spring play
   Varsity baseball cannot play at the Town Hall until after 5/1
   Wrestling will be hosting the wrestling sectionals
        o Wrestling boosters will sell t-shirts at concessions
        o Had to bid to be the sectional host
   We are trying to bid/host track and field sectionals as well
   Track and Field will have 11 home meets including 4-6 multi-team events
        o Track and field would like to keep concessions for 2 of these events
        o February booster meeting: need to work out spring concessions at 6:00 before the 7:00
            February 8th booster club meeting
   Between lacrosse and track and field there will be LOTS of meets
   West gym – anticipate finishing this summer
   Budget process – asked to reduce materials budget by 5% and we were more than successful in
    doing that with coaches
   Open gyms (gray area)
        o As of 2006, State changed verbiage so coaches can work with kids outside of season
        o There has been internal discussion about out-of-season practices (concerning athletic kids
            who could be playing other sports)
        o Discussed: hours that open gym can be a viable option
        o Coaches agreed no open gym until after 6pm; helps with gym space
        o Consecutive 2-month “dead zone” with no physical contact with the kids
       o    Healthier for kids and staff to take a break
       o    There will be no exceptions to the dead zone (i.e. football/baseball player – instead of forcing
            a choice, coaches are working out agreements with each other regarding open gyms and
            playing sports out of season…trying to increase the ability of kids to do multiple activities)
   Pete has a proposal out to the district to hire a fulltime fitness coach to help prevent injuries (such as
    ACL tears)
        o Would relieve some of the stress of coaches running practice in the fitness center because the
            fitness center coach would be running it
        o Currently, after school until 3:10 pm, any student can use the fitness center
        o Coaches have agreed that no coaches will be in the weight room until 3:10 pm
        o At 3:10, sports teams take over the fitness center
        o As a staff, we are trying to internally work out a summer lifting schedule
   A question was asked about the appearance of the ceiling in the gym – per Pete, the contractor found
    out that painting the ceiling was causing a worse problem.
        o There is a $57,000 sheathing fix on a wish list, but it is not a priority right now
   The outdoor concessions stands are ready to go
        o Gary Brockler, from Penfield Hots, can run them if we do not want to
   No parent cards for Basketball games this year – all parents pay to help minimize the loss incurred


 Tom Lynd was introduced as our new Webmaster (welcome aboard!)
     o Tom plans to do a lot of updating to the website.
     o Please email him any updates you would like to see reflected on the site:
 Mike Fusare will be taking on the scheduling of summer camps
 Please send your summer camp requests to Pete and he will forward them to Mike

       -   Jim Huntington motioned to end the meeting; Karin Wilson seconded the motion.
       -   The meeting was adjourned at 8:00pm.
       -   The next Global Booster Club meeting will be on Monday, February 8th at 7pm in A-1
       -   Concessions Lottery will take place one hour before the global booster meeting at 6pm in A-1.