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					March Micro Madness - 2010!
NAME:________________________(write NEATLY) Lab P.I, Office, other:_____________
Are you a student, postdoc, tech, PI, other:________ Lazlo Toth entry?______(see rules)

Official Rules (very important):
- Who can enter: Only members of MVP Program labs and administrative staff can enter. The ID
Division, parasitologists, Bates lab and first year MVPs are encouraged to enter, since they always lose.
- Cost: $3 per entry, up to 2 entries per person - this includes any Lazlo Toth entries.
- Fill in the form: Fill in the names of the teams you expect to win (NOT THE SEED NUMBER), and the
team you expect to win it all. Don’t forget your name and your lab PI (needed for lab competition).
- Lazlo Toth Award - An award given to the person who deliberately tries to pick everything wrong, and
does the best at it - not as easy as it sounds! Lazlo Toth entries do not count towards lab averages. Indicate
at the top of the form if this is a Lazlo Toth entry.
- Forms are DUE BY NOON THIS THURSDAY 3/18, and should be given to Laurie Zimmerman in the
Microbiology office, 225 Johnson. The entry fee must be received by that time as well.
- Scores and Commentary. Scores and commentary will be posted on the Department of Microbiology
web site (, click on “MMM”.
- Scoring: 1,2,3,5,7, and 10 points for each correct pick in rounds 1-6 respectively.
- Check your scores! With 300 entries and 63 selections per entry, close to 20,000 games need to be scored,
so mistakes will be made. Check your scores and notify Bob of mistakes - otherwise all scores are final!
- Bonus points: To encourage risk-taking, bonus points are given for upsets as follow. These points are in
addition to the normal points awarded for making a correct pick (next page):
Round           Seeds 4&5           Seeds 6-8        Seeds 9-10        Seeds 11-12           Seeds 13-14       Seeds 15-16
   1                -                   -               1                    2                     3                   4
   2                -                   2               4                    6                     8                   12
   3                2                   4               6                    8                     12                  24
   4                4                   6               8                    12                    24                  24
   5                6                   8               12                   24                    24                  24
   6                6                   8               12                   24                    24                  24

- Make a copy! Remember to make a copy of your entry form so you can check your score – contact Bob if
a mistake is made (by Bob, not by you!).
1. Individual winners: 45% goes to the winner, then 25%, 15%, 10% and 5% for fifth. Tiebreaker: Most
correct picks, then most bonus points. Awards for the top 10 and for the regional winners and runners-up.
2. Individual loser: Worst score gets his or her entry fee back with free editorial comments.
3. Lab winner: The 3 labs with the highest average score win trophies (excluding Lazlo Tothe entries as
described below). A lab must have at least 8 entries to enter the lab competition. Small labs can team up
with one another to make a team. Let Laurie know about this prior to the start of the pool.
4. Lazlo Toth Infinite Improbability Award: Entries deliberately designed to compete for the Lazlo Toth
award (i.e. to score as few points as possible) should be marked as such at the top of the form. One cannot
enter this contest after the tournament begins due to unintentionally inept selections! Lazlo Toth scores will
not be included in lab averages.
5. Yvonne Paterson Memorial Coin-Flip Award: For someone who, like Yvonne every year, does really
poorly and would do better if they simply flipped a coin.
6. Various other awards to be decided depending on our mood, including the famous Twinkie
Awards! Don’t know what a Twinkie is? Check out:
7. Awards ceremony: April 6th at 1:15 PM, BRB II/III Auditorium
 Past Winners and Losers of March Micro Madness:
                2009       2008      2007       2006      2005       2004       2003      2002      2001
First        David Artis   Keshet        Susan     Andrea P de       Jared       Reed          Julio        Howard      George
                           Ronen         Weiss      Oliveira       Gartner     Johnson         Martin      Goldfine     Leslie
Second       Jay Gardner  Andrew       Peg Flynn Beth Brittle        Amy        Richard         Jay          Kathy     Will Giang
                         Rennekamp                                 Decatur       Milne        Gardner       Iacono
Third           Sarah       Jared     Bob Doms Jen Young          Steve Barr     Karen         Doina       Wen Kang      Kara
               Galanti     Gartner                                               Hippe        Atanasiu                  Judson
Last             Rima     Susanne      Christoph   Fuming Yi       Emma          Lyria        Loraine      Richard      Arlene
                Bishar     Wherry     Beisswenger                  Wilson        Aldaz        Kolson        Milne        Adair
1st Lab          Artis   Betts/Fraser   Alwine       Cherry       Bergelson      Ross          Fraser       Weiss       Fraser
2nd Lab        Natural    Collman       Collman    Betts/Fraser    Fraser       Marjan         Harty       Gonzalez      Bates
                Killaz                                                           VDW
3rd Lab        Silvestri   Weiss      Betts/Fraser  Ricciardi       Ross        Weiser         Malim        Fraser       Doms
Loser Lab     Zhu/You     Paterson     Friedman      Kolson        Hunter        Harty          Yuk         Weiser      Gaulton
Lazlo Toth      Steven     Steven     Chip Tilton     Ryan          John        Andrea         Heather       Lou       Claude K.
                Saenz      Saenz                   Whitmarsh      Miamidian    Bertolotti       Craig      Altamura
               2000          1999         1998         1997         1996         1995          1994         1993
First         Marjan        Michelle     Maureen     Huan Lou        Jeff      Barb Strohl    Andrew       Kammy
               V.d.         Bertoia       Hynes                    Peterson                   Albright     McGann
Second       Mike Dern       Tony         Anthony      Joan        Kai Lin       Barb           Pedro         A.
                            Sprague        Nicola    Mazzarelli                 Meyers         Bonilla     Albright
Third          Noam         Marjan      Jim Alwine      Roz       Marta O.     Ari Felber     Bob Doms      Hank
               Harel         VDW                     Eisenberg                                             Pletcher
Last          Yvonne         Maria       Willem        Tobi        Larry         Mandy          Neal       Yvonne
              Paterson     Ponce-de-    Haagmans      Maguire     Weiskirsch     Strohl       Nathanson    Paterson
1st Lab        V.d.         Alwine       Gaulton      Ricciardi     Ross         Weiss         Weiss       Nathanson
2nd Lab        Doms         Bates        Paterson      Malim      Ricciardi     Portnoy       Gonzalez    Weiss
Loser Lab      Ross        Paterson       Doms        Paterson    Gaulton        Hoxie        Carding    Paterson
Lazlo Toth     Jack          Elise      Paul Egan    Audrey Park Bob Smyth     Aron Jaffe    A. Albright Lazlo Toth
              Sulcove      Carpenter

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