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					UNC School of Medicine
International Health and/or Medical Spanish Immersion Elective
Student Feedback Form

Information that you provide will be entered into a database that future students can use in planning
educational electives in international health and/or medical Spanish

I. Student Information

Name:                  Michael Dougherty          Email:

Phone Number:          (919) 368-5918       Graduation Year:     2011

Faculty Advisor and Department:      Mauricio Cohen, MD, Cardiology

Please check when you took this program:

         Summer between 1st and 2nd year          x
         4th Year
         Other (please clarify below)

II. Elective Program Information

Country:               Mexico                     City:          Juventino Rosas, Guanajuato

Foreign language you spoke (if any):        Spanish

Name of program or hospital where you worked: Proyecto Puentes de Salud

Website address if available:

Name of person you worked with and contact information:          Dr. Luis Antonio Narvaez Contreras

         Tuition:      0                          Roundtrip Travel:      $450

       Other expenses (please explain briefly): Food ~ $500; Transportation (Gas) ~ $200; Supplies
(cholestech cassettes at ~10$/person, machine rental, gloves, gauze, capillary tubes, etc.= ~$6,000)

Scholarships & Funding

         Name                        Amount               Contact Info

         International Health Fellowship $750   

         Medical Student Research Program $3462           Crystal Daniel:
                                                          Nicholas Shaheen, MD
                                                          Kelley Cardone

                                                                                Yes    No
Did this program have a religious affiliation?                                          x
  If so, with what group?
Did this program have an academic affiliation?                                  x
  If yes, with what institution? UNC Cardiology, Family Medicine
Did you receive elective credit for this experience?                                    x
  If so, how much credit, for what, and how were your evaluated?
Did you feel that you had adequate support from UNC in setting up this       x
  Explain: It's a UNC program, so they pretty much gave me all the info I needed.

III. Elective Characteristics

Please grade educational objectives you achieved with this elective on a scale of 1-10 (10 is outstanding).

       Medical Exposure            7       Didn't see anything amazing and not a great variety of stuff,
and didn't learn any especially complicated procedures, but I did get real good at finger sticks, blood
pressure, and understanding/counseling ability concerning cardiovascular disease and it's risk factors.

       Language Exposure           7       Great language experience during the days at work and
interaction with the Mexican delegation, but also a lot of English time with the other American students
and doctors

         Cultural Exposure         9       Probably the best part of the program; the delegation that
facilitates the program from the Mexican side made sure we got to experience a lot of Mexico, and I feel
much more able to relate to the majority of North Carolinian Latino patients that are Mexican after this

      Other                         7      Learned a lot about research in applying for grants, writing
proposals, and collecting data.

                                                                              Yes        No
Was the elective a good use of time for you during medical school?             X
Did you have adequate clinical supervision?                                    X
Did you have adequate opportunities for hands-on clinical work?                X
Would you recommend this elective to other medical students?                   X
Was the program responsive to your needs?                                      X
Did you have appropriate arrangements for housing, food, and                   X
safety/health issues?
  If no, please describe:
Did you have adequate information about what to expect in advance?              x
  If no, what could have helped?

   Comment on positive features of this program/elective:

   The opportunity for research and service all in the same project, to interact with the local population,
and learn from so many clinicians, both Mexican and American. Also a great way to practice Spanish and
experience Mexico and its culture.

   Comment on features that could be improved:

   Our machines broke a lot, which was pretty frustrating. Cholestech needs to make a less finicky
machine. We also need a better way to get our supplies into the country. We ran out of lancets and had to
buy some that were inferior quality because half of ours were confiscated in customs. We also very nearly
didn't have our machines in time b/c they were waylaid in customs as well.


Select the description of your level of Spanish fluency before taking the program:

       1.            No Spanish knowledge.
       2.            Novice. Minimal experience.
       3.            Beginner. Ability to communicate minimally with learned material.
       4.            Intermediate. Can carry out basic conversation.
       5.     x      Advanced. Can participate actively in most conversation.
       6.            Native Speaker.

Was your fluency level assessed appropriately for placement purposes? Yes           No

Estimate the hours per day spent studying medical Spanish: 0

Do you feel that your medical Spanish fluency improved during the elective? Yes     No

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