Member of the Order of Australia

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					Member of the Order of Australia
In the Australian honours system appointments to                                                     T he Mem ber o f the
the Order of Australia confer recognition for                                                        O r der o f Au s tr a lia
outstanding achievement and service.                                                                 is a ba dge with a
                                                                                                     go ld-pla ted s ilv er
The Member of the Order of Australia is awarded for                                                  ins ignia    of     the
service in a particular locality or field of activity or to a                                        O r der     in      the
particular group.                                                                                    c entr e.

Recipients of the Order of Australia are from many,
fields of endeavour and all walks of life.

About the award
The Order of Australia has four levels:
         Companion of the Order (AC)
         Officer of the Order (AO)                              Medal design
         Member of the Order (AM), and                          The Member of the Order of Australia is a badge with
         Medal of the Order (OAM).                              a gold-plated silver insignia of the Order in the
                                                                centre. The central insignia is inscribed with the word
                                                                ‘Australia’. The circle also contains two gold sprigs of
How it is awarded                                               mimosa. The insignia is ensigned with the Crown of
                                                                St Edward.
The Order of Australia is the pre-eminent way
Australians recognise the achievements and service              F as t fac ts
of their fellow citizens.
                                                                P OS T NOMINAL :
Nominations to the Order of Australia come directly
from the community: either individuals or groups.               AM
Once a nomination has been submitted, the                       INTR ODUC E D INTO THE AUS TR AL IAN HONOUR S S Y S TE M:
Australian Honours Secretariat at Government
House in Canberra conducts further research and                 1975
contacts referees.                                              NOMINATIONS :
The Council of the Order of Australia then considers            For more information or a nomination form for the
the nominations. The Council makes its                          Order of Australia contact:
recommendations, independent of government,
direct to the Governor-General.
                                                                The Secretary
Awards in the Order of Australia are publicly                   Order of Australia
announced on Australia Day (26 January) and the                 Government House
Queen’s Birthday public holiday (June).                         Canberra, ACT 2600
                                                                Ph: 1800 552 275
Past recipient story
Ron Russell AM was appointed a Member of the                    More information
Order of Australia in 2004 for his services to
engineering and his dedication to the welfare of the            IT’S AN HONOUR W E B S ITE :
Hunter community in New South Wales, particularly
for promoting apprenticeships and vocational

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