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        FORUM                                             member news
                                                     27 January 2009

  welcome                                    Join us for a BBQ from 5.30-7.00pm.       non-member
  Welcome members to another busy
                                             RSVP by this Thursday by email, phone
                                             9807 4999, fax 9807 4988. Members         charges for busi-
  year. We’re here to help you make the
  most of business in troubled financial
                                             of RBF & NRMPCC free, non-members
                                             $40. Invitation and booking form
                                                                                       ness after hours
  times, with educational and networking                                               You would have noticed that we have
                                             downloadable here.
  events for businesses of all sizes.                                                  started to charge non-members for
                                             On Wednesday 18 Feb we have an            attending Business After Hours. Other
  We’re trialling a new format for our       important breakfast workshop run by       large Chambers of Commerce and
  member news and in this edition            Andrew Bland to get you ready for the     networking associations charge for
  you’ll find offers and information from    new “Forward with Fairness” legisla-      similar events, as many of you will be
  other members and info on upcoming         tion. Things will start to change for     aware if you’re a strong networker.
  events. As the year progresses we’ll       employers in the middle of this year so   Business After Hours has always been
  be expanding on ‘member news’ with         let Andrew help you get a head start.     a free of charge benefit for our mem-
  more information.                          RSVP by email, phone 9807 4999, fax       bers, so they can network and catch
  Our e-news service which goes to a         9807 4988. Members $35, non-mem-          up. Of course guests are welcomed –
  wider audience will still exist but will   bers $45. Invitation and booking form     we hope that guests will like what they
  not encompass offers from our mem-         downloadable here.                        see and become a member too – but if
  bers - these offers are from members       We regret that due to circumstances       guests attend regularly without becom-
  to members, and form part of the           beyond our control our luncheon with      ing a member, they are also getting the
  benefits of your membership. This          NSW Police Commissioner Andrew            networking benefits our members get
  PDF copy of ‘member news’ is for our       Scipione on 10 February has had to        without the commitment of member-
  members - but do feel free to show it to   be postponed. We will let you know        ship. We don’t think this is fair to our
  prospective members as a marketing         the new date as soon as possible          members.
  tool.                                      and apologise for any inconvenience       So…here’s what’s happening with Busi-
  what’s on in                               caused.                                   ness After Hours in 2009:

  february                                   new members                               Non-members/guests will now be eligi-
                                                                                       ble to attend one Business After Hours
  Our first Business After Hours for         Peter Sullivan of LCD&Co Financial
                                                                                       free of charge. We think they’ll meet
  2009 will be held next Monday 2 Feb        Solutions. Peter has taken over the ac-
                                                                                       enough people to gauge an impression
  in conjunction with North Ryde Mac-        countancy side of this business and is
                                                                                       of our organisation and the depth and
  quarie Park Chamber of Commerce.           your contact for company accountancy,
                                                                                       breadth of membership.
  Your host is Andrew Daff, General          tax returns, etc. Contact Peter and the
                                             LCD&Co team on 9874 1653.                 After that, we will ask them to pay $40
  Manager of the award-winning Lane
                                                                                       inc GST for each Business After Hours
  Cove River Tourist Park.                   David Boundy of Boundy Legal, busi-
                                                                                       they attend. If they plan to attend even
                                             ness and property lawyers, who can
                                                                                       five of our ten Business After Hours
                                             help your with your conveyancing
                                                                                       events each year, they’ll probably
                                             needs. Boundy Legal is based at West
                                                                                       discover it’s financially worthwhile be-
                                             Ryde, and you can contact the team on
                                                                                       coming a member – then they can get
                                             9043 1346.
                                                                                       discounts to other events and have full
                                             New members are supplied with the         access to our membership list as well
                                             latest member list so they can start      as other benefits.
                                             contacting other members and intro-
                                                                                       People who join us withing three
                                             ducing themselves. RBF members are
                                                                                       months of attending their first BAH in
                                             advised that they are able to ask for a
                                                                                       2009 will get a refund $40 off their
                                             list of current members at any time.
                                                                                       initial membership fee.

news & specials
from members
Financial planning from Lyn
Lyn Clark-Duff has sold the accoun-
tancy side of her business to Peter Sul-
livan (see above). Lyn is now concen-
trating on financial planning services,
specialising in retirement and superan-
nuation planning in addition to invest-
ment strategies for people of all ages.
Her business is called LCD&Co Finan-
cial Planning, and you can contact Lyn
on 9874 1653 for all your investment
advice and super strategies.

Leaving a big corporate?
Laurence Harrould of Aviel has a new
program aimed at people leaving the
corporate world and considering run-
ning their own business. His Transi-
tion to Small Business program has
two major components: one aimed at
managers about to retrench staff, and
one for people facing retrenchment or
simply looking for a new direction. Visit
business_intro.html for more informa-

Bonus from Curzon Hall
Book your next corporate event by 15
February to take advantage of a David        The Shack is looking for donations of items that can be raffled or auctioned on its Latin
                                             Extravangza night (above). The Shack is a non-government agency and it is the local com-
Jones gift voucher or your choice of a       munity that has kept it running since 1992.
continental breakfast, seated lunch or       All sponsors’ names will be display on each table on the night.
post conference party. Conditions ap-        To donate please contact Jackie Pettit on 98763543.
ply. Contact Sue Mills on 9887 1877.

Hills M2/Transurban new ad-                 Other events in the area:                            tion with local company PA on the Way
dress                                                                                            is holding a series of networking nights
                                            Sydney Women’s Network, whose                        throughout 2009. These events will
Transurban is now located at Level 5,       events some of our members attended                  support 4 charities and rotate them
50 Pitt St, Sydney. Phone and fax num-      last year, has released its 2009 cal-                throughout the year. We understand
bers remain the same. Your contact          endar of events. Events and booking                  the first event will be held in February
is Debra Minto, Community Relations         information can be found on the SWN                  (date TBA) and will be raising money
Adviser, on 9254 4940.                      website: www.sydneywomensnetwork.                    for the Post Natal Depression unit at St
                                                                                 John of God Hospital in Burwood. For
                                            Stamford networking for charity: the                 enquiries contact sarah@paontheway.
                                            Stamford Grand North Ryde in conjunc-      

Unfair Dismissal Laws are                       implementation, we will review          cialisation, the location, and serviced
about to change - are you                       your whole Employment Policy and        office combine to help inventors and
ready?                                          make recommendations that can           entrepreneurs build their businesses.
                                                turn your Employment Policy into a
Businesses will no longer be able to                                                    It offers entrepreneurs a unique op-
                                                productive communication tool.
dismiss employees without fair warning.                                                 portunity to grow their business under
                                            For more information call Andrew            the guidance of professionals with
Employers will be required to prove
                                            Bland or Vivienne Storey on 9805            a track record in building successful
that they provided employees a rea-
                                            5600.                                       companies. At their best, incubators
sonable opportunity to improve their
                                                                                        help new firms create jobs and revive
performance.                                Help for small businesses
                                            during recession from MTBI
To protect your business you need to
                                                                                        MTBI offers a low-cost office space,
put a clear dismissal process in place      Macquarie Technology Business Incu-
                                                                                        shared equipment, and the compan-
NOW.                                        bator, MTBI, Northern Sydney’s only
                                                                                        ionship of fellow entrepreneurs. At the
                                            business incubator, today announced
RBF member BlandsLaw has devel-                                                         moment MTBI houses about half a
                                            the availability of a further 200sqm of
oped three options to help protect your                                                 dozen tenants, who usually stay two to
                                            space to the existing 1000sqm facilities.
business:                                                                               three years, then ‘graduate’ to com-
                                            Business incubators are business as-        mercial space.
•	 Standard Dismissal Policy $550.
                                            sistance environments that provide or-
   This will provide a written standard                                                 Under the guidance of MTBI and the
                                            ganisations with an inexpensive start-
   dismissal process that can be                                                        wealth of entrepreneurial experience
                                            up environment and a range
   inserted into an existing employ-
                                            of administrative, consulting,
   ment policy. This option would be
                                            mentoring and networking ser-
   suitable for smaller companies
                                            vices to help create the right
   or those requiring a simple unfair
                                            setting for innovations and
   dismissal solution.
                                            entrepreneurs to succeed.
•	 Customised Advice and Training
                                            There’s a trend to start-up
   $1100. This option will include
                                            small businesses during a re-
   customised advice on developing a
                                            cession which in turn creates
   suitable dismissal policy followed
                                            a demand for small business
   by training of line managers and
                                            support. This is where MTBI
   supervisors on how best to exe-
                                            can help. With the newly re-
   cute the policy. The training will in-
                                            leased space, there’s room for another      offered by its staff, many of the busi-
   clude an overview of the “do’s and
                                            6 businesses to incubate and use the        nesses that come to MTBI with their
   don’ts” of managing the dismissal
                                            next few years to grow strong and in-       ideas have now established them-
   process on an ongoing basis. This
                                            dependent and to then graduate when         selves as successful companies.
   option would be suitable for larger
                                            the economy recovers.
   organisations that have more than                                                    Further Information:
   three line managers or supervisors       About MTBI:
                                                                                        Krista Borg – Marketing Manager
   managing employees.                      MTBI is the only business incubator ca-
                                                                                        - Phone: (02) 9805 3111
•	 Customised Advice, Training,             tering for the Northern Sydney regions;
   Employment Policy Review with            working with entrepreneurs from the         Alan Ellis – Director, Macquarie Tech-
   Recommendations $2,750. If you           private and public sectors to commer-       nology Business Incubator
   are a business with three or more        cialise technology. Aligned with Access     - Phone: (02) 9805 3100
   supervisors managing employ-             MQ – the commercial arm of Macqua-
   ees and have not reviewed your           rie University, it has a lot to offer an
   employment policy in the last two        up-and-coming technology company.
   years, this is the option for you.       The resources available in science,
   As well as providing a customised        management and technology commer-
   dismissal process and training for

Two free seminars from the Department of State & Regional Development:
•    “How to Sell More when others Stop Selling” Wednesday 11 Feb, 8.30-10.30am at North Parramatta. For owners and
     managers of medium/large enterprises who have already achieved sustainable revenues and a sound customer base
     but want to take their business to the next level.
•    “Getting Started In Exports” 18 Feb and 18 March, 8.00-11.00am at North Parramatta. For owners and managers of
     SMEs who have a sustainable revenue and business base and wish to get started in the export market.
Contact Mangala Srinivasin on 8843 1116 or email
You can download a flier on these workshops from our website.

Do you have any member offers,
member events or media releases                      Chamber meetings/socials:
you would like to promote in Member                  2 Feb. RBF/NRMPCC Business After Hours at Lane Cove River Tourist Park - con-
News? We also welcome pertinent                      tact Sabrina on 9807 4999
business articles from members,
                                                     9 Feb. Eastwood Chamber at Eastwood Police - contact Lydia Scuglia on 9858 1588
maximum 750 words. These may be
edited if necessary.                                 17 Feb. Gladesville Chamber - contact Reg Cain on 9879 6020

Send your information to Sabrina,                    18 Feb. Ryde Chamber at Ryde City Bowling Club - contact Sabrina on 9807 4999
email                       25 Feb. West Ryde Chamber at West Ryde Hotel - contact Mick Nelson on 9874
Member News will be produced on a                    2876
regular basis up to twice a month.

Please consider the environment before printing this newsletter.


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