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					St. Stephen High School
Broad Base Technology
     Welcomes You!

       Prepared By: Technology Department
 What I Need To Know Before I Begin?

No previous computer experience necessary
Bring Student ID, Pen or Pencil to class
Arrive at the tech center on time
What is a broad-base technology course?

Various Software
 Packages (Modules)
  installed on workstations
Each module takes 4-5
Work independently on
 some modules
Other modules you will
 have a lab partner
                               ALERT INSTRUCTOR IMMEDIATELY
                                IF MATERIAL IS MISSING FROM
How do I choose the modules?
                                                Choices of Modules

                          List the following modules in order of preference from one to

Module Preference        fifteen. One is your first choice.

                           Electronic Quilting                             ______
 Sheet                     Graphic -T-Shirt Design
                           Internet
Rate modules from 1 to    Auto Tech
                           Sign Making
 15                        Animation
                           MS Paint
                           Pagemaker
  order of personal
                           CAD                                             ______
   preference              Excel
                           Telecommunications
                           MIDI Music
  no guarantees           Cashman Computer Lab
                           Adobe Illustrator                               ______
Changes will not be       MS Word
                           Power Point
 made once modules are     Claymation
                           Keyboarding
The Modules
Adobe Illustrator
       • Adobe Illustrator software
         give you powerful creative
         new options which can assist
         you in producing flexible
         graphics for print, video, the
         Web and mobile devices.
         Students will learn step-by-
         step functions of the program
         – creating simple shapes,
         pathfinder tools and the
         complexity of drawings.
         Students will create a mini
         portfolio of their designs.
• Animation provides the
  material and information to
  explore the exciting effects
  and uses of animation. Some
  outcomes include:
   – demonstrate an understanding
     of basic animation techniques
   – edit computer animations
   – create computer animations
     • Astronomy looks at our
       home planet, Earth, our
       solar system. The word
       “solar” is rooted in “sol”,
       Latin for sun. The word
       “Astronomy”, too, has
       ancient roots. It comes
       from the Greek words
       “astron” meaning star, and
       “nomos” meaning
       distribution. Our sun is
       only one of billions
       distributed throughout the
Auto Tech
     • Auto Tech takes you on an
       information journey through
       the inner and outer systems
       of the modern day
       automobile. The power, the
       system, and performance of
       cars holds a fascination for
       many young people
• CAD introduces you to the
  exciting world of Computer
  Aided Drafting. CAD is
  used in many fields of work
  such as engineering,
  architecture, product and
  interior design, construction,
  manufacturing, computer
  aided manufacturing and
  computer animation.
Cashman Computer Lab
          • Cashman Computer Lab
            is designed to take away
            the mystique of
            computers; helping you
            to understand what they
            do, how they do it, and
            how we can make use of
  • Choices is a module designed
    to help you understand the
    expectations of a career before
    you choose it. Because you
    probably will have several
    different careers in your
    lifetime, you must know how
    to investigate career changes.
    You should be familiar with
    the process of applying for a
    job, which includes finding the
    job opening, preparing a
    resume and preparing yourself
    for a job interview.
     • Claymation involves
       developing an idea into an
       animated film clip.
       Students will develop a
       storyboard to outline their
       idea and sequence the
       images they wish to use for
       a film, animation or
       commercial. They then
       write a script, build their
       backgrounds and then start
       taking pictures. Titles,
       narration, sound effects
       and music can be added
Claymation Example
                   Electric Quilt
• Electric Quilt is a user
  friendly design and drawing
  program for quilt makers.
  You will have fun designing
  your own quilt, drawing your
  own block designs and scan
  your fabric choices into the
  program. The option is
  available to sew your design
  into a completed project.
    • MS Excel is a software
      package designed to
      analyze and calculate data,
      create databases and
      generate meaningful charts
      that present your
      information. You can
      gather organize data for
      reports, solve mathematical
      problems and general
      interest and payment
      schedules. You can then
      emphasize your point with
      a variety of charts that are
      compatible with other
      Microsoft programs.
       Graphic T-Shirt Design

• Graphic Design provides
  the opportunity to explore
  techniques for creating
  some terrific graphics.
  Some outcomes in the
  module are: draw basic
  shapes using the computer;
  manipulate computer-
  generated images and use
  basic text creation and
  manipulation tools.
    • Internet is designed to
      offer instruction on
      searching the Web for
      specific information. As
      resources on the World
      Wide Web continue to
      grow such instruction has
      become increasingly
      important. Each topic is
      discussed and is followed
      by practice that is
      performed on the
• Keyboarding using All
  the Right Type software
  illustrates the correct
  method of typing.
  Lessons are timed and
  provide activities that
  measure speed as well as
MIDI Music
      • MIDI Music illustrates how
        the field of music
        composition has changed
        considerably from its early
        days when composers
        would sit down to a piano
        and write each note with a
        pencil. Music can be
        computer generated,
        Allowing the musician to
        experiment with different
        effects, then change the
        piece, add harmony, more
        instruments, and create
        anything from a classical-
        style symphony to a rock
        music video.
MS Paint
    • Paint is a drawing program
      commonly found on all
      computers using a windows
      operating system. It is the
      basis of many painting
      software programs. Many
      sophisticated programs
      such as PaintShop Pro and
      Photoshop, use the same
      basic principles as MS
      Paint. You will learn how
      to use the tool bars as well
      as a colour palette that
      allows you to change not
      only the foreground but the
      background as well.
                 MS Publisher
• Publisher explores the
  world of professional
  publishing. You will
  explore screen layouts,
  change font sizes and
  styles, insert clipart,
  explore text frames, and
  format single and
  multiple page layouts.
MS Word
    • Word is a word processing
      software that enables you
      to produce documents in
      less time and with greater
      accuracy. You can use
      editing and formatting
      features to produce
      documents. You can create
      professional reports,
      manuals, labels, as well as
      research papers and essays
      for all of your classes.
• Pagemaker explores the
  impact of computer
  technology that has
  revolutionized the
  publishing industry. In a
  series of short
  assignments, you will
  learn to produce quality
  page layouts.
   • PowerPoint is a desktop
     presentation program. It is like
     word processing software, except
     that it’s geared toward producing
     presentations rather than
     documents. Each presentation
     consists of a sequence of slides,
     which can in turn be printed out
     as a reference. You can embellish
     an on-computer presentation with
     different jazzy effects – music,
     animation and even sound effects.
     You can also save your
     presentation for the World Wide
• Telecommunications
  investigates the fascinating
  world of communication and
  how messages travel around
  the world. You will explore
  the components of a
  communication system, how
  they work, and the benefits
  and drawbacks of the system.
    • Tourism explores the exciting
      world of Hospitality and
      Tourism – a major player in our
      province’s economy and offers
      thousands of job opportunities
      for our residents. We will
      explore opportunities available
      to us as we look at culture,
      history and natural splendor of
      New Brunswick. Trends
      include eco-tourism, outdoor
      adventure and day adventures.
      Activities include planning
      itineraries for a variety of case
      studies, developing on line web
      pages, posters and advertising
How am I evaluated on these modules?
Submit all assignments.
ALL Work is to be saved on “I” drive.
Complete final quiz, if necessary.
Check with instructor that all parts of module
 have been completed.
All modules will be weighted equally.
Incomplete work results in exam being
 written at end of semester.
What happens after I complete each module?

                      If module is complete
                       before the five day
                        Bonus work available
                         from instructor
                      Check your schedule for
                       next module
                      Find workstation and
                       meet lab partner
    Robotics Module
  What are my daily responsibilities?
Beginning of class
Arrive at Technology Lab on time.
Make sure instructor has checked your attendance.
Learn Login Procedure for your Workstation.
Keep noise to a minimum while in the lab.
Work to the best of your ability on all modules.
Enjoy the learning opportunities which are available.
            Rules to Follow!

Respectfully handle the equipment in the lab
No food or drink allowed in the lab
No book bags, gym bags, or jackets allowed
These items must be left in locker
Washroom breaks are at break time or noon
           Work Station Rules!!!
Do not move from one
 workstation to another
 for any reason.
   Ask permission to leave
Keep working until
 teacher instructs you to
 pack up for the day.
End of Each Class!!!
          Log Off Computer
          Student binders are to
           be returned to storage
          Diskettes and CD’s
           returned to instructor
          Return chairs to proper
           place when dismissed
Log Off Procedure
                 Step 1
             Save your work!

                 Step 2
           Close All Programs

     Step 3                   Step 4
Log Off Computer         Turn Over Mouse
Any Questions????

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