The Taxi Ride

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					     Performing Arts

   The Taxi Ride
          Written by Chantal Cordeau

           February 14, 2009

41 Renwick Ave. Cambridge, Ont. 519-651-0189
                     The Taxi Ride
       Taxi Driver - Anneke Van Heuven
           Criminal 1 - Lindsey Trotter
             Criminal 2 - Drew Hobden
     Business Woman - Victoria Jarman
             Crying Girl - Chantal Cook

What happens when one chatty, but dim-witted
 taxi driver ends up with two recently escaped
criminals in the back seat? Will the two convicts
be able to maintain their cover, even with other
passengers hopping in and out of the cab? The
    Taxi Ride is a one act play filled with tight
situations and comical encounters between five
               strangers in one cab.

                     The Performing Art programs are
                     directed by Chantal Cordeau and
                      Walter Kitzman, two very gifted
                     people with experience in drama,
                     the arts and supervising children.
                     A special thanks to them, for all of
                       the hard work and energy they
have put into making this production educational and enjoyable for everyone!
                     Lise Kitzman, Hespeler School of Art
                              The Cast
Drew Hobden
                  Drew is so excited to be playing “Criminal #2” in the Hespeler School of
                  Art production, The Taxi Ride. Theatre plays a large part in Drew’s life. He
                  volunteers as an usher for the St. Jacobs Country Playhouse, and will be
                  playing “The Cat in the Hat” in his school, Woodland Park’s production of
                  Seussical the Musical. Drew would like to thank his family for enrolling
                  him in the Hespeler School of Art theatre programs. He would also like to
                  thank his music teacher, Mrs. J, for casting him as the Cat.

Lindsey Trotter
                  Lindsey has been involved in theatre acting camps and programs for some
                  time. The Hespeler School of Art production, The Taxi Ride, will be her
                  second performance experience. Lindsey would like to thank her parents
                  for encouraging her to act and enrolling her in the Hespeler School of Art
                  performing arts classes. She would also like to thank her instructors,
                  Chantal and Walter for teaching her many things about acting and theatre
                  in general, and making this class a great experience.

Anneke Van Heuven
                  Anneke has wanted to act since she was a little girl. At age eight, she
                  was involved in a production of Sleeping Beauty in the role of Sleeping
                  Beauty’s mother, “The Queen”. Anneke is very excited to be playing
                  the “Taxi Driver” in The Taxi Ride. She would like to thank her parents
                  for allowing her to join the Hespeler School of Art, and her teachers,
                  Chantal and Walter for creating such a fun play. In her spare time,
                  Anneke takes hip hop dance lessons and loves to sing.

Victoria Jarman
                  Victoria loves drama and pursues it avidly in her spare time. She has been
                  involved with different kids’ theatre groups, including Different Stages,
                  where she met one of her current instructors at the Hespeler School of
                  Art, Chantal. One of Victoria’s favourite productions she has been involved
                  with was Billy Goat’s Gruff. In The Taxi Ride, she will be playing the role of
                  the business woman, “Franny Fergus”. Victoria would like to thank her
                  parents for signing her up with the Hespeler School of Art, where she can
                  practice her love of acting. She also loves to sing, dance and model.
Chantal Cook
                  Chantal loves to act! She was in a play with Galt Little Theatre and had
                  lots of fun! In The Taxi Ride, Chantal plays the “Crying Girl”. She likes this
                  character because she’s funny, but crying all the time can get annoying.
                  Chantal wants to thank her mom and dad, who inspired her to act! She
                  also wants to thank Chantal and Walter for teaching her lots about
                  theatre, and making this class lots of fun! In her free time, Chantal likes to
                  dance and swim in her pool at home.

        Congratulations to all of you for a stupendous
performance! Over the past six weeks, we have watched
  you learn, grow and thrive in this program! Each of you
   has a gift, and we hope you pursue it your entire lives.
    The arts are a powerful force that, if you allow it, will
        enrich your life in ways nothing else can! A.K.
   Coomaraswamy once said, “The artist is not a special
    kind of person, but every person is a special kind of
artist.” There is an artist inside each of you, with the ability
 to create beauty and bring you joy. Let that artist out as
   often as you can! We hope you’ve had as much fun in
  this program as we’ve had teaching it. Maybe we’ll see
some of your faces in the next class, but wherever you go
from here, don’t give theatre up! If you love it as much as
we do, then just keep going! There are plenty of stages all
     over the world, just waiting to be graced with your
     performances! Thank you to all of you for letting us
experience even a bit of that talent! And thank you, moms
   and dads, for encouraging the arts in your kids’ lives!

   Sincerely, Chantal Cordeau and Walter Kitzman

        41 Renwick Ave. Cambridge, Ont. 519-651-0189

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