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					                                         OUTLINE — LECTURE 1

                                              Roman Legal History
Period                     Description                 Politics                             Sources of Law
500–250 BC                 Archaic                     City-State                           XII Tables
250–1 BC                   Pre-Classical               Urban Empire                         Statutes/Cases
1–250 AD                   Classical                   Principate                           Cases
250–500 AD                 Post-Classical              Dominate                             Imperial Constitutions
527–565 AD                 Justinian                   Byzantine                            Code

                                            Continental Legal History
 Period     Description   Politics            Roman           Canon                  Customary           Age Char-
                                                                                     /National           acter
 450–       Early         Barbarian           Romano-            Collections         Barbarian           primitive
 1100       Middle Ages   Invasions           barbarian                              Codes               collections
                          —>Feudalism         Codes
 1100–      High Middle   Feudalism,          CJC-glossators     Gratian             Coutumiers          academic
 1250       Ages          Feudal                                 —>decretists,                           study
                          monarchy                               Papal decretals
 1250–      Late Middle   National            CJC-commen-        Decretalists        Coutumiers          academic
 1500       Ages          monarchy            tators, Consilia   —>encylopedic       and statutes        application
 1450–      Renaissance   Absolutism          Humanists          Councils,           Codification        academic
 1550       and                                                  Consilia            of custom,          bifurcation
            Reformation                                                              Reception
 1550–      Early         Absolute            Natural law,       Papal               ―Institutes‖        bureaucracy,
 1750       Modern        monarchy            usus modernus      bureaucracy,        and statutes        philosophers
                                              pandectarum        Handbooks
 1700–      Modern        Revolution          Pandectists,       Codification        Codification        codification
 1900                                         Historical

                                               English Legal History
Period            Description          Politics           Sources of Law        Roman Influence      Continental
600–1150          Age of Tort          Tribal—>Feudal      Barbarian Codes,     Non-existent         Weak
                                       Monarchy            Custom
1150–1300         Age of Property      Feudal              Custom, Case         Strong on            Same
                                       monarchy            Law, Statute         Method
1300–1500         Age of Trespass      National            Case Law             Weak                 Quite Strong
1500–1700         Age of Equity        Absolute            Case Law,            Strong in spots      Strong
                                       Monarchy—>          Statute
1700–1900         Age of Reform        Const. monarchy     Case law, Some       Submerged but        Very strong
                                                           Codification         there