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					          December 2004 / February 2005
               Volume 22, Issue 5

The Ride Makeover
 by Loreto Manni, President        Hannaford, Ed Herage, Doug             help with the map updates or
Two favourite TBN rides, the       Innes, Patrick Lam, Loreto Manni,      have any suggestions or
Country Cruise (CC) and            Rein Suurallik, George Witte,          comments to improve the
Wednesday Wheelie (WW),            Wayne Yeechong, and Country            Country Cruise or Wednesday
are undergoing a makeover.         Cruise coordinators Barry Pinsky       Wheelie please drop me a line
These rides differ from most       and Rowena Maclure. The                at:
TBN rides as the start points      Committee also aims to standardize
are located on the outskirts of    the ride route instructions and
the GTA, generally a 30-           produce new ride maps and
minute to one-hour drive           directions.                            Help Cyclon
outside of Toronto. The rides                                             Continue!
travel through rural areas along   Another important part of the ride     Cyclon, TBN’s annual cycling
pretty, quiet country roads.       is getting the maps to the ride        extravaganza weekend, is a
                                   leaders and receiving their            summer highlight for many
At Cyclon 2004 there were          feedback. The system in place now      TBN members. In order to
many positive comments from        is working, but I'm expecting some     continue TBN’s proud Cyclon
attendees about the ride maps      new ideas on this topic with so        tradition in 2005, we need a
made by Doug Innes. A few of       many talented individuals on the       Cyclon Director. The
the CC regulars wanted the         committee. Our aim is to improve       Director, along with a team of
same type of maps for some of      what's there and make the riding       volunteers, will organize the
the classic CC rides. Most of      experience even more enjoyable for     three-day event and undertake
the original CC maps and route     riders, leaders, and coordinators.     tasks such as choosing a
instructions were drawn up 10                                             venue, booking
years ago by Bill Hannaford.       I know I'll be swamped with emails     accommodation, researching
Since then, some of the roads      because this request, but here goes.   and mapping out area rides,
have changed and better            If you have a favourite Country        and planning social activities.
sources of maps are available.     Cruise or Wednesday Wheelie ride       If you’d like to volunteer or
                                   that you think needs a makeover,       learn more about this
A few of the ride regulars have    drop me a line we'll try and make      important and rewarding
recently banded together and       them the first maps we update. We      position, please contact Trevor
formed a committee to look         are still in the planning stages and   Woerner or Vanessa Busch at:
into new sources for maps and      once we've decided how to    
ways to create them.               implement the new system we will
Committee members include          need a few volunteers to help with
Marie Ferguson, Bill               the map updates. If you'd like to
                                    new program this year, on six of          4:30 p.m. the bus heads back
Oh say,                             the Sunday trips, TBN member              to Toronto and you relax and
Can you ski?                        Peter MacDonald will lead a               unwind while watching an on-
                                    snowshoeing hike for people who           board video. The cost is $20
                                    would like to try their hand –or          for TBN members who sign up
by Kathleen Ryan, VP Skiing         rather, their feet!— at                   in advance, plus the cost of the
                                    snowshoeing.                              ski centre’s trail pass and the
TBN’s 2005 cross-country ski                                                  cost of any rentals.
and snowshoe season kicked           The TBN Ski Bus picks up skiers
off on January 2nd. Our             at four convenient locations (near        Call the TBN Hotline (416-
Sunday trips will take us to the    subway stations: Victoria Park,           760-4191, line 1 to reserve
usual resorts and, new this         Yonge & Bloor, Eglinton, and              your spot on the bus, and get
year, Scenic Caves and              York Mills). We travel in a               up-to-date information in case
Arrowhead Provincial Park.          comfortable coach to ski country          the schedule changes due to
Skiers of all levels and            while you relax or chat with other        snow conditions. Or email
experience are welcome.             TBNers. You enjoy a refreshing   Complete
                                    and exhilarating day on the trails        schedule and information
Have you always wanted to           with about 30 other TBNers. After         about each resort is available
give snowshoeing a try? All of      working up an appetite on the trails      on the cross-country skiing
the ski resorts we visit also       buy your lunch at the resort or           webpage:
offer snowshoeing trails. As a      enjoy your lunch from home. At

TBN 2005 Sunday Cross-Country Ski Schedule
 Date            Destination       Type of      Length      Facilities     x-c ski trail   x-c trail fee +
                                   Trail                                   fee             rentals
 Jan. 2          Hardwood          GCS, BC      30km        FS, L          $17.50          $42.50
 Jan. 9          Horseshoe         GSC, GC      35 km       FS, L          $17.00          $38.00
 Jan. 16         Highlands         GSC          23 km       FS, L          $10.00          $28.00
 Jan. 23         Scenic Caves      GCS          16 km       PS, L          $12.00          $30.00
 Jan. 30         Wasaga Bch.       GC, SK       30 km*      PS, L          $4.00           $16.00
 Feb. 6          Ganaraska         GC           35 km       PS             $10.00          No rentals
 Feb. 13         Hardwood          GCS, BC      30km        FS, L          $17.50          $42.50
 Feb. 20         Highlands         GSC          23 km       FS, L          $10.00          $28.00
 Feb. 27         Mansfield         GC, SK       30/10       FS, L          $11.00          $26.00
 Mar. 6          Arrowhead         GCS          33 km       PS, L          $4.00           $25/$32
 Bus pick-up
 Mar. 13         Wasaga            GC, SK       30 km*      PS, L          $4.00           $16.00
 Mar. 20         Horseshoe         GSC, GC      35 km       FS, L          $17.00          $38.00
 Mar. 27         Hardwood          GCS, BC      30km        FS, L          $17.50          $42.50

*-Wasaga Beach has 4.4 km for skate skiing.

Page 2                                                     Quick Release December 2004 / February 2005
TBN 2005 Sunday Snowshoeing Schedule

On dates indicated with an asterisk (*) a TBN volunteer will lead a snowshoe hike for up to 12 snowshoers.

Date               Destination           Length of Snowshoe Trails        Snowshoe         Snowshoe
                                                                          trail fee        trail fee+
Jan. 2*            Hardwood Hills        20 km                            $10.00           $35.00
Jan. 9             Horseshoe Valley      8 km                             $7.00            $27.00
Jan. 16            Highlands Nordic      Snowshoe trails off-site         N/A              $15.00
Jan. 23*           Scenic Caves          7 km                             $12.00           $25.00
Jan. 30            Wasaga Beach          No formal trails, separate       N/A              $12.00
                                         backcountry area
Feb. 6             Ganaraska             tbc                              $5.00            No rentals
Feb. 13*           Hardwood Hills        20 km                            $10.00           $35.00
Feb. 20*           Highlands Nordic      Snowshoe trails off-site         N/A              $15.00
Feb. 27            Mansfield             No formal trails                 N/A              $10.00
Mar. 6*            Arrowhead             6 km                             $4.00            $16.00
Pick-up times
Mar. 13*           Wasaga Beach          No formal trails, separate       N/A              $12.00
                                         backcountry area
Mar. 20            Horseshoe Valley      8 km                             $7.00            $27.00
Mar. 27            Hardwood Hills        20 km                            $10.00           $35.00

NOTE: Schedule is tentative only, and may change depending on weather and snow conditions; please
listen to the TBN Hotline for weekly updates.

TBN Ambassadors
by Imtiaz Mawji, Director,          ambassador! In fact, over a third       Special thanks to Eileen
Publicity & Promotions              of new TBN members say they first       Harbinson, Martha Scott,
                                    heard about TBN through word of         Brenda Porter, Owen Rogers
Ever roll into a café in Port       mouth.                                  and the TBN Board of
Perry and have people ask                                                   Directors for countless hours
“where did you ride from?”          TBN’s popularity grows every year       of work “behind the scenes.”
Ever catch someone in a             because our dedicated volunteers        TBN’s involvement in
Toronto restaurant or bar           work hard organizing rides, as well     community events and media
staring at you and fellow           as social and educational events.       would not be possible without
spandex-clad Friday nighters?       Countless volunteers make our           them.
Ever lend a hand to a solitary      participation in the Toronto
cyclist on the backroads of         International Bicycle Show, Bike        As a TBN ambassador (i.e.
Stouffville or in the depths of     Week, and the Becel Ride for Heart      participant!) you may not have
the Don Valley?                     possible. Thanks to everyone who        access to a private jet like the
                                    came out to lend a few hours of         Governor General of Canada,
Not only are you a TBN              their time this year.                   but you likely have a cool set
rider/inliner/hiker/skater/skier,                                           of wheels to whisk you across
you are also a TBN                                                          town. Ride, glide and roll!

Toronto Bicycling Network                                                                            Page 3
Welcome Martha
TBN would like to welcome Martha                  TBN Who’s Who
Krzic to the TBN Publicity &
Promotions team. If you have some
ideas and would like to meet people,    TBN Board of Directors
volunteer, and have fun, send us an     President                   Loreto Manni
email at or call       Vice-President, Skiing      Katleen Ryan
416-569-6439.                           Vice-President, Touring     John Burdett       416.429.6088
                                        Treasurer                   Doug Innes         416.252.7073
                                        Secretary                   Brenda Sweet
                                                                    Paul Price
Congratulations                         Cyclon Director             Vacant!
Congratulations to the winners of       Education Director          Dinsmore Roach
the $50 Gift Certificates at the AGM    Publicity & Promotions      Imtiaz A. Mawji
provided courtesy of:                                               Martha Krzic
                                        Social Director             Ron Fletcher       416.461.9695
Walter’s Cyclepath                      Weekend Trips Director      David Maclean      416.482.8033, 416-487-         Quick Release Editor        Carl Friesen
2106 Yonge St. (south of Eglinton)      TBN Coordinators
                                        City Walks                  Mark Brousseau     416.466.4979
Bayview Cycle Centre
                                                                    Howard Chan, 416-225-
                                        Country Cruise              Rowena Maclure     416.487.1474
                                                                    Barry Pinsky       416.928.0503
3335 Bayview Ave (south of
                                        Easy Roller                 David Raine
                                                                    Roberta Terzolo
                                        Friday Night Ride           Peggy McFarland    416.405.8307
                                        Hiking                      Terry Davison      905.453.1952
                                        Ice Skating                 Molly Cheung
                                        Indoor spinning             Lori Roth
Ice Skating – more                      Inline Skating              Martha Scott       416.443.0619
                                        Leisure Wheeler             Jamie Hauyon       416.537.8865
fun in your Fridays                     Membership Secretary        Eileen Harbinson   416.482.2157
TBN’s ice skating program               Mtn. Biking, Trail Riding   Dan Roitner
commenced on December 10 and            Saturday Morning Ride       Julie Willmot      416.696.9263
will continue every Friday evening      Toronto Cycling Cttee.      Martin Koob
(except Christmas Eve and New           Rep.
Year's Eve) through March 2005.         Tourist, Sportif            Owen Rogers        416.232.0243
We will meet at a different rink        Tuesday Ravine Rides        David Peebles      416.534.7168
around town each week at 6:30pm,        Wednesday Nights            Ron Fletcher       416.461.9695
skate for 90 minutes, and then head     Wednesday Wheelie           Bill Hannaford     416.482.2125
to a nearby restaurant. If conditions
are not good for skating, the group
will head straight to dinner. Ice
skating and the social après is a
great way to end the workweek!
Please check the Hotline, website, or
weekly Chain of Events email for
rink locations and directions.

Page 4                                                     Quick Release December 2004 / February 2005
Haliburton Highlands                                     Silent Lake
ski weekend                                              ski weekend
28-30 January 30
                                                         11 to 13 February
Join your fellow TBNers for a relaxing yet
energizing cross-country ski weekend on some of          Again this year, the perennial favourite cross-
Ontario’s best trails. Stay at the Wigamog Inn, a full   country ski weekend at Joseph’s Resort will be held
service resort. Ski, skate, soak in the whirlpool, and   from 11 to 13 February. Your $95 includes your
relax your muscles in the pool and sauna. In the         shared accommodation for two nights and use of the
evenings, curl up with a book in front of the            facilities at Joseph’s. Bring your skates and
fireplace, share a brew with a friend or join the        snowshoes. For more information, phone Ron
dancing. Most people will arrive at the Inn late         Fletcher at 416. 461.9695. A third night’s stay is
Friday afternoon, but you can come early, buy a          available for half price. To reserve, contact Joseph
trail pass, and enjoy an extra day of skiing. The        directly at 1.888.637.6637.
cost is $215 for members and $225 for non-
members, based on shared occupancy. This includes        Each room has a private three-piece bath, we have
two nights’ accommodations, two breakfasts and           full cooking facilities and a separate lounge. There
suppers, two days of trail passes, and use of the        is a spa within walking distance. You can ski or
resort’s facilities.                                     snowshoe on snowmobile trails right out of your
                                                         doorway, or drive to Silent Lake Provincial Park,
To sign up, contact Carl Friesen (phone: 416-410-        about 20 minutes away. One year we tried the luge
4527, email: Since         near Bancroft. To see what else is available in the
this trip always sells out, it’s wise to send your       area and for maps and pictures, click on
cheque in early. Make cheques payable to “Toronto
Bicycling Network,” and note on them “Wigamog
Inn trip.” Mail to cheques to: Carl Friesen, 1764        We will arrange meals ourselves through Ron. Book
Rathburn Road East, Unit 30, Mississauga ON              ASAP as this trip always sells out quickly.
L4W 2N8.

                                                         Holiday dinner
Leisure Wheelers                                         at the Hot House Café
Steering Committee Meeting
                                                         Sold out! Sorry to those who were too late to get
                                                         tickets. Please note that TBN’s policy is to have a
by Jamie Hauyon, Leisure Wheeler Coordinator             $5 higher price for those attending events if their
                                                         cheques are received less than a week in advance of
A meeting will be held on Tuesday January 18,            the event.
2005 at 7:30 pm to prepare the Leisure Wheeler
schedule for 2005. Open to any TBN member, the           Note that tickets are not mailed, but a list of those
meeting will be held at the Tim Horton’s at Yonge        who have paid is kept at the door, and your name is
and Davisville.                                          checked off as you enter.

                                                         A good time was had by all!

Toronto Bicycling Network                                                                              Page 5
Rev Up Your Fitness Level with Indoor Cycling ™
Five days after you terminate a    Indoor cycling can help with the         program, then a
training program, you begin        problem that while some athletes         knowledgeable coach with a
losing cardiovascular and          improve their performance each           proven track record in
muscular endurance fitness.        year, others stay the same or            beneficial training effects
Each consecutive day of            regress. Sometimes, low                  should be consulted.
inactivity makes it worse. Your    performance is due to just doing
metabolism slows, your resting     “volume” – the same boring rides         Indoor training has a role to
heart rate escalates, you gain     on the same course.                      play. It guards against weather
weight and your clothes don’t                                               and traffic risks. It is easier to
fit.                               Often, no training benefit results.      control performance and focus
                                   One reason is that there is no           on a particular physical
Don’t despair -- start an indoor   element of “overload” associated         attribute, it encourages perfect
cycling ™ training program.        with this type of training. Overload     position, style and form, and it
                                   is a prerequisite to a training          allows for analysis and
You can do this at home, using     benefit, which is realized when the      correction of pedal strokes.
your own bike and an indoor        body adapts (recovers stronger) to
trainer, which is a resistance     overload stimulation.                    Aubrey Bryce is a NCCP
device ranging in price from                                                certified coach, a track cycling
$250 to as much as $2500.          Another reason is lack of diversity.     Olympian, and successful
Start with a basic unit and        Volume training provides basic           Master’s racing cyclist in
upgrade only if usage, fitness     physical conditioning but nothing        Canada and the USA. He is
and aspirations warrant. You’ll    in terms of all the other physical       president of Enduro Training
also need a heart rate monitor     attributes which are critical to         Systems Inc. and a partner in
that will help you stay focused,   overall performance gains and that       The Fitness Factory, an indoor
avoid boredom and be your on-      can make you a better cyclist.           training facility for cyclists
bike coach.                                                                 and multisport athletes in
                                   Successful cyclists always strive to     Scarborough. Contact Aubrey
If you can’t do this at home or    achieve the “overload effect” with       at
don’t like training alone,         each successive ride. They               or visit
consider an indoor training        manipulate distance, intensity and
facility. Instructors know about   duration to develop all of the
bike fit, positioning and          body’s physical attributes so that
pedaling technique. Most are       speed, strength and endurance are
also experienced cyclists and      improved.                                Copyright     2003 by Aubrey
can help you translate the                                                  M. Bryce
indoor experience so you feel      If the athlete does not possess the
more like you’re on the road.      know-how to create this type of

19th Annual Toronto International Bicycle Show
See all the major bicycle retailers and manufacturers under one roof! Get great deals on 2004 inventory and
lots of show specials on the new 2005 models. Mark March 4-6, 2005 on your calendar now and plan to
attend the 2005 Toronto International Bicycle Show. The show is open Friday from noon until 9:00pm,
Saturday from 10:00am to 8:00pm, and Sunday from 10:00am to 6:00pm. Admission is $11 for adults, $8
for seniors and children aged 6-12, and free for kids five and under. Discounted family and multi-day
passes are also available. The show will take place at the National Trade Centre, Hall A, just inside the
Prince's Gate at the CNE (Lakeshore Blvd West at Strachan Avenue). Free underground bike parking is
available! For more information visit the show website:

Page 6                                                     Quick Release December 2004 / February 2005
  Bikeway Network
by Martin Koob, TBN                      Signs will also be installed in 2005   Rack pilot project. Reports
representative to the Toronto         along some of the park trails that        are that he has met with some
Cycling Committee                     form part of the Bikeway Network.         success. The final approval
                                      The parks signs will be different that    has not yet been given, but
There have been a few projects        the street signs. They will contain       TTC staff are working on a
completed to expand the Bikeway       the same blue bike route sign but         plan to implement a pilot
Network. The most salient was the also have other information such as           program on a number of TTC
completion of the Cosburn bike        distance information and reminders        routes. This would be a
lanes from Broadview Ave. to Oak of trail etiquette. There are also             significant milestone for the
Park Ave. This was done in the        plans for info boards or kiosks along     Bike Plan if these pilot
face of opposition from one           the park paths which will feature         programs go ahead in 2004.
Councillor, Case Ootes. This 3.3      maps and other information. The
km stretch of bike lane took a long number of kilometers of park paths             Budget 2005 - Year 4
time to get approval but was finally that can be signed in 2005 will            of the Bike Plan
open for bikes in late fall. Another depend on the city budget process.            The Toronto Cycling
project that was completed was        The Cycling Committee is asking           Committee has again issued
upgrading of the Eglinton path        that signs be erected on all of the       its budget recommendations
from Mimico Creek to Jane Street. paths that connect with the on street         as part of the annual budget
There have been some other small      routes that are getting signs over the    process. The implementation
projects completed. There will be winter. This would enhance the                of the Bike Plan has not kept
a full report of what has been done connectedness of the on street and
                                                                                pace with what was
in the next issue of QR. Still, there path parks of the bikeway network.
                                                                                envisioned. Reports coming
needs to be a faster rate of          This would mean having signs on the
                                                                                from the Transportation state
expansion to the Bikeway network. Humber Trail, Don Trail, Taylor               that with the current level of
                                      Creek Trail and the Beltline Trail.       staffing and funding the Bike
   Bikeway Network Signs              Whether or not the TCC’s                  Plan will take 20 years to
   One of the recommendations of      recommendation gets approved              implement. The TCC does
the Bike Plan is that “the city       depends on how much pressure              not find that acceptable and
develop a bikeway network             residents put on councilors to            has proposed increases to staff
information system, including         approved funds for the bike plan so       and funding that should help
maps, signs, information boards       call your councilor.                      to get work on the Bike Plan
and the City’s website”. The first                                              back in gear. To be able to
item on the list, maps, has been         Cycling and Transit                    convince councilors to
done with an annual bike map             One of the recommendations of          support funding the bike plan
being published. Sign posting is      the Toronto Bike Plan is that TTC         we need your help. In
the second stage that is being        busses be equipped with bike racks.       January 2005 the City Council
worked on. You may have noticed This would allow cyclists to easily             committees will make the
the blue bike route signs on          switch modes from bike to bus back        decisions on what will and
downtown streets or on the Lower      to bike along their journey. The          will not be funded. It is
Don Trail. These were part of two cyclists hang their bike on a bike            important that you contact
pilot projects to test the new signs. rack on the front of the bus and          your Councilor and tell them
Now that the pilot programs are       climbs aboard. This feature is            you want them to vote to fully
over the City is starting to roll out already done on every major transit       fund and staff the Bike Plan.
the Bikeway Network signs on bike system in North America. The
lanes and signed on-street routes in Cycling Committee has been trying          For more information on the
the south district of the city        to get the TTC to undertake a pilot       TCC’s budget
(basically the former City of         project but there has been a lot of       recommendations,
Toronto). These signs should be       resistance till now. Councillor Adam      developments in the budget
erected over the winter and be        Giambrone, the Chair of the Toronto       process and contact
ready for spring. The signs will      Cycling Committee, is also a              information for councilors
feature a route number and            member of the Toronto Transit             check the
direction information.                Commission and has been pushing to        website:
                                      have the TCC implement a Bus Bike

  Toronto Bicycling Network                                                                            Page 7
Urban Cowboys
                                    the fire but saved the skinny green
 by Howard Chan, City hikes         branches for roasting                    Every week is different. One
& walks and bonfire hike            marshmallows and hot dogs.               week it is a real hike as we
leader                              A pot of hot apple cider has several     uncover hidden ravines, forest
                                    cinnamon sticks floating in it.          and park systems. Another
Today, Edith is thankful to be                                               week it is a walk as we
wearing her new lightweight         Two picnic tables are laid out with      discover architectural gems,
Nike hiking shoes. A fallen         food. Everybody has brought              historical sites and unique
Manitoba Maple tree sits in her     something for the outdoor potluck.       neighbourhoods. We don’t
path. The one-metre thick           I sample the chickpea dip, pita          have a bonfire every week and
trunk is too high to step over.     bread, different types of cheese,        sometimes the walk is mainly
She grabs onto a branch for         crackers, savory meatballs,              on paved trails, but they are
support as she detours around       Timbits, tangerines, marshmallows        always in interesting areas and
the fallen Maple Conversation       and hot dogs for roasting over the       always in our own backyard.
flows freely during outdoor         fire. Exercise and outdoor eating        There is always an opportunity
adventures.                         makes all food taste better.             to sit down to a communal
                                                                             apres at some restaurant or
In deep ravines and forests         Around the fire, someone's cell          pub.
with tall thick trees, orbiting     phone goes off. An exchange in an
satellites have trouble reaching    exotic foreign language is taking        Special thanks to:
out to GPS receivers. Patrick       place. “Where is the closest
puts away his GPS and decides       subway? I have to go now.” Ania          Bob Everett for supplying the
he would rather socialize and       tells the group. The city hikes are      firewood, starting and
enjoy the natural beauty            fun, flexible and convenient for         maintaining the bonfire.
around him.                         people who don't have all day.           Mark Brousseau, the other
                                                                             City hikes and walks
We are in the Glendon forest,       The return tract is shorter, mostly      coordinator, for providing the
in the city of Toronto and on a     along residential streets and much       apple cider.
TBN city hike. Today's city         faster. The flat surface feels like we   John Burdett, new VP of
hike is special. After exiting      have a tail wind pushing us. Since       Touring, for getting the park
the Gendon forest tract, we         the start this morning, four hours       permit and leading the out
arrive at fire pit #7 in            later, we are back in front of           bound tract.
Sunnybrook Park. Our bonfire        Lawrence subway station.
is still burning. Bob has stayed    City hikes and walks take
back to attend the fire. Bob        advantage of the public transit
has just tossed the big logs into   system.

Editor’s note
This is the first issue of the newsletter I’ve edited. We’d planned on having someone to do the layout
professionally, but that didn’t work out, so we’re stuck with my limited Word skills, unless someone out
there can handle something more advanced, like Quark. I’ll work on making the next issue better, maybe
even some pictures. Thanks to all who contributed.              Carl Friesen, Editor

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