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                                     Onyen (faculty and staff)
   ONYEN is the name for the userid you use to gain access to various electronic resources offered by the
Information Technology Services (ITS) group on main campus. It is an acronym for the "only name you'll ever
  need." Your onyen is used for many things, including accessing software on the University Shareware site,
accessing blackboard, or accessing the Main Campus calendars. For information on obtaining an onyen ID go

     SOM - domain and email (faculty and staff)                                     The Department of Allied
     Health Sciences access and files are routed through School of Medicines IT department (OIS – Office of
      Information Services) you will need to fill out an access for to get a domain account to login to your
                            computer and an email address for a secure SOM email.

                                            Facs id (staff only)
                    Staff will need a FACS ID if they are processing check requests, travel, etc.
    A form for access is located on the g:/forms and should be submitted to Heather Kirks, Associate Chair for
                                      Finance and Administration, Room 3106

                                                    One Card
The UNC One Card is a multipurpose identification and on-line accounts card. You can use it for anything on
  campus from Chick-Fil-A to parking tickets. It is the official ID card for students, faculty, and staff of the
 University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Your One Card provides access to certain facilities and events,
     and also serves as your UNC Library card. For more information how to get your one card go to:

    Access (Bondurant Hall ID and access forms are located on the g:/forms/ or your
                                           AA can print one for you)

                       NAME BADGE / UNC SOM ID Badges
UNC SOM ID badges must be worn in all AHS clinical facilities, including:

     UNC-Hospital areas, and
     Division clinic or clinical practice areas.

         Copier ID (each division has its own code please see your division AA)
                        Mail ID (see your division administrative assistant)

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