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									                                                                             OFFICE OF THE SUPERINTENDENT
                                                                                     5735 47th Avenue Sacramento, CA 95824
                                                                                         (916) 643-9000 FAX (916) 643-9480
                                                                                          Jonathan P. Raymond, Superintendent

BOARD OF EDUCATION        March 26, 2010

Roy Grimes, MPA,MBA
President                 Dear Colleague:
Trustee Area 6

                          As we wind down a busy week and look forward to a restful spring break, I want to thank you,
                          the hard-working employees of our district, for what you do, every day, for our students, parents
Ellyne Bell, MA, LMSW
1 Vice President          and community. Despite our many challenges, I continue to be in awe of the fine work of our
Trustee Area 1            dedicated employees. I would like to give a special note of appreciation to employees represented
                          by Teamsters Union, Local 150, Service Employees International Union, Local 1021 and United
                          Professional Educators and Classified Supervisors Association. We have successfully negotiated
Patrick Kennedy
                          contracts with these organizations and tying up that process will help the District balance the
2 Vice President
Trustee Area 7
                          budget for 2010-11. We asked representatives of these groups to join hands in our efforts to ride
                          out the recession, and they met our expectations. We hope for similar results for labor
                          negotiations still underway.
Jerry Houseman, Ed.D.
Trustee Area 2            In addition, I am thrilled by the initial reaction of many of our instructional staff to our Priority
                          Schools Initiative. Announced at the Board meeting only last week, the plan is still in the process
                          of development. In spite of that, I have had numerous emails from teachers expressing interest in
Donald Terry              participating in the transformation of some of our most challenged and yet most promising
Trustee Area 3

                          While we continue to work out the details of staffing, resources for instructional programs, and
Gustavo Arroyo
Trustee Area 4            incentives, we recognize that time is of the essence if we are going to respond now to the moral
                          imperative that equity for every child dictates.

Diana Rodriguez           In the coming weeks you will be learning more from me about our process and criteria for
Trustee Area 5            selection of staff at these Priority School sites. In the meanwhile, I continue to encourage your
                          input and expression of interest in participating.

Cameron Fukui             Finally, I am pleased that, by the end of this week, we will have rescinded more than 170 teacher
Student Board Member
                          lay off notices. We will continue to review our budget and funding shifts in order to rescind even
                          more lay off notices as spring progresses.

                          Have a wonderful and well-deserved break. Thanks again for your continued efforts to make our
                          district a place where every child reads and every child counts.


                          Jonathan P. Raymond

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