Story as it is now I remember quite vividly when I was just a by sdaferv


									Story as it is now:
I remember quite vividly when I was just a little girl, cheerfully sending my dad off to
work with a “Have a GREAT Day at Work Dad”!

He promptly corrected me and informed me there was no such thing as a “Great Day at


He passed away when I was 18 years old from heart disease, he was only 42.
He didn’t have very many great days!

I learned at a very young age that having a great day is a choice.
I NOW choose to have great days. And I have learned how to.
I am here to share some success tools with you on how to start having a great day Every
Day! Instead of waiting for “One of those days” when you’ll have more time…

Maybe before story ask “Have you ever had one of THOSE days?”
You know the one I mean, where you feel you got up on the wrong side of the bed?
Well, I’m here today to share with you some solutions…
(here, later, not at all?)

Now the fleshing it out part:

Set the scene:
A child
A daddy’s girl
Intimidated by him, but strong headed,
He was known to bark first and then bite.
(use tone of voice, body language and which way I look to play both characters and
provide the sense of fear and being there! As well as relating!)
He was traditional in discipline.
An ironic smile
In the kitchen, looking up at him… small, size difference
I used to “test” my dad’s mood by saying “hello dad”
Usually in the kitchen.
If he gave me a great big hello and a smile, I stuck around,
If not, I got out fast (went and did chores in the bard, homework in my bedroom…)

I did meet my soulmate, my husband, on a Friday the 13th full moon.
13 days prior to my father passing away!
Murray (hubby) has been a great role model for me as a teacher & parent (as well as a
spouse and leader…) His parents are incredible role models for us (his father passed
away at 63). Numerous marriages with longevity (25 + years—irrelevant for audience,
but not for me)

Main Characters:
Dad, me,
The concept of great days (choice…)
My husband, Murray?
My children? Little models, coaches in the making and example to go with (ie: using “I”
statements at age 2 because we had upset Ryan, the “I Love Yous” we so naturally share,
but were not present in my upbringing…

Begin the Journey:
Most dramatic point was with my dad and that conversation?
Then followed by his passing?
Or start with his passing—how I found out and crumpled and wailed (but not sure how to
tie in the point)
The brief conversation in my kitchen
The room, the kitchen, the relationship, the results and gifts from that
The better me
How I learned so young.

Encounter the conflict:
In the kitchen, the space between us (safety, comfort, protection, escape plan)
My dad’s remark, his passing

Overcome the conflict:
The choices
Need examples
Use client examples,
My children modeling it
My recovering overachiever, perfectionist and people pleaser!

End journey:
My children? How they have allowed me to come full circle in my growth and awareness
Evidence that we can change, change what we grew up with or knew as “it”
Wrap with humour of my daughter at her great grandmother’s memorial (4 hours away,
maybe add here, that she survived her own kids and husband! My son realized we had not
brought a tie and he drew one for daddy & him and wore it proudly) and visiting her
grave to put special flowers on, (grave right beside my fathers 4 hours away!) then my
little girl! hop-scotching over her grandpas’ grave!
Me Looking up at the sky with tears of joy and peace in my heart and saying, “hey
grandpa, that’s your granddaughter!”
Embellish to tie it up: with me whispering: “have a great day dad!” (the gift! The growth,
the shift)
(the space, the looking up at him again, the ironic smile)
(Question: Is this enough release?) (Is this enough detail to feel the entire story?)
Make the point:
Have you ever chosen to turn a negative into a positive
Have you ever “Had one of those days?”
OR “EVERYTHING is about choices—even inaction is a choice!
Staying in a bad mood is a choice…
(ask audience, what’ point of story)
What ifs
Turn negatives into positives (gifts) Optimism
Attention related to point of story: choices (work/life balance / humour…)
Lesson learned (all the above…) How to live to the fullest.
No More Shoulda, Coulda, Wouldas—Have what you want instead
don’t wait until…to choose to have a great day everyday
It’s NEVER too late to have a great day.
Action challenge according to my coach approach model from my speeches:
A for Awareness (of what you have)
B for Big Picture (of what you want—in full emotional detail—feel it)
C for Choices (What CAN you do?)
D for Do Action Steps (What WILL you do)
E for Everyday Excellence (Ask yourself One Question at the start of each day: What one
thing can I do today to make it a great day? Or whatever the topic may be that this story
is shared in)
Then record it in a self-contract (sheet or workbook or other ideas)

Grab attention
Have them relate to topic and “get it”
Want Positive too! (now have I believe, Plus wraps better with the hopscotch part?!)
Death, child’s perspective

Extra Points:
My hubby has told me often “Everything happens for a reason” and I have learned to
believe it and accept it with open arms.
I fired not one, but two maids of honour at the only wedding I ever plan to have!
Could be something there!

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