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					   Learn To Saiill 2004 Applliicattiion
   Learn To Sa 2004 App ca on                                 Mark the Session(s) you want
                       Please PRINT                           All sessions Monday to Friday 9 am to 4 pm
Participant’s                                                 including statutory holidays.
Name: __________________________________________
                                                              Optimist Program
Date of Birth: ____________________________________           2 week sessions $365 each

Address: ____________________________________                 ❏   Session 1      June 28 to July 9
                                                              ❏   Session 2      July 12 to July 23
___________________________________________                   ❏   Session 3      July 26 to August 6
Postal Code _____________________________________
                                                              ❏   Session 4      August 9 to August 20
                                                              * Note: One week sessions available at $200.
E-Mail _________________________________________
                                                              White Sail Program – Level ______(1/2/3)
Home Phone _____________________________________              2 week sessions $365 each                          LEARN TO SAIL
Mother’s Name __________________________________

Daytime Phone (Mother) ___________________________
                                                                  Session 1
                                                                  Session 2
                                                                                 June 28 to July 9
                                                                                 July 12 to July 23
                                                              ❏   Session 3      July 26 to August 6
Father’s Name ___________________________________
                                                              ❏   Session 4      August 9 to August 20
Daytime Phone (Father) ___________________________            ❏   Session 5*     August 23 to August 27
                                                              * Note: One week sessions available at $200.
Health Card No. __________________________________
                                                              Bronze Sail Program – Level ______(4/5)
Health Comments/Allergies:     __________________             4 week sessions $650 each
                                                              ❏ Session 1 June 28 to July 23
                                                              ❏ Session 2 July 26 to August 20
                                                              ❏ Session 3* August 23 to August 27
                                                              * Note: One week sessions available at $200.
❏ CHEQUE       ❏ MEMBER ACCOUNT              #: ___________

❏ CREDIT CARD:         VISA / MC      (PLEASE CIRCLE )        Racing Program (Silver / Gold)
                                                              9 week session $1095 each
# __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __                                                                Come Saiill Wiith Us!
                                                                                                                 Come Sa W th Us!
EXPIRY ______________                                         ❏ Session 1 June 28 to August 27
                                                                                                                      Port Credit Yacht Club
Refund Policy                                                                                                        115 Lakefront Promenade
                                                                                                                       Mississauga, Ontario
No refunds will be issued after course has                                                                                   L5E 3G6
been commenced.
                                                              Office Use Only:      Date Rec’d _______________        Phone: (905) 278-5578
The participant, and a parent or guardian will each
be required to sign a waiver prior to the first day of                                                                Fax: (905) 278-2519
                                                              Amount Rec’d                   Processed              Web Site:
a session. Copies of the waiver are available on our
website at or may be obtained at the                                                                   Email:
reception desk at the Yacht Club.
         2004 Schedulle and Costts
         2004 Schedu e and Cos s
  Are you looking for something                     Optimist Program Ages 8 to 11                   Crew Membershiips
                                                                                                    Crew Membersh ps
 different for your children to do                  Introduces sailing to younger children, it
                                                    emphasizes fun, safety and seamanship.          Ask us about this low cost option, which
    this summer? If you have                        Optimist dinghies, designed for novices and     gives you and your family full use of the
children aged 8 to 16 yrs, we have                  smaller children are used for this 2-week       Clubhouse and grounds.
                                                    program. More mature 7-year olds may be
a program to fit both your needs!                   considered.                                     ADULT SAILING PROGRAM
                                                                                                    Learn to Sail, Yourself!
        Learn tto Saiill att PCYC
        Learn o Sa a PCYC                           White, Bronze, Silver, Gold
                                                                                                    We have adult Learn to Sail programs,
                                                    Ages 10 to 16                                   taught by Certified CYA (Canadian
        It’s a learning challenge that helps to     Instruction is based on the Canadian
        develop self-esteem, self-confidence                                                        Yachting Association) Instructors in the
                                                    Yachting Association curricula used as a        same dinghies your children are learning in.
        and self-reliance.
                                                    standard across Canada. It is a progression     Adult sessions run 2 nights per week for 4
        It’s a healthy activity                     of skills and knowledge, both ashore and        weeks. We offer Basic and Advanced Adult
        It’s supervised and safe                    afloat.                                         dinghy programs and a basic keelboat
        It’s affordable                             White Sail sessions teach Basic Sailing         course.
        And best of all, it’s FUN!                  skills. Each session is 2 weeks in length.
                                                    The students use Nutshell and 420 dinghies.
Sailors, especially young sailors that are new to
the sport, gain self-reliance and confidence as
                                                    Bronze Sail sessions teach Advanced
they sail single-handed while learning teamwork
as they work cooperatively as a crew.               Sailing skills. Each session is one month in
                                                    length. Students sail 420 dinghies.
PCYC’s Learn to Sail programs teach sailing
skills and knowledge that remain for a lifetime,    Silver and Gold Sail Programs focus on
whether these skills are used toward a career or    Racing. Students must bring and use their
for recreation.                                     own Laser or Laser Radial, during this 9-
                                                    week program. (Limited space is available
PCYC Learn to Sail Programs                         for students without a boat interested in
operates as not-for-profit. All programs are        double handed sailing on a Laser II. Special
open to the public. In fact, almost 90% of the      pricing to be arranged.) Regatta fees are
students are from non-member families.              extra.

What Students Need                                  PCYC Sailing Instructors are trained                 Meet the Instructors
                                                                                                         Meet the Instructors
Students must bring their own government-           and certified by the Canadian Yachting              Wednesday June 16, 2004 7:00pm
approved lifejacket and a lunch / snacks.           Association (CYA). A ratio of one
Sunscreen and a change of clothes are essential     instructor for every 10 students or better as            Followed by our famous
and must be supplied by the student.                recommended by CYA is used for staffing.
                                                    With younger students, 1 to 6 is more              LEARN TO SAIL AUCTION
                                                                                                       LEARN TO SAIL AUCTION