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What is Blackboard?
Blackboard is a service that helps instructors create Web sites for the courses they teach.
There are many tools within Blackboard that facilitate online communication and the
sharing of course materials.

How to Get Started
Blackboard sites are automatically created for courses listed with the University
Registrar. Instructors and students can access these sites by logging in to using their Onyen.

Students enrolled in courses that use Blackboard will have a customized login page
including links to every course web site for which they are registered.

For more information on using Blackboard, see

What is an Onyen?
"Onyen" is the name for UNC's campus-wide identifier that you can use to gain access to
various electronic resources on campus. Although it is a word, you can think of it as an
acronym for the "only name you'll ever need." The distinctive name is intended to
prevent confusing it with the myriad other userids that exist across campus. For more
information go to:

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