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					Careers Education & Placement Centre

                       Written Application
                   for Retailing / Catering Jobs

                Date : 3 February, 2000 (Thur)
                 Time : 1:00 p.m. - 2:00 p.m.
               Venue : T4, Meng Wah Complex

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Careers Education & Placement Centre

                                               Ms Emily Wong

           Email: eypwong@hkucc.hku.hk
          Homepage: http://www.hku.hk/cepc

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   When you apply for a job, you will need:

                                               cover letter
                                      Company Application Form

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          Resume & Covering Letter

 A Resume is a one or two
 pages     history     of    your
 achievements, education and
 characteristics that qualify you
 for the position you seek.

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  Resume & Covering Letter (Cont’d)
A Covering Letter introduces your
resume to the employer and links your
most important skills and experience
to the job.
It should explain why you are
interested in that career and that

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              Who are the READERS?
             What are their backgrounds?

• The Human Resources Personnel
• The Line Managers
• The Selection Committee

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                                          Your Challenge
To show where you are different or
better than your competitors!

Add value - your experiences inside
and outside of school will set you
apart from your peers.

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   The resume and covering letter are your
     own personal marketing document

                                       no standard format
 Your can read examples of resumes,
         but don’t copy them.
                                Make one for yourself.
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                                               Your goal
• Catch the employers’ attention in the
  first few seconds

• To get an interview

• To remind the employer of you after
  the interview

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                                          Covering Letter
Basic knowledge of cover letter
• Limit it to one page, one and a half at the
• A4 size quality paper
• Be brief and specific - don’t re-produce
  your resume
• be addressed to the relevant named person
  in the organization
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                         Covering Letter … cont’d
• say how you came to know about the
• draw attention to relevant skills and
• don’t merely quote what skills your have,
  give specific examples
• say why you are attracted to and suitable for
  the job

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     Retail Manager, Chain/Dept Store

Job Description

Responsible for staff, stock and resources
within the overall aim of generating sales and
exploiting     opportunities  to    maximise
profitability, increase customer satisfaction
and ensure continued business growth.

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             Retail Manager , Chain/Dept Store
Typical Work Activities
• managing a team to ensure efficiency in
  department / store performance
• analysing and interpreting commercial trends to
  facilitate planning in relation to sales, promotions,
  pricing and stock / order control
• information technology is increasingly used here
  as a business tool
• involvement in issues relating to health and safety
  and staff appraisal and development, as well as
  direct customer contact

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                Retail Manager, Supermarket

Job Description
Responsible for day to day management of a
department or store working towards an
increased market share by improving
efficiency, sales, customer service, effective
cost control of stocks and resources

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          Retail Manager, Supermarket
Typical Work Activities
• making key decisions relating to the constant
  demands of stock control and management,
  sales analysis and forecasting to ensure
  maximisation of sales
• day to day problem solving of health and
  safety and staffing issues
• these are all set against a backdrop of quality
  customer service
• there is increasing use of IT in recording
  sales, data analysis and forward planning
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                                         Catering Manager

Job Description
Plans, organises, and manages the food and
beverage service of the organisation or

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                                   Catering Manager

Typical Work Activities
• managing a team to provide good quality food
  within budgeted costs
• selecting and training staff
• monitoring and evaluating the service
• controlling and organising the work of the
  catering team.

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              Fast Food Restaurant Manager

Job Description
Is responsible for planning, organising,
directing and co-ordinating all the resources
and activities necessary for the efficient
provision of a speedy service of standardised
food in a fast food restaurant.

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            Fast Food Restaurant Manager
Typical Work Activities
• managing and coordinating staff
• recruiting, training and developing staff
• monitoring and maintaining high standards of
  food, service and hygiene
• planning work schedules
• administering payrolls
• controlling stock
• checking and securing cash receipts
• budgeting
• publicising and marketing restaurants in locality
• ensuring maximum profitability of the operation
• maintaining and securing equipment and buildings
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                             Format for Cover Letter
                                                                 Your Address
 The person’s name
 Job tile
 Employer name

 Dear (Mr/Mrs/Ms Surname),

                                               Ref: (Position)

 Introduction - Explain why you are writing

 Middle paragraph/s - Match your qualification, experiences, and
 achievements with the primary tasks of the appointee. Make them
 interested in meeting you!
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              Format for Cover Letter … cont’d
Penultimate paragraph - Say why you are attracted by
this employer and occupation.

Closing paragraph - Leave the way open for further

Yours sincerely,

Your name
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                                          Covering Letter
Why are you interested in the company and the job??
• recruitment talk
• career booklet
• company file/newspaper cutting file
• world wide web (e.g. South China Morning Post
• alumni contact/friends
• CEPC homepage

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                                         Covering Letter
Why the Company is interested in you
e.g. I understand that you are looking for people with
     strong analytical and interpersonal skills. I
     believe these traits are demonstrated by the
     academic success, previous work experience and
     active participation in extracurricular activities
     described in my resume. In the summer of 1997,
     I was employed as a Student Research Assistant
     in ABC Research Co. During this period, I
     conducted several research projects, one of
     which was to investigate the .... I carefully
     studied the data and...... My observation
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                                          Covering Letter
•         Leave the way                            open   for   further

e.g. I have included my resume and transcripts for
     your consideration. I look forward to hearing
     from you soon.

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Common mistake:
I have hands-on experience in using major computer

In my final year research project, I used SPSS to
process the statistical data and....
I used Foxpro to store the 500 XXX records that I
collected from the telephone interviews....

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Common mistake:
I am a self-starter with excellent leadership ability. I
believe these qualities will be an asset to your
In my last summer job, I took the initiative to help
the supervisor set up a systemic filing system, ...This
system allows the team to retrieve information
easily and effectively.

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         Basic Knowledge of Resumes
 • Keep it to 1-2 pages
 • Use quality A4 paper and matching
 • Neat and clear presentation
 • Include information that is relevant to
   the job
 • Leave out expected salary unless
                                 asked for
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                 Information to be included
Personal Information
• Include only relevant information (e.g.
  telephone number, address, e-mail)
• Information on your height, weight, place of
  birth, gender, marital status etc is not
• Don’t take up too much space with this

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                 Information to be included
Summary Statement (value adding)

It is useful for employers to have a brief
summary of your strengths, skills and
experience for the job.

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    Information to be included (cont’d)
Summary Statement (value adding)

• It underscores the important message
  in the cover letter
• It repeats the key words in the cover
• It leads into the career objective

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                          Summary - Example 1
An undergraduate at the University of Hong Kong
with a major in Business Administration
(Accounting and Finance). Able to work under
pressure and possess effective communication and
interpersonal skills. Willing to face challenges and
have commitment and drive to succeed. Actively
participated in extra-curricular activities during
University career and enjoy team work. Proficient
in English and Cantonese. Taking Mandarin course
in University. Knowledge of major computer
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                          Summary - Example 2

HKU English major, with particular interest
and strength in creative writing; most
outstanding achievement being the piece of
investigative journalism conducted in Beijing,
aspire to research and analytical work.

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            Information to be included
Career Objective (value adding)

Tell the employer
• what type of job you are looking for,
• what type of industry,
• what skills would you like to apply to his

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                                        Career Objective
me-me trap:
“ A trainee position in a well established
  software house where I can gain experience in
  writing computer documents”
“ A trainee position in a well established
  software house where I can use my background
  in computer science to write computer

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                  Information to be included
 • Start with your MOST RECENT education
   and work backwards
 • Give the name of the University, the title of
   the degree in full, date of graduation and
   final year project title, if relevant
 • Other relevant training courses that you
   have attended

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                  Information to be included
 Work Experience
 • Start with your most recent or most relevant
 • Give the company name, period of
   employment and job title,
 • Describe your duties and responsibilities,
 • Show what your have done rather than simply
   tell (statement of achievements, showing

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                 Information to be included
Extra-Curricular Activities
• Include student activities, committees,
  sports or responsible positions that you have
• Include related achievements,
• Include title, period, statement of
  responsibilities,    and     statement     of
  achievement as with “Work Experience”.
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                 Information to be included

• Include other qualifications that are relevant
  to the company
e.g. language and computer skills

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                               Hobbies and Interest
•     Useful if they are relevant to your career
•     Avoid being too general such as “reading” or
•     Be specific and list achievement, if any
 e.g. reading detective stories, war game strategies,
      literature classics etc.,
       bird-watching and keeping log book of
      species seen,
       hiking, improved from grade __,
       walks to grade __ walks.
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                         Professional Membership
    • If it is relevant to your career objective, put
      it down
    Student Member of
    • the Hong Kong Institute of Bankers
    (Banking posts),
    • he Hong Kong Institute of                Marketing
      (marketing posts).

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                                         Expected Salary
• Leave it out unless it is asked for.
• Do some research and find our what news
  recruits are paid in that industry.
• state a range
?? HK$ 10,000 - HK$20,000
  HK$ 10,000 - HK$12,000

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                                          Resume Format
                                               Contact Numbers
Career Objective
Extra-Curricular Activities:
      (Position, Organisation, Period, Statement of
      responsibilities (use action words to show skills))
      Statement of achievement (showing results)
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                                               Resume Format
• Work Experience
  (Position, Organisation, Period, Statement of
  ies (use action words to show skills))
  Statement of achievement (showing results)
• Hobbies and Interest
• Skills and other qualifications relevant to the
• References (Ideally three referees, not relatives, to
  comment on your ability, character, attitude to work,
• Expected Salary (unless asked for)
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                                               The DOs
    • write the resume yourself
    • make it error free
    • make it look good
    • stress your accomplishments
    • be brief and specific
    • be honest
    • keep it lively - use action words (e.g.
      organised, participated, handled..etc)
    • address to the right person

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                                           The DON’Ts
•      Incomplete Information
•      Poor layout
•      Too fancy/complicated
•      Incorrect dates (e.g. date of birth, year
       of graduation)

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                                               One Final Rule

Remember the 4Ss

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                                         Other Resources
•      The Resume Writing Workbook
•      Write for the job
•      Getting the job you really want
•      Write, giving full details (video)
•      The Miracle Resume (video)
•      Language Centre
•      More .......
                  Careers Library, 3/F, Meng Wah Complex

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• The formats of application letter and
• What the employer expects from your
• What to include in your application?
• How to make your application effective?
• How to get in touch with the CEPC?

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