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									                                      Whittier Roar                              Whittier Mission:
                                                                      Provide a well rounded education, in a safe
                                                                      environment, where students will work as a
                                                                         community of learners to accomplish
                          October 2009                                            educational goals.

                                                                          2009-2010 School Calendar
     Principal’s Corner                                               Oct. 9                 Fall Recess – NO SCHOOL
 Dear Parents,
        Thank you for attending Open House last month.                Nov. 4                 Picture Retakes
 Open House is a wonderful opportunity to find out what               Nov. 11                Veterans Day – NO SCHOOL
 your child will be learning during the year and what their
                                                                      Nov. 13                End of First Trimester
 teacher’s expectations are for homework , academics and
 behavior.                                                            Nov. 23 & 24           Parent/Teacher Conferences – NO SCHOOL
        We are looking for parents who are interested in              Nov. 25, 26 & 27       Thanksgiving Recess – NO SCHOOL
 participating in the PTA this year. The PTA is involved in
 fundraising activities and after hours activities for students
 and parents. For example, last year the PTA organized the
 Fall Festival around October. Parents and students
                                                                                        from the        Health Office
 participated in games, went through a haunted house and                         There is much collaboration and planning
 ate lunch. Fall Festival was on a Saturday afternoon. If                         being done in the state and APS in regards to the
 you are interested in participating in PTA, please contact           H1N1 virus. The new guidance from the CDC recognizes
 the office or Diane Kinnabrew at 255-2008.                           the need to balance the risks of illness among students and
        There is no school on October 9 due to Fall Break.            staff with the benefits of keeping students in school.
                                                                      Currently, the best defense against illness is prevention.
 Have a Wonderful Month,                                              Families, students and school staff can keep from getting
   Cindy Bazner                                                       sick with the flu in three ways:
      Principal                                                       1. Practicing good hand hygiene. Students and staff
                                                                           members should wash their hands often with soap and
                                                                           water, especially after coughing or sneezing. Alcohol
                                                                           based hand sanitizers are also effective.
                                                                      2. Practicing respiratory etiquette. The main way that
                                                                           the flu is spread is from person to person in the droplets
      Standards Based Progress Reports                                     produced by coughs and sneezes, so its important to
As the first 9 weeks comes to an end, it is important to talk about        cover your mouth and nose with a tissue when you
the changes in report cards for our school. We will no longer be           cough or sneeze. If you don’t have a tissue, cough or
using the report card, but instead the Standards Based Progress            sneeze into your hands.
Report (SBPR).                                                        3. Staying home if your sick. Keeping sick students at
                                                                           home means that they keep their virus to themselves
The SBPR is different from the report cards of the past and will           rather than sharing them with others.
take some getting used to. We are excited about the change as the     If your child presents with fever and a cough or sore throat,
SBPRs give more detailed information about student performance        you will be called to pick them up immediately. Sick
and really helps parents understand the areas of need for students.   individuals must stay at home for at least 24 hours after
The new way of rating students is different than we have had in       they no longer have fever or do not have signs of fever,
the past. Attached to the back of this edition of the Roar is a two   without using fever-reducing drugs. Keeping children with a
page document from APS titles “Parents’ Guide to the Standards        fever at home will reduce the number of people who may
Based Progress Report (SBPR).” We highly recommend you take           get infected.
a look at it and become familiar with the new rating system.

At Open House, we handed out grade level standards. These are         For more information, visit www.flu.gov, or call 1-800-CDC-
the standards which teachers will be rating students. If you have     INFO for the most current information about the flu. For
not received a copy of the Parent Friendly standards, you are         more information about flu in our community, and what our
welcome to ask your teacher for a copy.                               school is doing, visit the APS website or the NM
                                                                      Department of Health website. We will notify you of any
                                                                      additional changes to our school’s strategy to prevent the
                                                                      spread of the flu.
                                                                                                                        — October Roar page 2
Whittier Roar                                            October 2009                                                                  Page 2

from the
                                                                                 Counselor’s Corner
Teacher                                                          Dear Parents,
                                                                As some of you might know, Friday, September 18 was my
Hello Whittier Families,                                        last day at Whittier. It is with some sadness that I leave this
My name is Paula Ness, and I am excited to be at Whittier       school and community. Whittier has undergone so many
                                                                changes in the last 8 years. We have experienced
Elementary as the APS Fine Arts Teacher! I will be
                                                                tremendous growth as a community. As for myself, I know
teaching on site for the full school year, providing students
                                                                that Whittier has helped to shape the type of school
with a variety of art experiences. The Art room is located
                                                                counselor I am today. When I first started at Whittier 8
in the Multi-Purpose room on the south side of the school.
                                                                years ago, I was fresh out of graduate school and very
This is a wonderful space for students to learn art in and I
am very happy to have a room dedicated to the creative          inexperienced. This community has helped me grow and
process for the students of Whittier.                           learn to work with so many different individual and cultures
                                                                as well as so many different challenges that we face each
Lessons will focus on learning the basic elements of art.       day. The children of Whittier are truly some of the most
Multi-cultural connection, geography, literacy, math,           resilient children I have ever had the privilege to know.
science and history will be incorporated into many of the       These students are smart, capable and have some of the
lessons, as well as the study of individual artists.            largest hearts I have ever seen. I am sad to leave them. I
                                                                have seen siblings come and go from Whittier and have
Art can enhance the learning process by allowing students
                                                                gotten to know families through the eyes of the children
to make decisions, create and invent, build organizational
                                                                which is a wonderful sight.
skills, observe carefully, experience different materials and
their uses, while developing confidence and self esteem.        Thank you to everyone who helped my along my journey.
                                                                Thank you to the parents who stop at nothing to make sure
If you have any questions or comments, please contact me        their children succeed. Thank you to the staff which does
through the school and I will get back to you as soon as        so many amazing things with your children to help them
possible.                                                       learn. Thank you Whittier!
I look forward to a great year!                                 Respectfully,
Paula Ness, APS Art Specialist                                  Heather Fried
                                                                Professional School Counselor

      BE SAFE & courteous !                                             Everyday Reading Opportunities
                slow down !
                                                                                       Excerpt from “Everyday Reading Opportunities”

    We all need to work together to keep our                    Car trips, errands, and waits in checkout lines and doctor’s offices
     students safe and be good neighbors.                       are all opportunities for reading. Keep books or magazines in
                                                                your car, diaper bag, or backpack to pull out whenever your ‘re
         E c ~ d c                                              going to be in one place for awhile. Even if you can’t finish a
    Remember to practice patience and safety                    book, read a few pages or discuss some of the pictures.
                                                                Encourage older kids to bring favorite books and magazines along
   in the parking lots and surrounding streets.                 wherever you go.
Please remember to use the pick-up/drop-off lane
             on the East side of school,                        Other reading moments to take advantage of throughout the day:
       don’t block our neighbors’ driveways,
      and please don’t park in the bus lanes,                   •   in the morning, before breakfast or getting dressed
                                                                •   after dinner, when kids are relaxed
                    Thank you!                                  •   bath time (with plastic, waterproof books)
                                                                •   bedtime

                                                                Reading opportunities are everywhere you go. Read signs aloud
                                                                to your baby while you’re driving. Ask your preschooler to
                                                                “read” pictures on boxes at the store and tell you
                                                                about them. Have older kids tell you what’s on the
                                                                shopping list.
                                                                                                             — October Roar page 3
Whittier Roar
Banda Bear News                                             October 11, 2009
                                                          September 2009                                                    Page 23

           Everyday Math
      Indian Education Representatives Needed:                       Bandelier Community Bulletin Board
                                                                     Academic Improvement Plans (AIPs)
   The Indian Parent Committee & the APS Indian Education                         • • • • •
          - by Miguel Valdez, 4th vacant, one for
 Committee have two positionsGrade Teacher an at-large parent                 You may have already gone through the Academic
                                                                                   Carpenter/Handyman For Hire
The Everydayfrom for aAlbuquerque student representative. in
                Math Curriculum has been used a student
                     the               community with               Improvement Plan (AIP) with your student, you may have just
      APS and one         high school
                                                                         Framing, “remodel add-ons”, you about it, or you may not
                                                                    had your student’s teacher talk to door & window installation,
here at Whittier Elementary for the past eight years. It is a
  For information, call the Indian Education Office at 884-6392,
                                                                             paint & trim, drywall repair, floor tile, demolition,
                                                                    even know what an AIP is. Regardless of where you fall on the
researched based or visit www.apsied.com. has been
                     approved curriculum that                        yard work & trash hauling. Minor home repairs are our specialty.
                                                                    continuum, here’s some information for you on the process and
                                                                       Honest & reliable. Reasonable rates with excellent references.
 Indian Parent Committee Cluster.
adopted by the whole Highland Meeting Set for Sept. 16:             why.
                                                                                        Please call Avery at 907-4110.
                                                                              Multiple times a year students are given district
Everyday Math uses the spiral method approach tomeeting at
  The Indian Parent Committee will hold their monthly                                              • • • • •
                                                                    assessments that determeine whether or not the students is
learning. The16, in the Ziaparents are encouragedtheattend.
   6 pm, Sept.              Elementary Cafeteria, 440 Jefferson
               spiral method teaches students to material                                          For and math. If a student fails to
                                                                    proficient in the areas of reading Sale!
       NE. All native APS
and then touches on it throughout future units as                   attain proficiency, the student qualifies for an AIP. An AIP is a
                                                                              Twin over twin space saver style bunk bed, desk,
                                                                     bookcase written to help the student attain proficiency by and
                                                                    plan that isand drawers attached; includes 2 twin mattressesthe a
well. Learners may not master the concept the first time            spring. spring. Great price the specific areas of need and addresses
                                                                        box The plan looks at $250. Perfect for families with small
it is covered, but due to the spiral methods they will have         what classroom and home interventions are needed to help the
                                                                              children or to have an extra bed for sleepovers.
other opportunities to learn and utilize the concepts.                                 Call Karen or measurements (called short cycle
                                                                    student. The plan uses specificJohn at 265-2856
                                                                    assessment) to determine progress. •By law, Kindergarten
                                                                                                   • • • •
You can see examples of this method in your child’s math            students are not a part of the AIP process.
journals. In math boxes, the first set of boxes cover the               Gingerbread & Gumdrops Holiday Craft Show
                                                                              Teachers must complete AIPs for students prior of the
                                                                                 Saturday, November 7 • 9:00 AM–4:00 PM
material that has already been covered, the second set of           end of the second grading period. We encourages parents to be
                                                                            Congregational Preschool at 2801 Lomas Blvd, NE.
boxes are material that is currently being covered, and             involved in the writing of the AIP. Most teachers will start
                                                                      Contact Madeline Edgar at 884-8567 or rmedgar@msn.com for
                                                                    talking to you and/or writing the AIP arount Parent Teacher
the last set of math boxes is a preview of what is to come.                          details or to reserve a vendor space.
                                                                    Conference week. Teachers are responsible for contacting you
Everyday Math includes many aspects of everyday life. It                                            the • • •
                                                                    and letting you know about • • AIP. They are required to
brings the student’s prior knowledge into the classroom.                                 Need a Housekeeper?
                                                                    documents their attempts to contact you.
                                                                                           Call if you refuse to sign
                                                                              So what happensMargaret: 842-8614 the AIP or choose
The program uses a lot of manipulatives which are a variety         not to be involved in the process? Well, of course we want our
                                                                                                   • • • • •
of materials that students can physically see and                   parents involved at all times but unfortunately, this do not always
                                                                                            Yard WorkNew Mexico state law says
handle. Students receive a hands-on approach to learning            happen. It is important to note that
                                                                                             Call Jimmy: 859-6744
that is directed by the teacher. Students also get the              that students not attaining proficiency must participate in
                                                                                                   • • • • •
                                                                    academic improvement programs designed by the school district.
opportunity to learn a variety of games that relate to the
                                                                                           Preschool Openings
                                                                    The AIP is written regardless of whether or not a parent signs the
concepts they are learning. The students at Whittier                   Congregational Preschool, in outreach of Again, we want to
                                                                    document and/or is involved an the process. First Congregational
Elementary are enjoying this non-traditional way of learning         UCC at 2801 Lomas required has openings for Four/Five-Year-
                                                                    stress that a teacher is Blvd, NEto make attempts to contact you
                                                                        Old program for the document their attempts. We want you
                                                                    and they are required to2009-10 school year. Our non-sectarian
                                                                      program believes children learn there are not and welcomes all
                                                                    involved in the whole process so through play, suprises in the end.
                                                                               families. Call 265-5749 necessary progress by
                                                                              If your student makes the for more information. the
      Commercial Games That Use Math                                spring, the students will be promoted to the next grade level
                                                                                                   • • • • •
Counting, Adding, and Subtracting                                   without the AIP. If your students fails to make adequate progress,
Chutes and Ladders (3+), Hi Ho! Cherry-O (3+), Sorry! (6+),         there are several options. First, if the student has made attempts
Trouble (5+), Uno (6+)                                                          Art in the School
                                                                    and has made growth, but is just not quite at the level needed, a
                                                                    student can be promoted to the next grade with an AIP. This
Attributes, Patterns, and Geometry
Crazy Eights —traditional card game (4+), Guess Who? (6+), Guess
Where? (6+), jigsaw puzzles, Rummikub (8+), tangrams (5+)
                                                                                 NEEDS YOU!
                                                                    means that the interventions will continue the next year. Another
                                                                    option is to request the student go to summer school. Students
                                                                    who have AIPs written and submitted to the district prior to the
Strategy and Spatial Perception                                      Bandelier’s Art in the School program needs YOU!
                                                                    end of the second grading period, summer school is provided by
The a-MAZE-ing Labyrinth (8+), Battleship (7+), Checkers (3+),               If you are interested recommendation the School
                                                                    the district. A final option is in being an Art in for retention. This
Clue Jr. (5+), Clue (8+), Connect Four (7+), Jenga (6+) , Mancala                    volunteer for your child’s classroom,
                                                                    option is the last option teachers would like to see happen, but
(6+), Memory (6+), Mille Bornes (8+), Othello (8+)                          please contactis the best for the student. It is important to
                                                                    sometimes retention Katy Slota at slotaclan@comcast.net.
                                                                     We that according volunteers for state law if a parent refuses to
                                                                    note especially needto New Mexico the 3rd, 4th and 5th grades.
                                                                     The retention, the student World of Art: Distant grade
                                                                    allow2009-10 Theme is “Awill be prometed to the next Shores”
                        Mexicali Popcorn                              • the AIP. Biography: fails to make adequate progress that
                                                                    withAn HeroicIf the studentAssyria’s Royal Portraits in Relief
        From FamilyFun.com                                            • year, the students will Mask
                                                                    next African Safari: Craft a be retained. No parental approval is
Ingredients: for Children at Bandelier                              necessary. Kuna Women Create a Layered World
                                                                      • Molal
10 cups popped popcorn Mon • 3:15-4:15                                        Our goal and hope is that if your child is in need of an
      French Beginners:                                               • Let’s Explore Modern Painting: Mondrian, Kandinsky,
1 tablespoon Intermediate: Tues • 3:15-4:15
      French taco seasoning                                         AIP, that you are involved every step of the way. We need your
1/4 cup melted butter • 3:15-4:15                                        Frankenthaler and Stella
      German: Tues                                                  help. If you have questions regarding the AIP process, you are
1/4 grated Colby or Cheddar Cheese
      Japanese: Wed • 3:15-4:15                                     Volunteers receive training to present the lessons, and no teaching
                                                                    welcome to ask you students teacher or contact the office. We
       the popcorn in a large bowl. In a &Wed • 3:15-4:15
PlaceSpanish A (2nd-6th Grades): Monsmall bowl, mix the taco                happy to talk to is necessary in order to
                                                                    will be or art experienceyou about the process. participate.
      Spanish the 1st Grades): Wed • 3:15-4:15
seasoning withB (K-butter. Add grated cheese, then stir into the
warm popcorn. Makes 10 cups.
                                                                           You will have as much fun as the kids!
 To register: 505-203-6255 or wordplayforchildren@yahoo.com
                                                                                        — October Roar page 3
Whittier Roar                                October 2009                                              Page 4

5th Grade Student
                                                            Mr. Miner’s Class
                                                    “Here is an Acrostic Poem poem done by one of my 5th
                                                    grade students. She completed this as part of her Genre
Mr. Hedges Class - Can                              Poster. Pairs of students completed a genre poster
                                                    following our genre study that included the following: Genre
you guess what it is ?                              name, Description, Book List, and art/design to go with it. “

     Today I’m going to describe a shirt and
you will draw a picture of it. If you guess it       Nonfiction - By Eleese Bender, 5th Grade
correctly then I described it good. Okay, lets
     It is a yellow shirt. It has a blue upside
down triangle on the front from top to bottom.       Nonfiction is something real
In red, bold letters on the triangle it says
                                                      Over a million books in stores
     On the back of the shirt on the very top in
blue it has a number 10. At the very bottom of
the shirt it says “S. Cabanas.” It you look at       Never will you see a lie in this section
the tip top it says “Coca Cola” in red letters.
The collar is blue and with yellow letters it
says the name of the team. Can you guess              Fiction is fake like a monkey-jumping fly
what team shirt this is? Was it easy or hard?
Were you right?
                                                     I have never seen a monkey in the sky
(Answer: A Club America Jersey)
                             By Eliasib
                                                      Continue to read what lifes about

     It looks like two cones stuck together. It      This genre is so amazing it will make you shout!
has a rough surface. The white line looks like
a zipper. It smells like burnt rubber when you
use it. It is usually brown. It looks like a          In some its people passing away
brown lemon. Some people use it to play
with. Can you guess what it is?
(Answer: A regular football)                         Or people and how they live everyday

                   By Felipe
                                                      Now climb into your tents, and let me show you

                                                     some amazing books!

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