Seventeen UWinnipeg students receive NSERC research awards

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					Seventeen UWinnipeg students receive NSERC research awards
June 8, 2009

WINNIPEG, MB - Undergrads at The University of Winnipeg continue to participate in meaningful
research projects, as 17 UWinnipeg students have been awarded NSERC (Natural Sciences &
Engineering Research Council of Canada) Undergraduate Student Research Awards.

The awards, valued at $4,500 per student, allow students to work on an NSERC-supported
research project for a 16-week period during the summer under the direct supervision of a faculty
member who holds an NSERC Research Grant. Each student does original research in a one-on-
one setting, which gives the student a greater understanding and appreciation of the field of

“These students represent some of the best and brightest young academic minds in the country,”
said Rod Hanley, UWinnipeg Dean of Science. “Each one has a unique research opportunity
this summer that will help kickstart their careers.”

The UWinnipeg students, supervisors and projects are:

        Mark Abotossaway - Jeffrey Martin, Detector calibration system for neuron decay.

        Stephanie Armstrong - Mary Silcox, Research in biological anthropology.

        Tyler Atchison - Athar Ata, Phytochemical studies on Buxus sp.

        Dylan Buhr - Randy Kobes, Quantum information.

        David Capelle - Ed Cloutis, Auto21 patterns of commuting.

        Iain Crump - Terry Visentin, Problems in combinatorial enumeration.

        Rolland Gillies - Jens Franck, Expression and genetic regulation of the RyR2 paralogues
        in zebrafish.

        Andrea Globa - Pauline Pearson, Aging and visual memory.

        Rebecca Hiebert - Doug Goltz, Microsampling and characterization of Iron Gall ink.

        Craig Hutton - Harinder Aujla, Evaluating nociceptin / NOP neurotransmission in alcohol-
        dependent vs. non-dependent rats.

        Cory Kowal - Doug Williams, Timing errors during transmission.

        Claire McKibbin - Craig Willis, Social networks of silver-haired bats.

        Allyson Menzies - Craig Willis, Personality and energetics of mammals.

        Mathias Pielahn - Gabor Kunstatter, Surface gravity for dynamic black hole horizons.

        Benjamin Rogala - Harinder Aujla, Evaluating the effects of chronic unpredictable stress
        on alcohol seeking in rats.

        Alyssa Vergata - Anna Stokke, Irreducible modules in quantum groups.

        Alana Westwood - Jacques Tardiff, The effects of Armillaria root rot disease on the
        radical growth of Picea mariana.