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A004. Park Square. Luton Campus

Date:          Thursday 26th November 2009

Start:         18:15

Present:       Julie Sadlier (President)
               Jodie Lockwood (VP Communications)
               Betasha Case (VP Democracy & Diversity)
               Adam Calvert (VP Education)
               Jay Chinnasamy (VP Union & Community Development)

               Martin Davey (General Manager; meeting secretary)

               13 Student Officers

A maximum of 97 student members attended. The meeting was quorate to start, but
quickly became non-quorate as students left; the point at which this happened is noted
in the minutes.

BC chaired and opened the meeting. Fire instructions were stated.

BC explained that the role of the chair is to ensure fair conduct of meeting.

BC explained that the AGM is the ultimate decision-making body of UBSU. She also
explained how motions work.

The Officers were introduced to the meeting.

BC reminded the meeting of the UBSU Equal Opportunities policies. The importance
of the right to voice opinion was stressed. The meeting was reminded that nobody
could act or speak in a discriminatory or offensive manner or they would be asked to

The meeting expressed happiness with and understanding of the voting cards and


Apologies were received from Faye Biggs (VP Welfare; absent ill) and five Student

Minutes from the previous meeting (AGM 25.11.08.)
The minutes of the previous meeting were considered and approved without

Matters Arising.

There were no matters arising.

President’s report.

JS reported on progress over the past year. The main points being as follow.


     The new executive had two re-elected officers.
     The new year saw changes to the sabbatical officer positions, we lost Welfare
       and education officer and the student activities officer and now have
       VP education
       VP welfare
       VP community and union development
     New members Ashwini Arcot, welfare adviser
     Becky Heard is no longer a welfare and education coordinator but our
       representation and education manager.
     2 new student activity assistants
     Ciaran O’Brian from January will be the Student activities Manager
     We are currently restructuring the senior management role of the SU and in
       the new year we hope to recruit a chief executive, who’s role is developed to
       include the financial, strategic and forward facing demands of a modern
Student Officers
     Following last months elections we now have 10 student officers at each
       campus. With only 4 remaining vacant.

Campus developments

    UBSU looks forward to moving in to the new student centre, where we will
      virtually have our own floor, a new bar/lounge area and new offices for the
      advice centre and sabbatical officers. It s open plan and will maximise
      UBSU’s ability to engage with students.
    Currently there is much work being done to enhance the social space at the
      Polhill Campus. This largely affect the union as it is adjacent to the
      developments. The outcome is that the Students Union will be more accessible
      and have the ability to gain access to more space for UBSU led/ran events.

Commercial partners
    Partnerships with Liquid/envy and Legends are going well.
    New partnership and venue with Saints and Sinners is going well. Partnership
      with pure has not gone well, under the new management they owe us some
      £2100. Possibilities of seeking a new partnership for Monday nights is being

Combined commercial income varies week on week but on average is about £1500
per week.

Freshers week

Both Luton and Bedford Fresher’s weeks went well. The Freshers Angel scheme was
very successful and we would like to again extend out thanks to those that volunteered
and committed so much of their time as they did, helping to settle in the new students
to their Halls of residence and the Towns.
     Across the campuses we had 100 Angels.


Last year saw 250,000 hits on the website.
Continual developments to the website, making it more engaging for students.
Since last year our monthly publication has gone from a 2,000 circulation to what is
now a 3,000 circulation meaning a 50% increase in circulation.
There are now more journalists writing for the blend and whats more important is the
There are now many more students editing the paper whereas last year there were
only 3.

Student representation

       Due to the issues around timetabling we are somewhat behind in the
        recruitment and training of course reps.
       Course rep training will be taking place before Christmas
       The first student council will be on Tuesday 15 December 12 – 2 in Bedford
        and again in Luton 1 – 3 pm.
       UBSU is working with UoB to review and improve the current system.
       Next week will see the Institutions QAA Audit take place. Many students
        have already been and will be involved in this process.
       Last year the SWS ( our chance to say how we see the university) was put
        together mostly by the previous President, we’d like to formally thank him and
        the previous exec for there work.
       UBSU has been invited to ask students a question in the USP questionnaire –
        the focus is feedback.

Priority campaigns

Last year
      Academic facilities – improved LRC Bedford and media
      Bar – University are aware and have promised to include us in the master
       planning for the Bedford campus.
      Rate your land lord – engaged over 800 students and awards are being
       accredited soon
      Integration not segregation – was successful and saw the Democracy and
       diversity officer attend a summit event to combat these problems and is still
      Student finance – educating student about the bursary system.

We have identified 5 priority campaigns for this year
   Democracy campaign
   Feedback campaign
   Engagement, Involvement and Participation
   Mental Health
Most are underway and hope to see some positive changes.

We are also planning to run a series of event leading up to the General election
focusing on the Nation funding campaign and registering student s to vote.

Sports and societies

We have never had so many students taking part in sports and societies.
Last year was the first year that UBSU ran and organised sport it was our most
successful year to date.
We are now providing activities at some of the out-sites.


      We are still running a sexual health clinic and would urge students to use the
       service as last year we almost lost it.
      We will be running a series of welfare campaigns throughout the year.
      Last year UBSU recognised that the provost system was operating outside of
       the regulations, this led to a full review. There are now 4 provosts working
       with the Dean of Students to help deal with student issues.


UBSU is in consultation with UoB in ways on how to improve the living conditions
of Bute Court and to give students a better experience.


We had the second diversity week that was successful.


      Elections – biggest ever turn out 2,300 people voted.
      22 people running for 6 Sabbatical positions.

Successes and future developments

      SUEI – bronze award
      Sports tour April 5th – 11th 2010
      RaG is of to a flying start – Pink party, Movember, anne summers, jail break
      Elections notice is in January, nominations close in February and Voting takes
       place in march
      Varsity will be in the new year
      Xmas ball – 18th December- Jamie Archer confirmed

Particular thanks were given to Freshers’ Angels for their work, especially over the
unexpected pre-Freshers’ week.

There were no questions concerning the President’s report.

Accounts from 2008-09 and budgets for 2009-10.

JS presented the financial reports as follows.


Block grant was        £509,065
Sports grant was       £118,959
Trading income         £125,092
Au subscription        £13,001
Luton com par          £8,406
Beds com part          £6,420
Other income           £38, 426

Total income £         834,214

Total Expenditure      £869,965

Deficit for the year was £35,751 (was £61,250 year before)

Areas of over spend

Bar Net loss           £30, 816 (1/3 down since 2008 £45,056)
Student activities Luton over spent          £21,619
Student activities Bedford over spent        £24,183


Block grant is         £568,000
Sports grant           £125,000
To date (31st Oct) we have made a £600 surplus .

The Bars/entertainment are breaking even.

Merchandise/nus cards/ freshers fayre income – very good.

Student activities are within budget.

Q      Is there a summary of reports for students to read?

BC     Accounts are posted at the AGM. Students can apply to the Students’ Union
       for details.

JS     I am happy to go through these in detail if students visit me.

Accounts and budgets were approved by unanimous vote.

Farid Mazloomian was re-appointed as auditor by unanimous vote.
Constitutional change motion

JS introduced the constitutional change motion as follows.

Proposed by Julie Sadlier
Seconded by Betasha Case

UBSU Notes that
        The current UBSU constitution has many sections which need to be amended
in order to moperate within the law and enable the organisation to register as a charity
under the Charity Act 2006.
        Some of these changes are worded in terms required by the Charity
Commission and must be followed for registration to be approved.

UBSU Thinks that
        The current constitution needs to be amended in order to make UBSU more
effective in the way it operates as an organisation.
        The proposed new constitution, as advertised on the UBSU website, consists
largely of minor or technical changes, but includes four areas requiring further
consideration by this meeting, namely
     Removal of two sabbatical posts: VP Communication & VP Welfare
     Establishment and composition of a Trustee Board
     Abolishment of slates in elections
     UBSU to remain as an unincorporated association

        At this meeting, consider and decide by separate vote on each of the four
above issues.
        Adopt the new constitution as advertised on the UBSU website, as amended in
line with the wishes of this meeting described above.

MD     Explained the meaning of the unincorporated association section.

MD     Explained that the holding of Trustee liability insurance will not involve
       UBSU in any addition expense above its present insurance premiums.

Q      Do you think there is a problem with people not being accessible, especially
       the VP Welfare? This is still a crucial position on the Executive. Staff would
       not be so accountable.

JS     Explained why position should be removed. It would give more people in
       welfare. The VP Welfare is not a trained specialist, so does not do casework,
       just campaigns which are generic and could be done by anyone.

Q      Not heard.

JS     There will still be three people in Welfare. The Officer is not qualified to do
       the job. It is just removal of a Sabb not staff.

Q      Not heard.
JS   The VP Welfare does not do casework. Staff will pass issues to other sabbs to
     raise with the University. Problems can always be taken to other sabbs.

Q    The link between students and UBSU is the basis of communication. It should
     be stronger. Taking this link away would make communications weaker.

JS   UBSU has its own Welfare Advisors.

Q    The communications role is the Blend and website.

JS   We are not giving this to the University; it is staying in UBSU. It removes the
     yearly turnover of sabbs, and instead would be someone who could develop
     things over time. If we didn’t get sabbs with particular skill sets, then the
     newspaper and website wouldn’t happen.

Q    Why is this one point and not considering the two positions separately?

BC   This can be done.

Q    Would the communications person be from inside or outside the University.
     An outside person would not have the same commitment.

BC   It would be treated as any other staff position.

Q    Would less sabbs decrease engagement as these are popular positions in the
     elections? Would this reduce accountability? Would we ever get these
     positions back again if we wanted to?

JS   No, it would increase engagement as it would free up sabb time for
     engagement. People in elections are not necessarily good people to do
     technical jobs. Accountability is not reduced as it becomes more professional.
     Staff are trained and professional and raise issues with sabbs as necessary. It
     would be harder to get sabbs back, but the direction of UBSU may actually
     require them in other roles and locations.

Q    Would the two student editor positions still exist?

JS   Yes.

Q    Would staff cost more?

JS   They get paid more per month, but finances balance overall.

Q    This takes away democracy as the positions would be decided not elected.

BC   That is why it is being discussed here.
The meeting then proceeded to the vote. This was structured in an unusual way in
which every person voted for one of the options presented.

Remove both VP Communications and VP Welfare posts                  21 votes
Remove VP Communications post (keep VP Welfare)                      0 votes
Remove VP Welfare post (keep VP Communications)                     46 votes
Keep both VP Communications and VP Welfare posts                    30 votes

Therefore, the removal of the VP Welfare just reached the 2/3 majority required
(46+21 = 67 out of 97 votes). The removal of the VP Communications position was
clearly defeated.

An amendment to the Trustee Board composition was proposed by JS to increase the
number of Officer Trustees to five, in line with the vote to retain the VP

The amendment was passed by acclamation.

The establishment and composition of the Trustee Board was then passed by

Q      What is the reason behind the abolition of slates as this how you all got in?

JL     Slates can be overpowering to people running as independents and may scare
       people off.

Q      For some people it is an indication of strength being in a team. People should
       have this option.

JC     Individuals bring more strength to the Union.

The abolition of slates was then passed by acclamation.

To remain as an unincorporated association was passed by acclamation without
comment or question.

The new constitution and bye-laws as a whole were then passed by acclamation.
Other motions

Motion 1 – Representation at Bedford Campus (UBSU)

UBSU Thinks
      Students and UBSU is under represented on the Bedford Campus
      There are only 2 members of the Sabbatical team based on the campus
        with one member of part-time staff who will soon be joined by another
        part time staff member once the current Student Activities Coordinator
        leaves at Christmas.
      If the Sabb members and the current SA Coordinator are not on site (for
        whatever reason – meetings etc) then the SU in Bedford closes by 2pm.
      This means that students on the Bedford campus have a short period of
        time with which they can actively engage with the Students’ Union -
        which is for them.

   Get all of the Sabbatical Officers to spend one day every fortnight in Bedford
     engaging with students they do not usually meet on a regular basis.
   Lobby for extra funding to extend various services e.g. Welfare for the
     Bedford campus. This will in turn enable another full time Education and
     Welfare adviser to be employed.
   By doing both of the above, we will keep the Students’ Union open longer for
     more students to engage with their representatives.

Proposed by Adam Calvert
Seconded by Julie Sadlier

Q      What is the ratio of Luton to Bedford students?

JS     About 11000 at Luton and 3000 at Bedford.

The motion was then passed by acclamation.
Motion 2 – Importance of Academic Representation

UBSU Thinks

        That the membership is here at the University of Bedfordshire because they
         wish to enhance their Education.
        UBSU is an independent organisation that can represent students
        Representation is one of the most important aspects of the Students’ Union.
        Sabbatical Officers should campaign/work every year to enhance the student
         learning experience by improving the Course Representative and Faculty
         Representative Systems.
        Improvements on the above points can and should be made annually until it’s


        Ensure that sabbatical Officers are working to enhance the Representation
         Systems in place for its membership.
        Carry out regular reviews to indicate areas that need improvement.
        Ensure that the student voice is being heard by engaging with the membership.

Proposed by Julie Sadlier
Seconded by Adam Calvert

Q        Does this mean that it isn’t happening at present?

JS       It needs support from the AGM.

Q        What are your exact measurable targets?

JS        As a Union sabbs do not do their job effectively in this area. Sabbs can be
         held to account at an AGM or Student Council.

JC       Why, if it is the job description, is another motion required?

JS       It brings the issue to the forefront.

Q        What is the basis for this?

JS       It will provide a mandate to move forward.

Q        Why don’t you do it anyway?

Q        What are the responsibilities of Officers? No-one explains Luton policies.
         Regulations are changed without explanation. There is not enough done on
         academic representation.

Q        If passed sabbs become accountable.

The motion was then passed by acclamation.
Motion 3 – Sabbatical Accessibility

UBSU Thinks

      Sabbatical Officers are elected to represent students of the University of
      Sabbatical Officers should not abuse their role.
      Sabbatical Officers should be accessible to students.
      Sabbatical Officers work outside of normal hours
      Sabbatical Officers are expected to work outside of normal hours
      Sabbatical Officers should be available between the hours of 9 am till 5pm,
       unless there are reasonable mitigating circumstances.


      Make sure that Sabbatical Officers are accessible to students.
      Ensure that Sabbatical Officers are available between the hours of 9 am till 5
       pm, unless there are reasonable mitigating circumstances.
      Penalise Sabbatical officers who abuse their role, unless there are reasonable
       mitigating circumstances.
      Penalisation will be done by using the disciplinary procedures as set out in the

Proposed by Julie Sadlier
Seconded by Adam Calvert

The motion was passed by acclamation.
Motion 4 – Importance of Education

UBSU Thinks

        That the membership is here at the University of Bedfordshire because they
         wish to enhance their Education.
        Education is one of the most important aspects of the Students’ Union.
        Sabbatical Officers should campaign every year to enhance the student
         learning experience.


        Ensure that sabbatical Officers are campaigning to enhance the educational
         experience of its membership.

Proposed by Julie Sadlier
Seconded by Adam Calvert

JC       Are we not doing it now?

JS       Yes, but this means an education campaign every year.

The motion was passed by acclamation.
Motion 5 – Sport Sponsorship

UBSU Thinks
   Sports teams from Bedford and Luton are used and abused by local venues.
   Sports teams on all campuses should be sponsored/supported by companies
     who initially have as little to do with excessive drinking as possible
   This would mean that the sports teams would then have the chance to visit any
     venue they like before going to the designated ‘Official Sports and Societies

   Engage with local companies through the Students’ Activities Co-
     ordinators/Student Activities Administrator/Manager and relative Sabbatical
     Members to see if they (local companies) would be willing to work with the
     Students’ Union by sponsoring the various teams and societies.
   Use pre-existing contacts (within the organisation and university institution) to
     talk to external organisations to see what can be done through there help.
   Improve financially with the support whilst enhance facilities (training
     equipment/clothing – training and match kit) to meet the needs of each
     team/club/society within the Union.

Proposed by Adam Calvert
Seconded by Julie Sadlier

Q      Does that mean there could still be more than one sponsorship?

Q      What do you call excessive drinking? That is down to the individual.

AC     It is to prevent silly drinks offers.

COB (Ciaran O’Brien) Sport is a long-term goal. The point is to take sport more
    seriously. There is a drinking culture that we are trying to move away from.

Q      Allows teams to get sponsorship from other places and some people do not
want to go to sponsor’s bars.

The motion was passed by acclamation.
Motion 6 – Keep Wednesdays Free FULL STOP

UBSU Thinks
   No lectures should take place on Wednesdays due to sports commitments.
   At present that this does not happen and this negatively affects sports players
     for home and away trips.

   Campaign to ensure that any/ all lectures (seminars and workshops included)
     on Wednesdays are finished by 11am.
   This will allow reasonable time to attend away trips.

Proposed by Raj Kambli
Seconded by Ciaran O’Brian

The motion was passed by acclamation.
Motion 7 – Funding for Sports

UBSU Thinks
   There is currently not enough funding for sports teams.
   Last year the football 4th team was dropped from BUCS. There needs to be an
     increase in not just football teams but a further range of sports and activities.
     This in itself will attract further students to the university and enhance the
     profile/ status of the university.

   Lobby for an increase in sports/ societies funding for future years. A figure
     that needs to be increased year on year especially when considering the rise on
     students attending.

Proposed by Raj Kambli
Seconded by Ciaran O’Brian

The motion was passed by acclamation.
Motion 8 – Gym Facilities

UBSU Thinks
   Students do not currently have discounted access to gym facilities.

UBSU will
   Work to obtain availability for the university gym facility within the sports
     department. And ensure that it is open for a significant number of hours each
   This will be done at an affordable rate.
   In addition, 2 or 3 local gyms should be approached to offer further discounts
     to AU members.

Proposed by Raj Kambli
Seconded by Ciaran O’Brian

Q      Why is it only for AU members?

RK     Gym is not large, so teams take priority.

Q      There should be a discount for all students.

RK     Discount could apply to all students.

Q      Should be available to AU members, but would be better for all students.

JS     Proposed amendment that this motion only applies to Luton.

JS     Proposed amendment that this should be available to all students.

Q      There should be free membership of a gym.

JS     It will not happen. The University investment would be too high. We can
       campaign for reasonable fees.

Q      Proposed amendment that this should be expanded to gym and leisure
       facilities, not just gym facilities.

The motion, including the three amendments above, was passed by acclamation.
Motion 9 – Sabbatical Officer Personal Career Development

UBSU Thinks

        Sabbatical Officers should have the opportunity to spend time on personal
         career development.
        That it’s important that Sabbaticals stay engaged in their careers.
        This time should not interfere with their work as a Sabbatical.
        This time should not constitute for more than 10% of their Year as a
         Sabbatical Officer.
        This time should be well documented and evidence provided to the Chief Exec
         and other Sabbatical officers.


        Allow Sabbatical Officers up to 10% of their Sabbatical year to be spent on
         personal career development.
        Support Sabbatical officers with personal career development.
        Take Sabbatical Officers that abuse this time for personal career development
        Penalise Sabbatical Officers inline with disciplinary procedures as set out in
         the constitution for abuse of this time.

Proposed by Julie Sadlier
Seconded by Jodie Lockwood

Q        Doesn’t this conflict with earlier motion about working nine to five?

JS       This would fall under mitigating circumstances.

COB Sabbs get a lot of training to do their job, and also to teach skills for later life.
    Shouldn’t anything more be in your own time?

JC       Sabbs are allowed to take University courses up to 30 credits.

COB But 10% of time will not be spent on the job. Will you take a 10% pay cut.

JS       In 6 months time I will not be a sabb. I need to think about my future, eg time
         off for interviews.

COB You are paid to do a job; not to spend time on yourself.

JS       But what about the extra hours sabbs do? I do about 60-70 hours a week.

COB That is your personal decision. I ask for what training I need for my job, not
    for what I do next. We are paying you 10% for nothing.

Q        It would be a slap in the face to students. It is up to individuals to do extra
         things in their own time. You should manage time better.
RK        How does the SU benefit from this?

JS        We are also members of UBSU. We will take time off for interviews. There
          should be an allowance for this.

The chair attempted to take the issue to vote.

JS overruled the chair to make the additional point that there is already the potential
for sabbs to take 30 credits with the University.

The motion then proceeded to vote.

For: 18          Against: lots.

The motion fell.
Questions to the Executive

Q     As sabbs you run the SU and Student Officers help. I feel that sabbs are not
      there enough to support Student Officers in their activities. Where is your

BC    The Effectiveness Initiative set up support for Officers. I was late setting up
      the Officer training. This has now taken place and you are now aware of
      support available from sabbs and staff.

Q     If you were there we would have got more at events. You should be
      promoting, supporting and attending events.

BC    We will take this on board. I take responsibility for the late training.

JS    It will be raised with the Executive. It’s for them to deal with.

Q     As AGM is not quorate, how are decisions analysed?

BC    What is passed is taken to the Executive for ratification.

JS    The Executive will discuss. Where there was a clear majority, this will be
      followed and ratified.

Q     What is the Executive?

JS    The monthly meeting of the sabbs.

Q     When will we see changes?

BC    The Executive meeting is on Monday. Things will start happening depending
      on how it fits into the calendar, like elections.

JS    An action plan will be produced and put on the website where it can be

BC    These can be discussed at the Student Council.

Q     On the gym motion, will anything happen at Bedford?

BC    At the Student Council you can pass motions to do things that you want to see

Q     People don’t feel comfortable coming to the SU. Is there a way to change the
      attitudes of people there?

BC    As representatives we are here for all students. Staff should be the same. You
      should come to see us if you have a problem. There are procedures we can
JS     You should speak to people about issues. If there is a problem with an
       individual, talk to them.

Q      Is it going to be with discretion?

BC     Clubs & Societies can go to the Student Activities Manager. If not happy you
       can go to sabbs. We are happy to deal with things in confidence.

Q      Not everyone has access to the website. What other forms of communication
       are available? You don’t come to us, you need to reach out to people about
       what UBSU is about. You sit down indoors. You need to ask what people

General applause from the meeting.

JS     We can put stuff in the Blend. Every student has access to the website. We are
       trying to address other issues through GOAT/GOAL campaign. We can only
       spend so much on events.

Q      I am not sure how well integrated the student body is. Lots of black people
       won’t go to the Christmas Ball because of the act. It was raised at the last
       AGM and nothing was done.

BC     I have been here since 2004 and the Union has developed massively. More
       societies were created and more international students have run for election.
       Diversity Week brings people together. Things are happening. People need to
       want to get involved.

Q      I raised the issue of lack of engagement as there are ethnicities that will not
       mix. I was not satisfied with halls as they are not socially vibrant or provide a
       space to engage.

BC     A campaign last year had various things happening. Integration in classrooms
       cannot be forced. We can only hope to break down barriers. We have
       addressed issues with the University, but change won’t happen quickly.

JS     There is a wide range of activities in Freshers’ week to get people involved.
       There is a facility, but it needs people to come to make it vibrant. Societies can
       put on events that they want. The University has acknowledged problems with
       accommodation and is waiting for the tender for the new building on Vicarage
       Street which will be better.

Q      As RaG Officer, if there is an event we will do what we can, but we need
       people to get involved with different ideas. We will do our best to put things

Q      You don’t go out to tell people what is available.
Q       Last year we started a University Halls Group with meetings to deal with
       problems and talk to each other and Hall Wardens. This has developed into
       group events. This could be taken forward at other places.

Q      We have a lot of people who are non-ambulatory. When the advice centre is
       closed it is difficult to access people on the first floor.

Q      There is no 24 hour library which is a major issue. It should open 24 hours.
       University should be approached on this.

Q      The best way to integration is pride in the institution. Spectators at sports
       games would help.

COB Students are welcome at home fixtures and can travel to away fixtures. Times
    need to be promoted. Teams are themselves very diverse, especially in Luton.

Q      Why do we pay so much for parking in Bute Court and yet have to be back by
       11 pm? We should get rid of the rule that we have to be back by 11 pm.

BC     We are meeting accommodation tomorrow to discuss issues.

       There was then an unstructured discussion about whether people were made
       aware of AGM and how to write motions.

Q      If students have issues with sabbs being not equipped for their role what do we
       do? What is there for a student who is not happy with sabbs?

BC     Explained democratic structures that allow students to discipline sabbs.

Q      Posters for the AGM at Bedford went up past the date for motions. They need
       to go up early and give more information.

BC     We will take this on board. The room took a long time to book.

Q      Why do you need a pass to get into the library? It is awkward if you don’t
       have it.

JS     Security. It is University policy to hold ID cards at all times.

Q      The present gym only has a capacity of 20. It needs to be big enough for all to

Q      I work behind the bar at the SU. If you have problems you can ask the bar
       staff. You can all come and use the space, but I don’t see many people there.

Q      Funding for sports needs to be shared equally. It is difficult to get teams

JS     It will be considered.
COB It is difficult because different teams require different things. Five new sports
    started last year and two more this year. This is not covered by funding
    making it difficult. The Sports Strategy Group is providing a forum to develop
    funding. The new Student Activities Manager will focus on strategy. We may
    be able to support more teams this year.

Any Other Business

Q      International students are concerned about the finance department in the
       University. We will raise a petition. They are disrespectful. There is a lack of
       feedback and it takes a long time to tell people what are their fees and this
       leads to people being excluded. Students are charged admin charges without
       permissions. This needs to be taken to the University.

BC     We will take this on board.

Q      I got no joy from UBSU, despite approaching BC about this.

Q      Motions had a deadline. How can I get anything taken forward?

BC     We are a democracy and I held a motion writing workshop. We would help
       you. We will definitely consider any motion that had a majority. You can write
       motions to the Student Council and I urge people to do so.

JS     Student Council motions cannot be constitutional.

Q      Do we have to wait until next year?

BC     No they can be taken to the Student Council termly.

Q      There is now a £750 charge for late coursework. Previously it was free and
       people were given a D-. Now it is £750 and people still get a D-. Where does
       this money go?

JS     Registration has sent an email to everyone about this. This is a new
       development and we raised it with the University. If students do not hand in
       assignments, then HEFCE classify them as non-completers and the University
       does not get its money from HEFCE. However, there are problems with
       implementation and mitigating circumstances.

End: 21:20

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