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									Marking student assignments

        Select the Assignment Dropbox from Instructor Tools on Teach Tab.

        You can view Submitted, Not submitted. Graded or All assignments by
        selecting the appropriate tab.

        Choose whether to view All assignments or a specific assignment by selecting
        from the View by drop-down list and clicking the Go icon.

        To view submissions click the Submitted tab
          Click the title of the submission that you want to review
          1. Click the ActionLinks icon next to the assignment title
          2. Click Review Submission

        The following options are available:
        - return the submission to the student or group and ask them to do further
           work. The student needs to resubmit the assignment before the due date
        - save the submission and review it later. This option is useful if you want
           to release all graded assignments after marking is complete
        - grade the submission and return it to the student or group
        - if the submission does not require a grade, mark it as complete

        Comments about the submission can be viewed:
        - Under Most Recent Comment, the most recent comment relating to this
          submission appears. This comment could be one entered either by you, the
          student or group
        - To view all comments associated with a submission, click View Previous

        When an assignment is returned to a student for further work, comments
        should be entered in the Add Comment text box.

        For assignments where file(s) are being returned to students the Electronic
        Assignment Submission and Marking Policy (which can be found at provides the
        following advice:
        “… Unit Coordinators should ensure that they upload and return the correct
        assignment, and not mistakenly send one belonging to another student. This
        can be avoided by including the student name in the document title.”

        Complete fields as appropriate
        Click Save
To download several assignments:
   - tick the box beside each assignment
   - select Create Printable View
   - select Save to File

All the assignments are combined into one zip file and the file is saved in the
Content Manager.
    - click the link to the zip file
    - save the zip file to your computer and then open it

Alternatively access the zip file as follows:
   - select Build view
   - select File Manager
   - select My Files
   - click the ActionLinks icon beside the file name
   - select Download
   - click Save

PC users – use Winzip to unzip the downloaded file. Each file will be listed
with the student’s name as part of the Path.
Mac users – a separate folder will be available for each student with their
file(s) in it.

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