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                                QUICK START GUIDE
Welcome to MarketScan, this guide will show you the basic user functions and some examples of how
you can successfully implement this powerful software into your investing or trading style. Please note,
the full abilities of MarketScan are extensive, this guide is purely a handy quick start reference to get
you started.

The first step in starting MarketScan is to obtain a User Name and Password from Paritech, if you
already have this, you will be prompted to enter this when starting the program. To commence, you
must be connected to the Internet. Once the program successfully recognizes your User Name and
Password it will commence a count down process leading to the number 9 at which point the screen
below will appear:

1 TAB's to take you to varying Functions              4 Information Window
2 Folders, your Personal Folders                      5 Operation Buttons
3 Paritech preset folder

To start, left mouse click on the Paritech Searches button. You will
notice a list of predefined searches for your immediate use. Some of
these may be separated by folders, you can open each folder by
simply clicking on the folder + sign. To start a predefined search or
to open a list, you left mouse click on the search of interest, high
lighting it and then click on the Run Search button. To view the
criteria of this search simply click on the Edit Search button and you
will see a new window where the search criteria is displayed and can
be modified.
The results of any search will be displayed under the List tab as seen below. There are numerous
functions you can now apply to this list as described here:

1 Add/Delete securities                               4 Add more info
2 Filter Securities                                   5 Sort in Ascending or Descending order
3 Display a company report                            6 Copy to Clipboard (to paste into Excel or similar)

When you are viewing a selection of stocks in the List tab, you can chose any security by clicking on
the Symbol and then view the companies report covering information such as Security, Company,
Principle and Business Summary description, list of key Personnel, Price, Fundamental, Financials,
Dividend, Technical Analysis and Price History by clicking on the Display Report button.

Creating your own Searches or List is as simple as 1,2,3. From the
Main tab, select the New Search button. This will open the
Search tab and allow you to create searches meeting your
Personal criteria. Alternatively, you can choose a predefined Paritech Search, then select Edit Search
and make any changes to the predefined Search.

When the Search Tab is open, you will see the window below. Follow these steps to create and run a

1 Select an option here
2 Select an operator
3 You will note other functions allow you to sort the results, or limit the number of securities to view
4 Select a field or enter a value
5 Then Add this Criteria
The number of criteria you can add is unlimited. To enter a value, for example 10%, just enter the
number 10. When searching for words in a companies Business Summary, or Key Personnel, simply
select the field, enter the ‘=’ operator and then enter the word within a wildcard parameter, example

Here, you will see an example search created using the
1,2,3 approach, with varying options covering - price,
technical, fundamental, financial, business summary,
personnel and volume criteria. Note, this is only an example

You can save this search by selecting the Save Search
button at the bottom right hand corner of the Search page.
This will save the search to MarketScan.

                   My Searches and Lists folder in the Main tab . To run the search select the Run
                   Search button also in the bottom right hand corner of the search page and you will
                   be taken to the List tab where the securities, meeting your search criteria, will
                   display once the search is completed. Typically 3-5 seconds.

                     Having successfully created a new search, and viewed the search results in the List
                     tab you can now follow the process previously described to sort, filter, add
                     information, or select a security and view its report. Once you have prepared the list
                     in the fashion which you would like to maintain, you can now save this list by
selecting the Save List button in the List tab. This list will now be updated and saved in the My
Searches and Lists folder for you to review at any time with fully updated information. Or, you can
save this list to Excel by selecting the Copy to Clipboard button if desired.

Paritech’s MarketScan powerful search function allows you to build searches and tailor lists combining
dozens of fundamental and technical criteria. Once completed your searches and watch lists can be
saved for ongoing review. Obtain a detailed report on any stock you choose. Tailor profiles to match
your personal investing style.

* Powerful predefined searches                      * Identify market trends
* Create watch lists instantly                      * Monitor stock performance
* Fundamental profiles                              * Technical analysis criteria
* Screening abilities                               * Create tailored lists

Most investors want to buy into the better performing areas of the market. But the question everybody
wants answered is "which areas of the market are currently moving and which ones are not" .
For many years traders have used a technique called "Relative Strength Analysis" to help them gauge
activity levels in the market. This technique involves a comparison of the "relative performance" of one
sector of the market against all others and results in a performance ranking from best to worst. Once
known, traders look to use this information to make better informed decisions.

The introduction of MarketScan will give investors access to the same information
professional's use in their day to day trading. MarketScan comes with a series of pre -
programmed scans, including a Sector Index Performance scan, which is will rank the performance
of all ASX S & P Indices over the last three months. And how easy is it to run this scan? Well, lets walk
through the steps and see…

To run the Index Performance scan we simply highlight the criteria we want and click on "Search"
from the menu in the bottom pane:

Having done this MarketScan will then display results:
And its that easy. Now lets look at the results – as we pan left to right we can see the Index symbol,
Index name and its three month percentage change. Moving down the list we can see the Indexes have
been ranked by their relative performance from strongest to weakest.

Next we might want to know which stocks make up some of the better performing Indices. For the
purpose of this exercise, lets assume that we believe that the Retail sector will out perform the broader
market over the coming twelve months and therefore we want to further our research of stocks in this

So lets see how we identify which stocks make up an Index. To do this we simply go back to the Main
Menu screen and select the "Rank Shares in Industry by Performance" scan
Once selected, The List screen and Index menu window appear and you are asked to click on the drop
down menu and select Retail. Having done this click on ok and MarketScan will compile a list of stocks.

We can now see the relevant stocks, as listed by their ASX code, name and their three month
percentage price change.

We can now fine tune our list further by focusing our attention on only those stocks within the Retail
Sector that have increased in value more than five percent over the last month. We should also get a
sense of the most recent closing price of these stocks and volume.

To do this we select Add Column, and then select these criteria from the drop down menus. Once he
have done this these Columns will have been augmented to our List.

So lets review what we have done. Using MarketScan we have gained an insight into what areas of the
market are exhibiting positive short term momentum and which areas are not. With this in mind, we
have focused our research on stocks which we believe are in a sector that will outperform the broader
market over the coming months. Having done this we have also confirmed the short term momentum of
these stocks, and finally profiled information concerning the price of these stocks and their most recent

To summarise, in a few short minutes we have used MarketScan to obtain an overview of what
areas of the market are performing, and from there isolated a list of prospects that may meet our
investment criteria.

Finally, lets see how we can get a detailed report on any company in the data base. To do this we
simply click on our “Report” icon and this takes us to our Report Display screen. From here all we need
to do to generate a detailed report is to type in the ASX code of any listed company. In this instance we
will type in BHP and click on "Report".
Reports are designed to give investors an overview of the most recent financial data on a company.
They cover:

        Security Information (security description)
        Company Information (Industry Group and Sub-Group)
        Price Information
        Latest Fundamental data (Earnings Per Share, Asset Backing)
        Dividend details; and
        Price and Volume Studies

Important information at the touch of a button.

Use MarketScan's powerful formula language feature to generate detailed searches or lists by utilizing a
combination of data from the Fundamental and Technical criteria list. One of the great features of
MarketScan is that you can save any formula that you have created for future or for modification to help
you pinpoint winning opportunities

Utilize over 60 market data fields to refine and filter multiple conditions. Define your personal investment
criteria and have MarketScan quickly search the full market for opportunities which meet that criteria.
The formula language provides you with an unlimited array of prospects.

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