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									                                 Making DreamsHappen
    Young Australians living in rural and remote areas foundation quite a straight forward process' says
 arejust astalentedand ambitiousastheir counterparts Jocellin. 'With an established       constitutionthat all local
 living in metropolitancenters. However, when they educationfoundationsmust embracein order to be a
 come to making crucial decisionsabout their future member,we alsoprovide many of the resources                needed
 post high school, with issueslike commuting vast to run a local foundation'.
 distances further study or work, coupledwith the           In addition to her role as CEFA s ExecutiveDirector,
 associated  costs,it can be daunting. Sometimes    the Jocellin sits on the Narrabri Education Foundation
financial, emotional and social issues involved in committee. 'I have been a part of the committee
moving from homepreventsomefrom realisingtheir for 4 years and can't tell you how much enjoyment
dreams.                                                  and satisfactionI have gained from my involement.
   Enter the Country Education Foundation of Anecdotal evidenceindicatesthat approximately70%o
Australia.                                               of our recipientsfilter back to rural communitiesover
   For the last 14 years CEFA has been making time and this is a wonderful remedy for reversingthe
career and further education dreams come true for brain drainin ruralAustraliaanda smartway ofbuilding
many young Australiansin rural and remote areas. strongereconomicallyviable communities.                 The reward
A registeredcharity with gift recipient status,CEFA is most definitely in seeingyoung peopleblossomand
has 20 community foundationsaroundAustralia and succeed            and for a community to have helpedmake this
is growing rapidly. Togetherthey work with rural happenis a greatthing'.
and remotecommunitiesto establishlocal education
foundation, and to ensurethe successof each new            Below are bios of threeof our recipientswho wanted
foundation, CEFA matcheslocal funds raised over to sharetheir stories.
the first 3 yearswith up to $10,000. 'But the supporl                                         P hoto courtesy of Noelene

doesn't stop there' says Jocellin Jansson,CEFA s                                              McCoy

Executive Director. 'We work with each local
educationfoundation to assist in many other ways                                                 Tyrone Hobday
such as developingpartnerships      with universitiesto                                       went to Narrabri
match grantsthat recipientsreceive from their local                                           High School in
communities,providing part or fully funded access                                             NSW and won
to studentleadership   campsto assisting  with efncient                                       many awards over
and effectivefund raising'.ideas.                        the yearsfor his achievements agriculture. He had a
   Monies raisedby each local educationfoundation naturalflare with helping to managethe school'scattle
areusedto supportthe further education     andvocation stud,somethinghe really loved.
goals of students  leaving high school. Students   who     'I really liked ag at schooland was thinking of going
without this assistance   may not have the necessary     to ag college,but I didn't know if what I imaginedit to
financial resources make it happen,or who needa be would actually was it was'. Not havinggrownup
                     to                                                        be
helping hand to easethe financial burden associated on a farm, Tyronethoughthe shouldget somepractical
with transitioning into some vocations or further experience           first, 'so a matehelped me find a job on a
study. Jocellin says 'the beauty of CEFA is that it cattle stationup in Richmond,far norlh Queensland.I
allowsyoungpeopleto achieve      their studyor vocation thought this soundedlike a great experienceand the
dreamswhen they otherwisemay not havebeenable perfect way to see if farming was what I thought it
to'. In addition to this, Jocellin addsthat 'recipients would be and really wanted to do. Being a Jackeroo
have often commentedon the impact that receiving on Rainscourt Station has been the perfect start for
a grant has made. Not just that it has easedsome me. Rainscourtis a medium sized stationso we get to
of the strain for themselvesand their families, but do a wide variety of work which is great, everydayis
alsowith the grant comesthe message      that the whole different and you never stop leaming'.
of the community is behind them, backing them              'My boss, Mick McCoy is a great guy and a really
and wanting them to achieve. This is an incredibly good role model. He has such a positive attitude and
powerful thing, it builds their confidence,  self belief hastaughtme so much already'.
and determination'.                                        'Having the support from the Narrabri Education
   'We havemadeestablishins local CEFAeducation Foundation
                               a                                       was fantastic,it helpedme a lot finarrcially.

IuIy 2007                                                    20                                             Pedals
                                        Making DreamsHappen (cont)

I had to buy quite a bit in preparationfor my job up               "My employer and I went to the TAFE here in Port
here, things work wear, footwear and then I had the              Lincoln and had a talk to them about arrangrng a
cost of the trip up here. The funds camein so handy              Traineeship.  They didn't have any coursesat the time
and it took a lot of stress Mum andDad. I was really
                          off                                    involving any diving, so we took an existingCertificate
appreciativeof the funds and grateful to my community            Three inAquaculture and modified it to suit my needs.
for helping me out. By assisting ffie, my community              We incorporated the diving course as well as all the
made my dream a reality. I love what I'm doing and               diving I do for the abalonefarm. . ...30% of my course
really I'm achieving.I feel really grateful'.                                        is
                                                                 is diving and70%o on shore."
                                                                   To dive commerciallyJeremyneededto completean
                  JessicaWeekesis from Yass,NSW and              S-weekdiving courserun aspart of theAustralianDiver
                is studying a Bachelor of Medicine and           Accreditation Scheme.To assist Jeremy the Eudunda
                Surgery at JamesCook University.                 District Country Education Foundation helped cover
                  "Everyone has potential and everyone           the cost of his accommodationand meals whilst he
                has dreams.There are multiple reasons            completedhis course. "A lot of
                that people don't realise these dreams,          studentsI guessdon't realisethe
r y , . . , ' ' ,.,.4n d u n fortunate1ymoneyisasign if ic a n t o p p o rt u n it ie s a n d t h e ra n g e o f
  ;r,1.*,,ffi          factor. The Yass District Education jobs that are available. Probably
                       Foundation plays a significant role in a lot of them don't look because
assisting         me with the costs of necessities going to it's ratherexpensive shift out of
                                                    of                                         to
university." Jessicasaid, "A big part of the support town, live away from home. ....
is someone saying you are doing a good job, keep But to get a job like I have there
going .... We are proud of you and you are making a is a lot of money that you have
difference. .... You are also letting the family realise to put up front. .... the Country
their dreams.My Mum and Dad never considered               that Education Foundation is highly important, it gives
this fgoing to university] was even conceivable. the peoplea chanceto do what they want to has
future I think there          is always a tendencyto move back given me a huge head start and it's going to get me a
to a placecloseto home,so I would not mind going to lot of experiencerather quickly. My boss has said to
Orangeand do my internship.... I'm still very rural. me quite a few times that at the end of my two year
. ... if I do becomea GP it will haveto be a remoteGP Traineeship                  he'd like me to run a dive teamand I'd love
as I like to do everythingmyself                                 to give it a go!"
                                                                    Jocellin will be speaking at the National ICPA
   Jeremy Mathews went to high school in the South conference Adelaide in August. in
Australiantown ofEudundaandduringwork experience Ifyou areinterested learningmore               in               aboutestablishing
gained his recreationaldiving certificate. Half way an educationFoundation for your community please
through Year I I Jeremy managed to secure further contactJocellin on 1300 652 144 or email ceo(aicef.
work experiencewith Kasandi in Port Lincoln, who
then offered Jeremy a job working as part of their
maintenance           crew.                                      Photos of Jessica ctndJeremv courtesv of Multi-Locus

        CoNCoRDTA      CoLLEGE
     A Christian Co-educationalDay and Boarding SecondarySchool of the Lutheran Church of Australia .:,w
                  incorporating Martin Luther Primary and Concordia Primary Campuses.
   ConcordiaLutheranCollegeand it's campuses    seekto provide educational
  ALL studentswho wish to learn and grow in a caring Christianenvironment. is a community
 where peopleare valued and clearbehaviouralexpectations upheld.Come and experience
                                                         are                             this
            boardingschoolthat offers a focuson studentindependence,
  exceptional                                                         responsibilityand real
                  Contact our Registrar Mrs Anne Antonio on (07) 4688 2700
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Iuly 2007                                                                                                            Pedals

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