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					                                          The Complete HP
                                          Latex Printing Solution

The HP Designjet L25500 can print on all your
favourite eco-solvent media substrates
Celmac supply a wide range of latex printable media. Products from Mactac, 3M, HP, Avery,
Kodak, Orafol and many others are certified by HP for compatibility. Products including banner,
paper, self adhesive vinyl, wallpaper, canvas, and polypropylene can be printed on the HP
Designjet L25500 Printer.
For more information on media compatibility, please visit

Application made easy
From trade show signage, exhibition graphics, point-of-purchase displays, fabric displays and wall
murals inside to banners, light boxes, vehicle graphics, billboards, and building wraps outside, HP
Latex Ink printing solutions will assist you to win new business.

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                                                                                                          by Celmac
                                          The Complete HP Latex Printing Solution

                                                        HP Designjet                                          Which RIP is right for your business?
                                                        L25500 Printer Series                                 The success of printing with the new L25500 is to a large degree with your choice of RIP.
                                                                                                              The printer is driven by the RIP alone and therefore the ease of Profiling, Calibration, Color
                                                        Offer outdoor and indoor application versatility      Management, Workflow and Product Print Selection is a key consideration in making the right
                                                        with print-quality and display permanence             choice of RIP for your business.
                                                        comparable to low-solvent printers.                   The HP Designjet L25500 Printer Certification Program. This ensures that users can depend on the
                                                        Reduce the impact of printing on the                  compatibility and integration of the Certified RIP and Workflow solutions provided by the leading
                                                        environment and attract the attention of              suppliers with the corresponding hardware systems from HP. The coveted Certification is awarded
                                                        environmentally conscious customers.                  exclusively to those products that have been rigorously tested on the basis of the criteria
                                                                                                              stipulated by HP and that have achieved the required test results.
                                                        1.   User-replaceable printheads
                                                                                                              Celmac has two RIP solutions available, both being Certified by HP, ONYX and ColorGATE.
                                                        2.   Comes with take-up reel included                 Todate, ColorGATE is the only RIP to be awarded a perfect score by HP.
                                                        3.   Completely dry prints right out of the printer
                                                        4.   Optical Media Advance Sensor and Optical         Certified for HP    Printing      Calibration   HP Media   Media         HP Professional   Printer     Job
                                                             Drop Detector                                    Designjet L25500    Performance                 Support    flexibility   PANTONE           Reporting   management
                                                        5.   Speed up to 22.8 m2 /hr                                                                                                   Emulation
                       5              4                 6.   Embedded Web server                              ONYX                                               (9)
                                                                                                              (V7.3.2 build 29)
                                            2           7.   Low service and maintenance costs

                                                                                                              ColorGATE                                          (9)

                           HP Latex Inks
                                                                                                              5.40 build 2797)

                           Water-based HP Latex Inks need no special ventilation. They also
                           require no hazard warning labels and are non-flammable and non-
                           combustible, all of which may help to reduce storage, handling, and                                                        The Productionserver 6 from ColorGATE presents 2 editions, having
                           waste disposal challenges. Furthermore, the inks contain no Hazardous                                                      been customized for use with the new Latex HP printing Systems.
                           Air Pollutants (HAPs). All of this can help to create a better working                                                     •	 PS 6 HP L25500 Best-Price Edition
                           environment.                                                                                                                  Includes Productionserver 6 PRO with 1 queue, 1 RIP process and 1
                                                                                                                                                         Printer Driver.
                                                                                                                                                      •	 PS 6 HP L25500 Producer Edition
                                                                                                                                                         Is additionally equipped with another RIP process for optimal capacity
Installation, Service & Support                                                                                                                          utilization. Also included is an integrated Profiling solution and Ink
                                                                                                                                                         Saver technology.
When you purchase a HP Designjet L25500 Latex printer from Celmac our fully trained in                                                                Production Server 6 features Ink Saver Technology - the new
house technicians install and train you on every aspect enabling you to start production. We                                                          Ink Saver Technology exclusive to ColorGATE that uses GCR-
ensure you are competent in using and maintaining your latex printer, capable of operating                                                            optimized device link profiling to reduce ink costs by up to
your RIP and printing on the media of your choice. After that the service of your HP Designjet                                                        30%. Sophisticated algorithms for the calculation of the color
L25500 latex printer is taken over by HP technicians.                                                                                                 separation guarantee a substantial reduction in the amount of
In addition to the standard 1 year HP Factory Warranty, options are available to extend the                                                           ink, particularly for vividly colored processes and needless to say,
warranty on your HP Designjet L25500 latex printer. Please see below.                                                                                 without any loss in quality, even under the most intense scrutiny.
                                                                                                                   New ink saver module               CCM, Cost Calculation Module makes it possible to precisely
US219E                           Increases Total Warranty to 2 Years    Next Business Day Support                    from Colorgate..                 determine how high the savings will be before you print, right
US218E                           Increases Total Warranty to 3 Years    Next Business Day Support               “Save on your bottom line”            down to the last picoliter.
US217E                           Increases Total Warranty to 4 Years    Next Business Day Support                                                     ColorGATE: Voted ‘BEST RIP SOLUTION FOR WIDE FORMAT
US216E                           Increases Total Warranty to 5 Years    Next Business Day Support                                                     PRINTING’ by the European Digital Press Association.

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