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    Wind and Solar energy are the best possible renewable energy sources and most people do not know that their
          entire house could be run on wind and solar energy modules they can make at home themselves!
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                                                 What Are Home Solar Power Units?
                                                                By Jay Jayesser

   When you think of solar powered homes you think of a home totally powered by state of the art
expensive solar panels but that need not be the case. Solar power is now becoming less expensive
these days and is more popular than ever.

 Solar electric systems are also known as photovoltaic or PV systems and are reliable and
pollution-free. They take their power from a free and renewable source of energy that has been with us
since the beginning of time – The Sun. Home solar power solutions are becoming more and more
affordable over time for providing solar home power. Dont worry because you don’t have to fork out
hundreds of dollars to get started.

How Does It Work?

 Well solar home energy is provided by solar panels also known as Photovoltaic (PV) solar cells. They
create electricity directly from the sun and will function any time the sun is shining. Considerably more
electricity is generated when the sunlight is stronger. In simple terms, the sun has to strike the PV
modules at a perpendicular angle to generate the electricity. Electrons are released by the interaction
of sunlight with semiconductor materials in PV cells and the electrons are captured in an electric
current. The PV panels are connected to an inverter unit in your property that converts the resulting the
direct current (DC) into alternating current (AC). The inverter is connected to and powers your
appliances. It’s also connected to a meter which monitors electricity consumption. Ok that's enough
techie stuff!

 PV systems allow you to produce electricity for a solar energy home without noise or air
pollution—from a clean, renewable resource and it is a continuous energy source that never depletes.
How cool is that?

Things to consider before purchasing

 Prior to buying a PV system for a solar power home there are at least two considerations that you
need to make.

1. Solar power will be intermittent because electricity is only produced when the sun is shining. This
wont be too much of a problem if you are connected to the Electricity Grid as any additional electricity

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                                     Presented by Daniel Toriola

power requirement will automatically be delivered to you. If you aren’t then you can purchase batteries
to make up the shortfall but these can be expensive.

 2. It can require an initial large investment. It’s basically like paying for years of electricity upfront.
Having said that you don’t have to you DO NOT need to invest $1,000’s in costly solar panels or
windmills to transform your home into an energy producing “green home” You can just buy the
components you need and make your own panels and use them to power a few electrical appliances.
That way you can gradually build up to the level of alternative power provision that you want. You can
even build them yourself with a few common materials and save yourself money.

Financing your PV system

 If you want to use home solar panels extensively for moreorless total home solar power, probably the
best way to finance it is through a mortgage loan. Mortgage financing options include your primary
mortgage; a second mortgage, or a home-equity loan that is secured by your property. There are two
advantages to mortgage financing.

 1. Mortgage financing usually provides longer terms and lower interest rates than other loans, such as
conventional bank loans.

 2. The interest paid on a mortgage loan is generally deductible on your federal taxes (subject to
certain conditions ). If you buy the PV system for solar power for homes at the same time that you buy
it , you can consider including it in the cost.

Adding the cost of the PV system to your mortgage loan is likely to be relatively simple. It is also one
way to avoid additional loan application forms and fees.

Why would you want to use solar power?

 There are many reasons why you might want to convert to use PV units for solar power. - To help
preserve the Earth's finite fossil-fuel resources and reduce air pollution.

1. The desire to make ones property more energy efficient.

2. The security and satisfaction of reducing the amount of electricity you buy from the utility company

 3. Getting one over the profitable utility companies because 4. By law the utility company has to pay
you back for any excessive electricity power that you generate and don’t use at the current market
price. That's great for us consumers.

 Whatever your reason, solar energy is widely thought to be the energy source of choice for the future.
To find out more about solar and wind powered domestic units for life, visit

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end I have extended that interest into ecological issues and natural resources that benefit our
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                                     Solar Powered Homes Are Becoming More Popular
                                                                   By Dave Moore

 In this day and age of ever growing efficiency, everyday folks are looking to capitalize on today’s
current technology to save money in all areas of their budget. And since energy prices are getting
steeper, and concerns of man-made pollution are on the rise, the choice to retrofit an existing home
into a solar powered home is becoming more enticing to the average consumer.

Solar Power use for the everyday homeowner used to be limited to just heating the backyard
swimming pool. But these days solar power technology has grown by leaps and bounds. You can now
have your entire home be powered by solar energy, including (but not limited to) garden and walkway
lights, water heater, interior lighting, attic fans, central air conditioner, and, of course, your swimming

Although the solar powered car is becoming the most popular use for this alternative energy source,
the steps to create a solar powered home are not to hard (when using a professional service) and well
worth the investment. There are a number of solar power panels and solar power kits available on the
market, but if you are interested in solar power to power any part of your house, your best bet is to look
up “solar power” in your local phone book.

Dave Moore is the operator of http://www.solar-powered-everything.com which is a website dedicated
to informing the general public about the uses of Solar Power.

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