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What Are CCTV Security Cameras And How Are They Used-


									                                      Presented by Daniel Toriola

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                       What Are CCTV Security Cameras And How Are They Used?
                                                  By Ralph Winn

   Many people know what CCTV Security cameras are and what they are used for but what if you
don't have any idea what it is? Then you need to know that CCTV stands for closed circuit security
measures. You may have seen them being used in banks, schools, department stores, grocery stores
and many other places without realizing what they were. These types of security cameras are being
used more each day.

With the CCTV security cameras there will be more than one camera that is placed in different
locations and they are all connected because of cables that run to a television or monitor that is kept in
a single place. All of the images that are seen by the security cameras will be displayed simultaneously
on the monitor screen. You can even pause and zoom in on a certain image if you need to.

These security cameras are used for preventing crime and detecting crime. Someone will need to
continuously monitor the images that come on the monitor from the cameras. If there is activity
happening, it will be brought to your notice and a security alarm will be raised.

Did you know that CCTV security cameras are also used to help control traffic on the roads? There are
cameras that have been placed in strategic places on roads and the screens for these cameras will be
monitored in traffic control towers. This helps to control traffic and prevent accidents but if there is an
accident or other problem than immediate assistance can be contacted for help at the spot needed.

You want to make sure that you check with the state that you live in if you plan on using CCTV security
cameras because in some states there are restrictions for using them. In some states, in order to get
one of these camera systems set up, it requires letters of permission from the authorities in that state
that are concerned.

The CCTV security cameras used to be expensive but these days the prices have dropped drastically
and now anyone can afford to use them. You can even get these cameras with wireless technology.
Most of these types of security cameras can be hooked to a USB port on your computer to produce the
digital images. The images can then be uploaded onto the internet and be made available to people
that are a long distance away.

The price for CCTV security cameras will vary depending on the company and the sophistication of the
system equipment. You want to make sure that you take time to do your research before you decide

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                                                Presented by Daniel Toriola

what to get. That way you will know from the start that you are getting the security cameras that will
protect your family the best. If you are still unsure about what to get after you have done your research,
you may want to find someone that has knowledge about these cameras and ask them about it. They
will be able to help you decide what would work best for your needs.

Ralph Winn. 35 years in the Home Security industry. Home Security Systems and Alarm Monitoring tips.

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                                                 Presented by Daniel Toriola

                 CCTV Security is Not Cheap But You Can Get Yours Without Going Broke
                                                              By Nahshon Roberts

What is CCTV Security?

 CCTV security is a TV system that transmits video recordings to connected monitors. These
recordings are captured by hidden or unhidden wireless or wired cameras positioned outdoors or
indoors and these recordings are sent to the control unit. The system could also be hooked to an alarm
system to alert security personnel to doubtful activities or emergencies.

 CCTV security means many things to many people. It guarantees homeowners that they can check
what is happening or what happened at home during their absence. For the business owner, it
warrants a round-the-clock monitoring of workers and deters unsavory office practices such as
sleeping on the job and dipping naughty fingers into the cash register.

 For parents, using the web camera server with their video security system hooks them up to their
home CCTV system allowing them limitless remote surveillance, anytime and anywhere.

CCTV Security That Won't Clean You Out

 But before you act on it, know your surveillance needs first so you can have easy upgrades later when
you have some extra cash to splurge. Ask these questions before grabbing discounted surveillance or
security gadgets:

* Is home surveillance legal in my State?
* What do I want monitored?
* Do I need remote viewing?
* How many cameras do I need?
* How much can I afford?
* Do I need portable CCTV monitors with built in speakers?
* Where can I get affordable gadgets?

 One of the best places to shop for CCTV security is online. From the comfy confines of your bedroom,
you can compare prices of different retailers, or get advice from online site devoted to CCTV and video
security. You can also check surveillance restrictions in your state before pursuing your CCTV home

 If a $400 starter set seems stiff, start eyeing that extra home monitor or TV. You will only need a $79
USB backed up controller box and a camera or two. Plug and play cables are also needed to start your
home security system going.

 Cameras come in different price tags; you can choose between colored or black and white images, or
high or low resolutions. Luckily, you have more options. There are bullet cameras, fake cameras, dome
cameras that are priced right within your because quality cameras do not have to be expensive all the

But should you get a complete system, retailers are giving 10% discount on cameras. Grade A or high

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                                                 Presented by Daniel Toriola

resolution outdoor cameras costs a whooping $1,299! But that should not stop you from getting
cheaper indoor cameras when you are just starting out to tweak your CCTV security system. Stretch
your dollars further with free shipping offers from retailers.

 One thing to keep in mind is the upgrade. Your stuff should be compatible with other security devices
if you want to go big time with your CCTV security. There is no use wasting your initial investment, so
always ask expert advice before buying an item. Online CCTV experts are ready help you sort things

For your CCTV security ( needs, or information about closed
circuit television systems ( and CCTV cameras (, always get expert advice from

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                                            Presented by Daniel Toriola

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