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									                                                                                               Case Study

              Return to Sender...
              The Sales Championship
            comes back to the Canada
                     Post Corporation
Canada Post Corporation

The overwhelming success of the Canada Post
Corporation’s (CPC) Sales Championship™ in 2005
brought exper!ence it and Optimé International
back for a rematch at CPC’s 2006 National Sales
Conference. As in the previous year, the training had to be
administered both in English and French to over 250 senior sales
professionals. Our task for this Sales Championship™ was to help instill
the new vision for how Canada Post would deliver the future. They
challenged us to have their sales force take on the leadership role as
quarterback for the corporation. In other words, through learning how
to leverage their own internal resources, they would learn to solve
and implement strategic, large-scale solutions with and for their          “ The assessments and behavioral insights you
                                                                             provided on our strengths and development
                                                                             opportunities, both individually and as an
                                                                             organization, were second to none. Some
CREATIVE RANGE                                                               members of the sales force have indicated that
Our team of experts already had an outstanding relationship with             this is the best, richest and most meaningful
                                                                             feedback they have received in their entire
CPC; therefore we were given full creative range as we developed a
                                                                             careers. I would not hesitate to highly
brand new customized program for them. The project culminated in             recommend this immersive, revolutionary
the creation of Omni Inc., a company whose operations mimicked               performance improvement methodology to any
                                                                             company looking to take their sales force to
current sales industry trends and nuances, while highlighting
customer-focused sales initiatives.
                                                                             Championship Selling level!
                                                                                                                    Benoit Côté
                                                                                               Director, Performance Excellence
                                                                                                         Sales Championship™
                                                                                                    Case Study

                                                                 build sales. An exemplary comment relayed to our data
                                                                 collection team was as follows: “The on-the-spot coaching
CHAMPIONSHIP SOLUTION                                            by internal resources and challenges truly simulated our
Canada Post’s sales professionals were stationed in a
simulated sales environment that came complete with
company resources, customers and of course, competition!             We also received wonderful compliments
The participants were assigned several meeting times with          from participants who played the role of
their customers over a fictional selling cycle, during which       customers, such as, “Playing the role of the
they had to establish strong bonds, uncover client issues          customer gave me a very good perspective of
they could help resolve and ultimately close big deals. They       what it takes to build trust, relationships and
also had to leverage their internal resources (finance,            how trust leads to business deals and ventures.”
marketing, logistics, customer analyst and consumer market
knowledge) and make a larger strategic sale while playing a
                                                                 challenges in the ‘real world’.”
customer general manager role.

The teams competed against one another in a setting where        THANKS
they were overloaded with resources and information,             This event would not have taken place without the support
without enough time to make perfect decisions, and yet           of Benoît Côté, Lucia Pollice, Stewart Bacon and their
were challenged to succeed despite this. The emphasis            extraordinary Performance Excellence Team. Without their
however, was on understanding customers’ needs and               foresight and input, we would not have been able to
business issues to help business relationships grow. After the   produce such a comprehensive and complete learning
final sales results were in, we concluded the training with a    experience for the Canada Post sales force. Also, the team
group debriefing that included multifaceted feedback loops       at Communiqué and our partners at Optimé International
from the participants' customer and sales partners, and a        Inc. helped to create a vibrant, aesthetically amazing
discussion about the practical application of the knowledge      environment that encouraged participation and
acquired over the day. The final event of the day was the        involvement.
awards ceremony, during which the top sales teams and
account teams were acknowledged. All in all, this intense
                                                                           For more information please contact
simulation offered a challenging, engaging, highly
                                                                           Annabel Pearce,
competitive, sophisticated opportunity for personal and
                                                                           Sales Championship™ Project Manager
professional growth.
                                                                           or call us at 416.699.6107.
The CPC participants’ evaluation of this program was
rewardingly positive; 95% said they would recommend the
Sales Championship II™ to others and 86% stated that it gave           
them superior tools for leveraging internal resources to help

                                   We align hearts and minds to your strategic intent.

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