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                         M1An@ 111h
                              mA Iyug
                                               By National
                                               Native Title

leads to deal
        HROUGH goodwill, good planning          benefit from better planning and better

T       and co-operation, groups can
        achieve successful native title
outcomes in local government areas that
                                                protection and management of the land
                                                as well as from the stronger community
                                                relations that developed during the
respect everyone's rights and interests.        negotiation process.
    The Jagera, Yuggera and Ugarapul               The agreement is a milestone for the
people and the Ipswich City Council             Jagera, Yuggera and Ugarapul people as
demonstrated this on 30 January when            they work towards attaining legal
they signed an Indigenous Land Use              recognition of their native title rights in
Agreement (ILUA) over the whole of the          south-east Queensland.
Ipswich City Council region, which is              Under the ILUA, the group will also
covered by the group's native title claim in    have involvement in a consultative
south-east Queensland.                          committee and some employment
   The ILUA is the result of two years of       opportunities with the Ipswich City
negotiations triggered by the native title      Council.
claim lodged in 2003.                              The council now has certainty about
   The groups had to work out how the           how they will proceed with future planning
Ipswich region could move forward and           and infrastructure. It is one of many local
develop while ensuring the native title         governments around Australia that has
claimants' rights and interests were            worked through land-management issues
respected and protected.                        with the traditional owners in their area to
    Faced with sorting out native title,        reach an agreed outcome.
cultural heritage, future infrastructure and       The Tribunal has registered 312 ILUAs
community relations, they chose to take a       around Australia and of these about 30
staged and measured approach to the             have involved a local government
negotiations.                                   authority as an applicant or a party. The
   During initial negotiations, mediated by     majority of these agreements have been
the National Native Title Tribunal, the         reached in Queensland.
groups reached a memorandum of                     By taking a co-operative approach to
understanding, which established the            native title, development and
framework for the development of the            land-management issues, traditional
ILUA.                                           owners and local governments across
   Just over a year later the parties           Australia are achieving outcomes that
signed the ILUA, establishing how they          benefit everyone in their local government
would manage land in the city council           areas and build stronger communities.
                                                   The ILUA between the Jagera,
region that is affected by native title.        Yuggera and Ugarapul people and the
   As a result, the entire community will       Ipswich City Council is a shining example
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                    General News
                    Region: National Circulation: 8572
                    Type: Magazines Lifestyle
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                 of what can be achieved through mutual
                 respect and co-operation.

The Nunukal Yuggera Aboriginal Dancers performed a cultural dance at the
                    agreement signing ceremony.

                                                                                 Ref: 34441573
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