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									          Flood Mitigation Scheme
Protecting residents of the lower areas of Lake Placid, Caravonica and Kamerunga
Cairns Regional Council has State and Federal                This project will be carried out in stages.
Government funding approved for flood mitigation             Preparation and set-out for the first stage will
works for the Lake Placid, Caravonica and Kamerunga          begin before Christmas 2008. Construction for
area. The flood mitigation scheme will protect the area      Stage one will commence in January 2009.
against a repeat of the disastrous 1977 flood.
                                                             Stage one — Lake Placid Tourist Park to northern
Extensive flood modelling and design work has been           breakout (Impey St Reserve)
carried out and Council can now start construction on        Construction of a footpath/levee approximately
flood mitigation works to protect approximately 450          200mm to 600mm in height which will meander
homes that would be inundated in a 1 in 30 year event.       through vegetation on the reserve side of Lake
                                                             Placid Rd.
The flood mitigation scheme will provide extensive
benefit to Lake Placid, Caravonica and Kamerunga.            Stage two – Southern side of the Barron River
Unfortunately the benefit of these works can not extend      These works are relatively minor in size, but are an
to the lower beach areas of the Barron Delta. The            important factor in the scheme. A small masonry
access roads and lower areas to the beaches are              block wall will be constructed on the rear boundary
inundated well before the Barron River breaks into the       of three lots on Sandwich St. The works
Lake Placid, Caravonica and Kamerunga areas.                 extend for approximately 70m.

The proposed flood mitigation scheme will start to           Stage three — Kamerunga Villas
provide protection when the Barron River breaks its          Grassed earth levee approximately 300mm high to
banks with a 1 in 15 to 1in 20 year flood. The lower         be constructed between the existing footpath and
Barron Delta starts to flood long before this, with access   existing fence line. Installation of a concrete strip
from the Captain Cook Highway disrupted by a 1 in 5          to provide permanent vertical delineation.
year flood.
                                                             Stage four—Kamerunga Villas to Lake Placid Rd/
Proposed works                                               Western Arterial Rd Intersection
                                                             Raise existing footpath approximately 300mm in
The length of protection works on the Lake Placid/           height.
Caravonica side of the Barron River is approximately
2.5km, although due to the natural rise and fall in          Stage five – Lake Placid Tourist Park
current land levels, works are not required for the full     A masonry block wall will be constructed behind
length. Protection works south of the Barron River in        the current rock wall in front of the caravan park.
Kamerunga will be provided to three lots in Sandwich         This will improve flood immunity of the tourist park
Street and one lot on Stoney Creek Road.                     and stop flood waters flowing behind the park and
                                                             into low lying areas of Lake Placid.
Based on investigations by consultants, the majority of
the flood mitigation scheme can be constructed using         Stage six – Cairns Western Arterial Rd
small earth levees. Other sections will involve              An earth levee approximately 700mm high is be
removable flood fences and masonry block walls.              constructed on the southern side from Lake Placid
                                                             Intersection to Illawarra Street.
Visually, the proposed works will resemble a raised
concrete footpath and these works will have limited          flood waters to pass onto the other side of the levee
impact on the existing internal drainage system for the      and travel through the breakout.
                                                             This process will assist with reducing the potential for
Cairns Works will construct the raised footpaths and         scouring and damage to property during an extreme
earth levees predominantly within the road reserve.          flooding event.
The design of the flood mitigation scheme has an initial     Weather permitting, the flood mitigation scheme is
overflow point aligned with the northern breakout            expected to be completed by April 2009.
channel (Impey Street Reserve). This feature allows for
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                                                                    For further information about this project,
                                                                 please contact Council’s Public Consultation and
                                                                Communications Officer on (07) 4044 3303 or email

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