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KaPlan ProFessional Tax Training


KaPlan ProFessional Tax Training

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									  tax & accounting program


  Combining The                 Kaplan professional is the leading
                                national provider of professional
                                                                            The training combines tax updates with
                                                                            special topic presentations so you can
    exPerTise oF                education in australia. our range           be sure your staff will stay informed of

    Webb marTin                 of tax and accounting programs
                                and workshops will keep your
                                                                            the full range of important tax issues.
                                                                            Interactive training sessions use case
        Training                staff up-to-date and give them
                                                                            studies to encourage group discussion

     anD KaPlan                 the knowledge and skills to
                                                                            and make the training relevant to your
                                                                            every day tax practice. The training is also
   ProFessional                 continually develop your company.           supported by comprehensive reference

       To Deliver
                                                                            material so your staff will have all the
                                In the competitive world of tax and
                                                                            information they need right at their
  PraCTiCal anD
                                accounting, knowledge is more than
                                power; it is success. Staying in touch

    eFFeCTive Tax               with the latest tax issues arising from
                                new legislation, cases and ATO rulings is
                                                                            Training delivered by tax experts
        Training                crucial to the continuing growth of your
                                business. You need ongoing tax training
                                                                            Kaplan Professional’s tax trainers are
                                                                            highly skilled tax professionals with real-
                                to keep your staff regularly updated and    life experience in all aspects of taxation
                                to identify key client opportunities.       law. They have been in public practice
                                                                            and understand the challenges and
                                Don’t waste valuable chargeable time        demands faced by practitioners, so they
                                structuring and delivering your own         can deliver exactly what your staff need
                                ongoing training program. Outsource         and want to learn. You can take a look at
                                your tax training to Kaplan Professional.   our trainers’ profiles at
                                Develop your staff; grow your               Practitioner-Faculty/taxtrainers.
                                Since Webb Martin Training joined           Quality learning
                                Kaplan Professional in 2004, we have        Our tax training covers everything a tax
                                consolidated our position as a national     professional needs to know. Your staff
                                provider of tax training. Our structured    will develop the knowledge and skills
                                tax training program is an easy and         to identify tax issues and tax planning
                                cost-effective way to keep your staff       opportunities relevant to your clients.
                                up-to-date.                                 Overleaf is a snapshot of what’s covered.
   tax & accounting program

                                          Tax updates                                    ranging from the ‘Big 4’ and mid-tier
                                          The tax updates are compiled weekly and        firms to sole practitioners. We work
                                          capture all key tax developments               with our clients to deliver training that
                                          of that week. Areas covered include:           is tailored to their needs. What does
                                                                                         this mean for you? We make sure we get
                                          • general income tax issues                    an understanding of your business and
                                          • specific taxes including GST, CGT            your group’s needs prior to the session
                                            and FBT                                      so that we can provide tailored training
                                          • superannuation issues                        that addresses the specific issues your
                                          • tax administration issues                    company tackles on a daily basis.
                                          • State taxes.
                                                                                         Flexible delivery options
                                          special topics                                 Typically our clients prefer training that
                                          The special topic presentations provide        combines tax updates and special
                                          a practical and detailed analysis of a         topic presentations, however other
                                          topical area of tax law or practice. Recent    arrangements can be easily organised.
                                          topics have included:                          The frequency of training is entirely
                                                                                         flexible. We cater for monthly,
                                          • small business CGT concessions
                                                                                         bi-monthly, quarterly and half-yearly
                                          • taxation issues affecting property           sessions, each of which can run from
                                                                                         two hours up to a full day.
                                          • Division 7A
                                          • superannuation strategies.                   Tailored pricing
                                          We maintain a library of up to 40 special      Fees are charged on a per session basis
                                          topic papers at any one time, so a wide        and vary according to the content covered
                                          selection is available to cater for your       and the length of the session.
                                          specific requirements.
                                                                                         Want to know more?
                                          industry recognised training                   To find out more about our tax training
                                          Our client base includes tax and               program call 1300 662 203 or email
                                          accounting firms across Australia,   

    ProFessional                               looKing For an alTernaTive
             Tax                               To in-house Training?
        Training                               We also deliver our tax training via
                                               public workshops. Our tax workshops
                                                                                         training program; you can send just one
                                                                                         employee or your whole team. The
                                               are popular because they are practical,   workshops are also ideal for employees

            KeeP Your                          relevant and conducted by tax experts.
                                               Each monthly workshop comprises an
                                                                                         who miss an in-house session and
                                                                                         need to catch up on their training.
           emPloYees                           update session followed by analysis of
                                               a special topic.
                                                                                         Our tax workshops are held around the

           uP-To-DaTe                          The workshops are a great way to
                                                                                         country, so there’s one near you. For
                                                                                         workshop dates and locations please
                                               keep your staff updated without           call 1300 662 203 or visit
                                               committing to a regular in-house

Kaplan Education pty Ltd. aBn 54 089 002 371

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