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					               BUNBURY RUNNERS CLUB INC.
                BUNBURY MARATHON 2010

                   CONCEPT OF THE EVENTS
•   The inaugural JUNIOR HALF MARATHON held last year in conjunction with the
    annual Bunbury Marathon was a great success, even though it was only promoted
    among four local schools. This year it will be significantly expanded with all
    schools and colleges in the wider Bunbury-Wellington Region being invited to
    participate. It will also see the introduction of a JUNIOR MARATHON. Both
    events will feature specially modified rules to protect their young physiques.
•   This will allow school aged children to achieve the goal of running a half marathon
    or even a full marathon, and being a part of the excitement of the day alongside
    the other elite and mature aged participants, without suffering any undue stress
    or damage to their developing bodies and minds.
•   The concept for the JUNIOR HALF MARATHON is that each participating school
    or college will organise their own running group and progressively accumulate 19
    kms for each student by running laps on the school oval or some other selected
    course, and then complete the final 2.1 kms as a part of the Bunbury Marathon on
    Sunday 16 May from the Bunbury Runners Club premises. The JUNIOR HALF
    MARATHON is open to all full time primary school high school and college students
    between the ages of six and eighteen inclusive. The concept of the JUNIOR
    MARATHON will be similar, except that they need to accumulate 40 kms prior to
    Marathon Day and it will be restricted to full time high school or college students
    between the ages of thirteen to eighteen inclusive.
•   Their event will culminate on Bunbury Marathon Day, Sunday 16 May at the
    Bunbury Runners Club oval on Ocean Drive, between the Surf Club and the
•   The final leg of the JUNIOR MARATHON will start at 8.05 am and the JUNIOR
    HALF MARATHON will be just a further five minutes behind. This will avoid
    having any young runners being trampled in the crush of over-zealous seniors.
•   The 2.1kms course will take them along the ocean front road and footpaths to a
    marshalled turnaround point, with the road section either being closed to all
    traffic or protected by an escort and traffic marshals.
•   The cost per student for the whole event will be $10.00, and in return each will
    receive a medallion and a certificate of achievement, plus other prizes and
    mementos to acknowledge their involvement.
•   Bunbury Runners Club is keen to promote a healthy and active lifestyle among
    young people and to encourage them to aspire to their own level of participation
    and competition. Of course all would be welcome to become Club members and to
    take part in our popular junior programmes, or to take part at the appropriate level
    in other local events (eg. Australia Day Fun Run and Surf to Surf Fun Run).
•   The Club has secured overall sponsorship from Healthway and will be focused on
    promoting their Act Commit Belong message, along with other health and active
    participation themes.
•   It is important to stress that both the JUNIOR MARATHON and the JUNIOR
    HALF MARATHON will be participatory rather than competitive events, with a key
    focus being the opportunity of their exposure to the positive messages of a
    healthy lifestyle. It will not be timed ― all finishers will be awarded the same
    medallions and certificates of achievement.
•   Whilst both the schools and the Bunbury Runners Club will take every care to
    ensure maximum safety and well being of all participants, parents or guardians of
    the student entrants must satisfy themselves of their own child’s physical and
    psychological capacity and state of health to be involved under the modified rules
    for this event.
•   It will be the responsibility of each school taking part to arrange their own list of
    students to take part (numbers unlimited), organise for them to complete their 40
    or 19 kms distance in the weeks leading up to Marathon Day and getting their
    group to the Runners Club oval by 7.30 am on race day.
•   It is suggested that those distances could be achieved by running 1 km per day
    each school day and resting on the weekend, unless there may be a need to make
    up for missed days. Each run should be at a comfortable pace within the capacity
    of each student. Kilometre progress charts will be supplied to assist the schools
    with conducting this part of the programme.
•   The Bunbury Runners Club will conduct the final 2.1kms leg of the event, along with
    course marshalling, water stops, timing and presentation of certificates and other
    rewards. A variety of drinks and eats will be available also. The Club will be happy
    to assist wherever possible with advice and support to each school throughout.
•   As an added benefit for the participating schools, the event could also be used as
    a fundraising opportunity for any worthwhile school equipment, excursion or
    project, at the discretion of the individual schools.
•   Following last year’s inaugural success, it is intended that this event will be
    expanded further in coming years to include all primary schools, high schools and
    across the South West Region.
•   This is a grand opportunity for any student to become a “MARATHON or HALF
    MARATHON CHAMPION” and to enhance their aspirations for the future, so BE
    IN IT ! ! !

•   For further information, guidance or support contact:

    Kevin Martin
    Event Director
    Junior Marathon and Half Marathon

    9795 8762
    0427 449 026

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