Joy of Reuniting with our Father

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					                                                          Holy Spirit’s Workshop [] – Wed 08.08.2007

                              Joy of Reuniting with our Father

How much more should we submit to the Father of our spirits and live! 1
Who is the Father of our spirits? Normally and conventionally we say, “God the Father, who is Spirit.”
Correct and true. However, by whom are believers born again? Jesus Christ is the only Begotten Son of
God, and His Father is God who is also our Father. However, we who were sinners saved by grace
through faith are born again by the Spirit, the Holy Spirit, as Jesus said, “I tell you the truth, no one can
enter the Kingdom of God unless he is born of water and the Spirit. Flesh gives birth to flesh, but the
Spirit gives birth to spirit.”2

And the Holy Spirit who gives birth to our ‘born again’ spirit is the Spirit of Sonship, so that it is just as
correct to read Proverbs 6:11-12 as referring to the Holy Spirit when the Lord is mentioned. “My son, do
not make light of the Lord’s discipline and do not lose heart when He rebukes you, because the Lord
disciplines those He loves, and He punishes everyone He accepts as a son.”3

However, we have never seen the Holy Spirit as our Father, and that is because we tend to think of God
the Father, forgetting that the Holy Spirit Himself is God as well. Not only that, when we listen to Jesus
speak of the Holy Spirit in John 14:16 and 26, He makes such a distinction between the Persons of the
Father and the Holy Spirit, that we tend to think of the Holy Spirit only as the Counsellor, Comforter and
Helper. We rarely think of Him as One who accepts us as His sons.

The failure to receive Him as One who accepts us as sons means that we have failed to receive Him with
the joy of ones who are receiving their Father, if you like, adoptive Father, but nevertheless, a Father, if
not the Father. Remember, the difference is there, but it is so small that it may not exist, for after all,
They are One, Father, Son and Holy Spirit in perfect unity, and when you have seen One, you have seen
the Other.

When we distanced ourselves from the Holy Spirit because of His titles and function, we lost for ourselves
the closeness and joy of that relationship, the joy of a Father and a son. The joy of a son being taught,
guided, comforted, counselled by a Father, and at best, we had the joy of one being counselled, guided
and taught by a Teacher and Helper sent by our Saviour from His Father. You can see the space that is
still preserved, the distance that is still maintained in the way we perceive Him to be to us. As such, it is
highly understandable why so many denominations treat the Holy Spirit the way they do. They make
mention of Him as if He is not a Person but an entity or force or power, without personality and therefore
without feelings; Someone who is acknowledged out of protocol, but just as quickly shoved into the
background on the pretense of maintaining protocol.

In worldly realms, we can see ourselves as children who have a natural father, that is, the biological
father and the adoptive Father, two persons, yes, in the same way as the Father and the Holy Spirit are
two Persons, One who adopted us and One who birthed us, except in God the Father and the Holy Spirit,
we have Two who are One. The Holy Spirit, through whom we are born again is more akin to a
‘biological’ Father who is preparing us and helping us to be worthy of our adoptive Father, God the
Father. Now, let your understanding see that the ‘biology’ we share with the Holy Spirit is the ‘biology’,
or the ‘spiritology’ for want of a better word, of our spirit and not our flesh.

See Him in the servant role preparing His sons and daughters for kingship and lordship, places, positions
and titles that have been prepared for them by their adoptive Father. As One who is always in the
background, always helping us and grooming us with love and discipline, discipline because He has
accepted us as His sons as well. When your eyes are open to suddenly see Him, through whom your
spirits, that is you, a part of you so inseparable from your soul and flesh, that there must be a
resurrection so that all three are made one again, as one who has been accepted as a son. Then you
might feel the shame that you have never accepted Him and received Him as your Father. Indeed, you
have never thought of Him or spoken of Him as you would your Father. You have ignored His gifts, and
have created theologies and doctrines and rules over the operation of His gifts, even dictating to Him
when and to whom He may give His gifts to. If we are to repent to God the Father, how do we repent to
the Holy Spirit who birthed our spirits that we can say we are born again and without whom we may not
enter the Kingdom of God?

As the elect of the Holy Spirit, the joy of knowing and acknowledging the Holy Spirit, as a son
acknowledges his biological Father who has been tutoring him in the household of his adoptive Father, is

    Hebrews 12:9
    John 3:5-6
    Hebrews 12:5-7

                                                         The Book of the Joy of Reunion IX – Joy of reuniting with our Father - 1 of 4
                                                          Holy Spirit’s Workshop [] – Wed 08.08.2007

open to us. Not that the example of flesh is the true representation of our relationship, but it at least
casts a light on the Person of the Holy Spirit, who is the Father of our spirits, for we are born of the spirit
by Him. Thus, your behaviour, no, your relationship with the Holy Spirit should now change, for you are
not just looking forward to a reunion with God the Father and Jesus whom you have not yet seen, but
right before you, living within you and with you, all this time, guiding you, teaching you, counselling you,
disciplining you, loving you, encouraging you and growing you, is in truth, your Father, the Father of your
spirit. So then, our joy is not just one of reunion with the Father and the Son, but in that morning, that
resurrection morning, was also held the joy of recognition. The joy of recognising who our Father and
our God is, the joy of recognising who our Lord really is, like the joy of Jacob who, having arrived at
Egypt, now sees this man dressed as the prince of Egypt, who has a semblance of the boy Joseph he has
not seen for more than 10, maybe 15 years. For, unless Jacob could recognise his young son Joseph in
the man standing before him, the joy would not be and could not be complete. But the joy of the reunion
is in fact played out by a progression of recognition, first the eyes, then the features, older, bigger, but
nevertheless carrying a reminder of what was.

For if Jacob could not recognise Joseph, then their joy of reunion would never be complete; Joseph would
merely be a stranger whom Jacob had to accept as his son. However, Jacob’s joy was not just the
reunion, but the joy of recognition that indeed, the man standing before him is his son whom he had not
seen for many years. And for Joseph, his joy was complete because Jacob recognised him. If Jacob did
not recognise him, then Joseph’s joy would be so incomplete as to be considered destroyed. It would be
like being reunited with a family member who has amnesia as to who you are. Joy, yes, but so watered

Likewise, our joy is made complete, made perfect, only when we recognise in the Holy Spirit the Father
we have never seen but know we have. So, turn around tonight, and see the Holy Spirit and recognise
Him, recognise in Him all the stories and memories you have ever heard about your Father who gave
birth to you and has borne you in His arms all along. Now, the witness is complete, for though you have
learned to see God the Father as you learned to see Jesus for who He is, when you listened to Him and
practised His word in the presence of the Counsellor, whose voice you have come to recognise and be so
familiar with, now for one second, look, see, and realise that very Person who has always been with you,
reminding you, teaching you, guiding you, counselling you, comforting you, convicting you, speaking to
you of what He has heard and telling you what is yet to come… do you recognise Him? He is your Father,
the Father of your spirit, and if you can see Him, you have seen the Father, for They are One.

Have you ever wondered what kept the two disciples on the road to Emmaus from recognising Jesus?
Now that same day two of them were going to a village called Emmaus, about seven miles from
Jerusalem. They were talking with each other about everything that had happened. As they talked and
discussed these things with each other, Jesus Himself came up and walked along with them; but they
were kept from recognising Him.4 They were kept from recognising Jesus because they were too busy
with their own purposes, going to Emmaus and listening to their own words, rather than going where
they were supposed to go and listening to what they were told. So their own agenda and their own
business kept them from recognising Jesus. It was only when Jesus took bread, gave thanks, broke it
and began to give it to them… they recognised Him.5 It is written that then their eyes were opened.
What opened their eyes? Was it an angel, a flash of revelation, or did they suddenly see and hear
something strangely familiar. It was that familiar action of the bread being taken with thanks giving and
the breaking of it, for they saw Jesus do it at the feeding of the 5000 and the 4000.

Is there not something familiar about the Holy Spirit, the way He does things and says things that
reminds you of someone you should know? Someone you were when you were a child when you
dreamed dreams, when you turned stones to bread as you played make believe, as you rode out on your
white charger to conquer kingdoms for glory, all those games you used to play and imagine when you
were a child. Who gave you those dreams? Who gave you the imagination to turn a cardboard box into
a castle you defended against enemy hordes? Who gave you the imagination to be a make believe
princess, things we dismissed as fairy tales and childish ways?

But now, who is it who gives you the faith and the knowledge and the encouragement to once more play
at doing what is impossible, turning water to wine, causing the blind to see and the lame to walk? Who
says to all of you, you are princes and princesses, sons and daughters of a most powerful King and
brothers and sisters of the Heir to the throne? Who but the Holy Spirit! Now do you recognise Him who
has always been with you, just like Jesus was always with the two disciples on the road to Emmaus until
they recognised Him?

    Luke 24:13-16
    Luke 24:30-31

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                                                         Holy Spirit’s Workshop [] – Wed 08.08.2007

But we, like the two disciples, were always too busy with our agendas, we received Jesus as our Lord and
Saviour because of our problems, our losses, our plans gone asunder, and when we did receive Him into
our company, we were more interested in telling Him what we knew then to listen to Him. We did not
begin our journey of godliness because we responded to His plans, but ours. Just like the two on the
road, they were not on the road on a journey because they responded to Jesus’ command to go to
Galilee. They went onto the road because they wanted to go where they wanted to go.

So likewise, we began our journey with God because we wanted to go to where we wanted to go, to be
saved, to be blessed, and to get to Heaven. None of us, certainly very few of us, began our walk with
God because we needed to get to where God wanted us to go to.

Even Moses began his journey because he wanted to save his people and not because God wanted to
save His people. Adam listened to Eve because he wanted to go where God did not tell him to go. Our
preoccupation with our salvation, our holiness, our Christianity, our future, and our plans, all things ours,
stopped us from recognising who has been walking with us on the road.

Now finally, perhaps some of you have journeyed enough and have finally come to the place where you
are tired and ready to rest, just like those two. You have come to your destination that you have
purposed for yourself, that you might just be ready to have your eyes opened to recognise the Holy Spirit
for who He truly is… the Father of your spirits. To live, not for yourselves, but for Him, and not live the
way you would live, but the way He would live and has lived.

It is when you can recognise the Holy Spirit for who He is, with joy, the joy of recognising your Father
who has always been with you, your Lord who has always been with you, that you will not tire in the
journey to meet with your Lord and Brother, Jesus Christ, the Son of Man, at the Mount of Olives.

Not only that, it is when you recognise your Father that He will open to you the secrets that only a son is
privileged to be entrusted with by his Father, for He already knows whom He can trust or not trust before
you do. However, if the children’s bread belongs to the children only, as Jesus said,6 then how much
more the children’s inheritance? How much more the knowledge of secrets, which set them apart as
children, no, as sons and daughters, belongs only to those who are sons and daughters? No father would
entrust the secrets of the family to a son who does not recognise his father and therefore his own
position. No father entrusts the secret of the inheritance to a servant. The false prophet, for all his
advances in the practice and work of the ways of the Holy Spirit, can and will never recognise the Holy
Spirit for who He is, and like the one who has left us, will always be on the journey because they have
set their own agenda and are more concerned with their own words, therefore the thoughts of their own
hearts, than that of the Holy Spirit. That is why the Holy Spirit has no hesitation in throwing him into the
Lake of Fire alive, as one would throw a traitor or servant out of your sight because you are merciful and
not a killer. That is why those who are in the Lake of Sulphur are not dead, but are alive through the
whole millennium and beyond.7

So this is your privilege today that you might hear what is being said to you, that you might recognise
who your Father is, and the joy of the recognition may fill your heart. As this joy fills you, you might just
understand why the Lord said, “I praise You, Father, Lord of Heaven and Earth, because You have hidden
these things from the wise and learned, and revealed them to little children. Yes, Father, for this was
Your good pleasure.”8 And why He said, “I will see you again and you will rejoice, and no one will take
away your joy. In that day you will no longer ask Me anything. I tell you the truth, My Father will give
you whatever you ask in My Name. Until now you have not asked for anything in My Name. Ask and you
will receive, and your joy will be complete.”9 And again later, “I am returning to My Father and your
Father, to My God and your God.”10

Our joy is made complete just as Jesus’ joy is made complete. His joy was made complete in Luke
10:21, as it is written: At that time Jesus, full of joy through the Holy Spirit, said, “I praise You,
Father…” Our joy is made complete when we see that Jesus’ Father is our Father, and our Father, the
Father of our spirits, is the Holy Spirit who gave us the spiritual birth to be born again. So then, can you
see your Father already lives with you and lives in you? And if He lives in you and with you, do you not
live with Him in the same house already? So then, even now you are home, you are in your Father’s
house, you are the Father’s house, you are the temple of the Holy Spirit. So, what is talk of Heaven as if
it is our home when our home is here and now, where our Father’s house is?

  Matthew 15:26; Mark 7:27
  Revelation 19:20
  Luke 10:21
  John 16:22-24
   John 20:17

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You can be filled with the fullness of the joy of the Lord, the Lord and the Lord:
   •   The joy of forgiveness of sins, for which Jesus died to secure for the Father, through the Holy
   •   The joy of the reunion of the Father and the Son, which came through the Holy Spirit who raised
       Jesus from the dead.
   •   And finally, the joy of the recognition of the Holy Spirit as the Father of your spirit, a joy that can
       come because you have obeyed the Father in listening to Jesus, and you have taken Jesus at His
       word and received the Holy Spirit. It is the joy that the Father and the Son has reserved for the
       Holy Spirit that those whose spirits He birthed may recognise Him and also call Him, “Father,
       Abba,” as He has helped them to call out to God with “Abba, Father.”

To the many, this will be too hard to accept, nor will they care to accept it. However, no one can
understand the Fatherhood of the Holy Spirit unless they were prepared to obey the Father in the first
place, and listen to Him the only Son,11 and no one who will not take Jesus at His word will ever see the
Holy Spirit in all His glory, the Father of our spirits. He who has an ear, let him hear what the Spirit is
saying to the churches.

So then, be mature, for you are not only sons and daughters of God who is in Heaven, but your Father is
with you and lives in you. You are sons and daughters of God the Holy Spirit in Jesus’ Name; that is why
you are His elect. It is written of Jesus: Then their eyes were opened and they recognised Him, and He
disappeared from their sight.12

And if a Man has sons and daughters who can take          over the work and do it as well as He would have
done it, is it not time for Him to step aside and rest?    So what did Paul really mean when he wrote: The
One who now holds it back will continue to do so till     He is taken out of the way13? Is not the Worker of
the harvest entitled also to His share of the harvest?    Sons and daughters, do you recognise your Father?

     Matthew 17:5; Mark 9:7; Luke 9:35
     Luke 24:31
     2 Thessalonians 2:7

                                                           The Book of the Joy of Reunion IX – Joy of reuniting with our Father - 4 of 4

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