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Josephites Journeying Together Perthville hosts Mini-Retreat


Josephites Journeying Together Perthville hosts Mini-Retreat

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									                                               Josephites Journeying Together
A total of eight Retreats under the banner, Josephites Journeying Together, have been held during 2008 and
2009, led by Josephite Sisters at venues throughout Australia and at Auckland New Zealand. Sisters from
all Josephite Congregations and Provinces have participated and have been most positive and enthusiastic in
their response. A further round of these Retreats will be held during 2010 and Perthville will be one of the four

The Retreats are aimed at sharing the foundation stories of the various groups and through clearer understand-
ing of the common story, to strengthen bonds of relationship and interaction across the eleven Josephite groups
which all share the common spirit and purpose of the first Australian Sisters of St Joseph founded by Fr Julian
Woods and Blessed Mary MacKillop at Penola, South Australia in 1866. While a great deal of interaction
has previously been happening at the leadership levels, these Retreats are provided for the Sisters who have
missed out on those experiences.
                                                                                        Perthville hosts Mini-Retreat
                                                                                        Modified versions of the Retreats
                                                                                        are being offered in various Centres
                                                                                        for Sisters unable to travel further
                                                                                        afield. One of these “Mini-Retreats”
                                                                                        was led by Sisters Bridie O’Connell
                                                                                        (NSW Province) and Therese Mc-
                                                                                        Garry (Perthville Congregation), at St
                                                                                        Joseph’s Convent, Perthville on 17th,
                                                                                        18th & 19th November. Perthville
                                                                                        Sisters were happy to be welcoming
                                                                                        Sisters from Goulburn and Sydney as
                                                                                        well as a number from their own Con-
                                                                                         Sisters participating in the retreat and Facilitators
                                                                                                   gather at St Teresa’s Perthville

 Perthville Sisters ~ Fidelma, Marie Celine    Goulburn Sisters ~ Andre and Christina            Sister Patricia from Goulburn and Sister
           and Catherine O’Brien                                                                           Mark from Perthville

  Facilitators: Sisters Bridie O’Connell and     Visiting Sydney Sisters enjoy the retreat                     Retreat session
               Therese McGarry

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