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It’s your

   time to
                                                   John and Carol Arnott are the Founding Pastors and
                                                   Presidents Catch the re Ministries, based out of the Toronto
                                                   Airport Christian Fellowship. As international speakers, John
                                                   and Carol have become known for their ministry on the
                                                   Father’s Love, where they have seen millions of lives touched

                                                   and changed through encountering the Father’s embrace
                                                   and His increidble Love for them.

                                                    Jeremy and Connie Sinnott have been worship
                                                    leaders and associate pastors at the Toronto Airport
                                                    Christian Fellowship since the church began in 1987, and
                                                    more recently becoming the International trainers for Catch
                                                    the Fire ministries. Jeremy and Connie travel extensively,
Please send registration forms to:
                                                    training and mentoring teachers and speakers globally to
                                                    take the values of CTF out to the nations through schools,
Soaking Australia CTF                               seminars and weekends. They have taught and ministered
                                                    on ve continenets, focusing on: worship, soaking in God’s
P.O. Box 3029                                       Presence, renewal and healing of the heart.
Rowville, Victoria
3178 Australia

Website:       Schedule
                                     Monday to Friday, 9am to 6pm, our time together will
or Email:                            include worship followed by in-depth teaching, ministry     and impartation, with times to wait on the Lord and rest
                                     in His presence.
or Phone:
+03 9792 1133

or Fax:                                      Catch the Fire
+03 9792 9411
                                          272 Attwell Drive,
                                           Toronto, Canada
                                                                                                                          Sydney, Australia
                                                                                                                            4-8 January 2010
                     International Leaders School of Ministry                                                                            Sydney NSW Australia
                                                                                                                                                              4-8 January 2010

It’s your time to receive!
                                                                         This is your opportunity to take time                      Registration Form
                                                                         out from the heavy demands of
                                                                                                                                    Name of Spouse (if attending):
                                                                         ministry and daily responsibilities and                    Mailing Address:
  space to pursue greater intimacy and                                   instead, receive...receive...receive.

A Safe Place                                                                                                                        Mobile:
This Leaders School of Ministry (ILSOM) is a life changing school                                                                   Email:
for leaders and people with a heart for ministry and revival. This                                                                  ❑ Single $350 AUS ❑ Married Couple $585 AUS
one week school has been designed to train, equip and minister
                                                                                                                                    Total $
to those who have a desire to go deeper with the Lord.                   Conference Venue
Throughout the week, you will learn to hear God’s voice, know
                                                                         Turramurra Uniting Church                                  Payment: ❑ cheque (payable to Soaking Australia CTF)
that your heart is secured in Daddy’s unconditional love, be freed       10 Turramurra Avenue                                                    ❑ credit card
of hurts and oppression and learn how to e ectively minister             Turramurra NSW 2074 Australia                              Credit Card No.: _ _ _ _ / _ _ _ _ / _ _ _ _ / _ _ _ _
with the Holy Spirit in the power and anointing of Jesus Christ. All                                                                Expiry Date: _ _ / _ _
of us are called to live supernatural lives naturally and to see God’s   Information                                                Name on Card:
Kingdom come to earth through signs, wonders and miracles.               For more information regarding this school please go
This school will be an oasis where the Lord can restore, renew
and refresh you as you immerse yourself in the sweet Presence of         Costs                                                      Are you currently in a Leadership Role?     ❑ Yes ❑ No
the Father’s love and where He can strengthen and bring revival          Cost for the School is $350 AUS per person
                                                                                                                                    If yes, in what area are you serving as Leader?
in passion and vision to you for Himself and the call He has on          or $585 AUS per married couple.
your life. You will also learn the keys to be successful in long-term
With lots of extravagant worship, ministry, teaching and                                                                            Please tell us if you have any food allergies:
impartation in the key areas, we believe this will enable you to
come into greater intimacy and personal renewal.

                                                                                                                                    Home Church:

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