Installation of an underground power cable along Milligan Street by lindahy


Installation of an underground power cable along Milligan Street

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									Installation of an underground
power cable along Milligan Street
                                                                                      Project uPdate JANUARY 2008

As part of Western Power’s        The project
commitment to improve             In 2005, as part of the plan to upgrade the power supply to the Perth CBD and
the quality and reliability of    relocate part of the transmission network for the Perth to Mandurah rail link, a
power supply to the Perth CBD,    section of the 132 kV power transmission cables between the James Street
                                  substation in Northbridge and the intersection of Milligan Street and Murray Street
Western Power is installing two
                                  in Perth were replaced.
new 132,000 volt (132 kV)
                                  Western Power will now complete these works by replacing the remaining section
underground cables in
                                  of the existing transmission cables. These cables run from the intersection of
Milligan Street.                  Milligan Street and Murray Street to the Milligan Street substation located at the
                                  corner of Hay Street (please see map below).
                                  From January 2008, Western Power will commence the construction activities
                                  associated with these works.
                                  Once the new cables have been installed the old cables between Murray Street
                                  and the Milligan Street substation will be disconnected from the electricity grid.


                                                                                       jaMeS St                                    ME
Proposed                                                                              SuBStatIoN                                        SS


project timeline*

January 2008                                                                                                                       T
Installation of cable ducts
at intersections                                           WE
                                                                       GTO                        eNtertaINMeNt


February–April 2008                                                            ST
                                             EL L

Excavation of cable trench

and cable laying                                                                                    LLIN

                                                      MU                                                        N   ST
May 2008                                                   RR A

Road restoration and

completion of work                                  HAY

                                                          ST                              MU
                                                                                               RR A

* subject to change                                                                                YS
                                         Cable to be replaced
                                         Transmission cable
                                         (installed in 2005)              MILLIGaN St

          Project delay
          Western Power had planned to undertake these works between August and
          December 2007. However, due to the power requirements in the Perth CBD during
          this time and other ongoing works in WA, Western Power was unable to carry out
          the work as scheduled. This project has subsequently been rescheduled and
          works will now take place from January to June 2008.

          Burying the cables
          This major project will begin with the excavation of a trench approximately 1.2 metres
          deep down the centre of Milligan Street. This trench will be barricaded to ensure
          public safety. Once the cables are laid and buried, the trench will be backfilled and
          the road surface restored to its original condition.
          Before commencing, preparatory work is required on certain sections of Milligan
          Street at the Murray Street and Hay Street intersections. This preparatory work will
          take place over several weekends to minimise disruption to weekday traffic and
          eliminate the need for entire intersections to be affected at any one time.

          Traffic interruptions
          Western Power will endeavour to minimise traffic disruptions by working outside
          of peak traffic times and on weekends where possible.
          Traffic interruptions are expected along Milligan Street, Hay Street and Murray
          Street as a result of the excavation of the trench and cable installation.
          Western Power is working with the City of Perth and Main Roads WA to safely
          manage the traffic flow.
          Street parking in certain sections of Milligan Street may be restricted during the
          work and some pedestrian crossings may be temporarily closed. Western Power
          encouraged s motorists and pedestrians to us an alternative route through the
          CBD during this period.
          Western Power and its contractors will contact local businesses and landowners
          with up to date information about the proposed traffic diversions and lane closures.
          Information signs on Milligan Street will also notify motorists of any expected delays.

          For more information about this project please contact:
Contact   Brenden Lee at Western Power
          telephone: 9326 6918
          For information on any of our other projects, please visit

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