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   Inspiring Woman
                                                                                                              ISSUE 7      11/1998

Aussie Women win Extreme Competition By Kelly Risdale
Throwing yourself down mountains         ‘Because it’s fun!’
and over cliffs is not something most
of us go out of our way to do. But for   Okay, that’s fine, but isn’t it
Australian skiers, Samala Singer and     potentially life threatening? Aren’t
Andrea Binning, winners in this years    you scared? Safely curled up on a
Rip Curl Heli Challenge, this is the     couch in front of an open fire she
stuff of life. It is what drives them,   puts me straight.
challenges them and wins them
international extreme-skiing             ‘I’m not prepared to die for it. I
competitions.                            know I won’t do anything beyond
                                         my capabilities. So it’s not scary.’
The Heli Challenge, held in
New Zealand, involves skiers and         ‘There is an element of danger in
snowboarders from around the             that you can wipe out on a rock.
world. To ensure the steepest            But you just get out there and do it.’
terrain, best snow and most
challenging runs the competition         The competition is divided into three
area is accessed by helicopter only.     categories: the Free Ride Day;
For three days the competitors lug       Extreme Day; and, an all in race to
skis, poles and snowboards aboard        the bottom in the Chinese Down-
the chopper and head to the starting     Hill. On the Free Ride day points are
line on a usually inaccessible face.     allocated for airs and difficulty of trick.
In the separate skiing and
snowboarding categories each             ‘It is utilising the natural terrain to
competitor is judged on their skill      express yourself and have fun.’
and approach to the run. What is         Samala tells me. The Extreme Day              Samala Singer
unusual about this type of competition   sounds a little more ominous.
is the competitor’s desire to hunt                                                      Proudly donated and printed by
out dangerous situations, and their      ‘It has steeper, gnarlier terrain. You
seemingly relaxed attitude to            have a choice of line and it can be
pushing the limits.                      as hard as you like. It is judged on
Samala Singer, overall winner in the
women’s ski section, gives me an         Winner of the women’s Extreme
odd look when I ask her why?             skiing section and third place holder

          Woman              Kadin                         Haweenka                              Donne                   Mujeres
 overall, Andrea Binning, admits        ‘I thought I couldn’t finish the day’s     Andrea continues. ‘In a job you have        ‘Jumping off cliffs isn’t what you
she’s addicted to the adrenaline.       comp because I’d lost everything,’         obligations and with skiing you need        see women doing everyday. So I
                                        Samala recalls. ‘After I stopped           to be free of obligations otherwise         think we’re redefining our roles as
‘Of course you must be a                rolling I discovered I still had my        you miss opportunities.’                    women and extending our
competent skier. But, providing you     skis on and lost only one pole, so                                                     boundaries. Women are out there
have the skill and knowledge you        I decided I’d just enjoy the snow.         Money to live the lifestyle they            challenging stereotypes but still
eliminate the dangers involved.’        I went to where it was really good         speak of is always a problem.               aren’t seen to be involved in these
                                        and did big un-co giant slalom                                                         type of sports because people
‘I use fear to drive me. . . When I’m   turns.’                                    ‘Full sponsorship would be ideal,           aren’t made aware of them.’
challenged by something, and go                                                    ‘says Andrea. ‘But it’s unrealistic.
through with it, I get a surge of       At 22, Andrea respects the                                                             Andrea and Samala plan to attend
energy that makes me want to do         knowledge and experience of 29             Andrea believes women would                 the Rip Curl Heli Challenge again
more.                                   year old Samala.                           attract more support if they were           next year.
                                                                                   given more attention in the media.
She says what makes her most            ‘She’s so fit.’ When meeting up
nervous is not the steep, cliffy face   with her in New Zealand Andrea
below but the spectators standing       joined Samala’s fitness regime:
at the top of the run watching her
take off.
                                        morning yoga; the day skiing; an
                                        evening run. Earlier Samala had
                                                                                       Exercise in Pregnancy
                                        said she had not done any special
After the first couple of turns I get   training for this event.
into the flow and the nervousness                                                  Most people are confused about              Please call 9344 2069 for more
goes. I do what I normally do.          ‘No, she didn’t. That’s her normal day.’   exercise during pregnancy. The good         details.
That’s the great thing about this                                                  news is that there are many benefits
event. It’s judging you on how          Neither Andrea nor Samala can              to both you and your baby, however,         For more information on ‘Exercise in
you’d usually ski a run. To train,      imagine life outside the mountains.        the unique physical conditions that         Pregnancy’ the handbook Active and
you just go out and ski.’               Samala attended the competition            exist during pregnancy and the post         Pregnant is a good place to start and
                                        during her holidays from work.             partum period warrant that special          available through the RWH Cafeteria.
For these women a normal days           Seeing others ‘going hard’ has             care and safety measures are
skiing involves taking risks and the    inspired her to continue her               considered.                                 Most of all Have Fun !
occasional tumble. Both fell during     commitment to skiing. She aims to
the competition. It seems in an         one day live and work in the               If you are concerned about the safety       Handé Gunés
event like this many people do.         mountains in France. She says              and guidelines of exercise in               Physiotherapy Department
Pushing the limits is risky business.   work makes it difficult to ‘live the       pregnancy, the Royal Women’s                Royal Women’s Hospital.
                                        skiing lifestyle.’ What she really         Hospital Physiotherapy Department
Rather than thoughts of broken          wants is to be ‘out in the snow,           run exercise groups for pregnant
bones however, both remember            skiing everyday possible.’                 women on Wednesday evenings.
feeling disappointed.

                                                                                   General Guidelines
                                                                                   •    Exercise regularly (at least 3 times per week).
                                                                                   •    Competitive exercise is discouraged.
                                                                                   •    Do not perform vigorous exercise in hot, humid weather or during a period
                                                                                        of febrile illness.
                                                                                   •    Prevent unnecessary discomfort or injury by avoiding ballistic, jerky or
                                                                                        bouncing movements.
                                                                                   •    Always begin with a warm up (10 mins) and finish with a cool down
                                                                                        (10 mins).
                                                                                   •    Gentle, stationary stretches to prevent overstretching of muscles and dam-
                                                                                        age to already softened joints.
                                                                                   •    Take frequent rest breaks. Keep legs moving and maintain full breathing.
                                                                                   •    Wear well-cushioned sports shoes and try to exercise on grass or a carpet-
                                                                                        ed surface.
                                                                                   •    Avoid overheating and drink plenty of water and take breaks to replenish
                                                                                   •    Keep your medical care giver in the picture and STOP exercise if you expe-
                                                                                        rience any unusual symptoms.

           Woman              Kadin                        Haweenka                           Donne                                             Mujeres
This edition of Instinct is focused on     inspiring. The moving story of Trudy    lives of arthritic patients through       name of the winner will be
the sporting achievements of               Armstrong is one in which many          exercise.                                 published in the next edition of
women throughout the community.            women can relate to. Exercise for                                                 Instinct. These tickets have been
Exercise in any form, can be               her has created a new and active        Make this the opportunity to              kindly donated by Tennis Australia
beneficial for all women whether it        life which she only ever dreamed of     become a member of Instinct               and we than them very much for
be active home duties, gardening,          after having been diagnosed with        magazine this month because we            their contribution. Finally I would
walking or participating in a              osteoarthritis.                         have four free Australian Open            like to thank Maureen Johnson for
professional sport. Undertaking                                                    tennis tickets to give away. All you      all her ideas and organisational
exercise can help develop                  It is important to inform our readers   have to do is fill in the membership      skills in collating this edition of
friendships, new relationships and         of the many innovative programs         form together with your payment to        Instinct. Christine Gordon from the
even careers. It is exciting to see        that exist within the hospital and      absolutely women’s health, The            absolutely women’s health program
young Australian women like                local community. This edition has       Royal Women’s Hospital, 132               is going on maternity leave and we
Samala Singer and Andrea Binning           highlighted the exciting work and       Grattan Street, Carlton Vic 3053.         will all miss her contributions and
developing an exciting career in           dedication of our interpreting          You will then be placed in the draw       wealth of knowledge over the next
Snow Skiing. These women have              service and the physiotherapy           to win these wonderful tickets.           year.
dreams of becoming elite athletes          department. The Arthritis               Entries close on the 15th December
in their field and reading about their     Foundation has also promoted its        and the winners will be notified by        Georgia Birch
goals and ambitions is very                continual efforts to improving the      phone by the 18th December. The

  Positive Women                                                                      Absolutely ready for 1999
New Research on Women Living with AIDS
                                                                                   Already we are planning another busy new year for the absolutely women’s
Women living with HIV/AIDS have long suffered from lack of attention to their      health program.
specific concerns and issues. Just recently some significant research findings
have provided important information for women. Produced by the National            Plans are well underway for International Women’s Day held at the Melbourne
Centre in HIV Social Research, ‘Standing on Shifting Sand: Women Living with       Town Hall on Monday 8 March. This year the theme will be Women with
HIV/AIDS in Australia’, covers women’s health status, use of treatments,           Courage and again we join together with the YWCA, the International Women’s
relationships, finances, housing and employment.                                   Development Agency and the Victorian Women’s Trust to celebrate and
                                                                                   acknowledge women’s lives. If you or your organisation would like to be
It’s clear that HIV positive women take a far more skeptical approach to           involved on the evening let us know!
antiviral treatments than do men, with only 60% of women using them. Two
thirds of the women taking such treatments reported severe side-effects such       Also 1999 will herald the beginning of Women’s Views - a monthly radio show
as nausea, headaches, diarrhoea, hair loss and lethargy, and there was             on 3CR. We will let you know when to tune in! The absolutely women’s health
considerable concern about the unknown effects of long-term usage. Women           program has already formed a very strong relationship with the radio station
were less optimistic about the future than men (50%-69%), and carried              and is in the process of producing audio tapes of past events which can be
significant roles as carers for children (50%) and positive partners (30%).        used by women’s organisations, regional radio stations and individuals.

On a more positive note, the recent 12th International AIDS Conference in          The Melbourne International Comedy Festival will again be coming to a hospital
Geneva presented exciting new research for HIV positive women considering          near you!! The Royal Women’s Hospital will again be a venue for female
pregnancy. Studies have found that women who follow a particular pregnancy         comedians to strut their stuff. Check newspapers for details.
and birth protocol have between 0-1% of delivering a positive child. Given that
the majority of positive women are between 20 and 40 yo, with many wishing         With thanks to VicHealth, the program will also be hosting a public forum with
to start or add to families, the news has been greeted with cautious enthusiasm.   Susie Orbach, author of Fat is a Feminist Issue, on Thursday 29 July. Mark this
                                                                                   in your diary now as this is a rare opportunity to hear such an acclaimed
By Positive Women Victoria.                                                        speaker. International No Diet Day will also be celebrated in early May.
More details available by calling (3) 9276 6918.
                                                                                   The program is currently reviewing which contemporary women’s health issues
                                                                                   will be tackled in 1999. so far the list includes women as carers, workplace
    The International Women’s Development Agency is proud to launch
                                                                                   issues and, of course events that acknowledge older women in the Year of the
       RADIANCE A Film of Women and Reconciliation
                Wednesday 25 November                                              Older Person. If you would like to add to this list please contact us!
            This is the Australian Launch of 16 Days of Activism
                       to End Violence Against Women
                 Kino Cinema at 45 Collins Street Melbourne                        World AIDS Day Tuesday 1 December
                 RSVP Monday 22 November Ph 9417 1388                              Merry Christmas
                          6.30 - 10.00pm Cost $5.00

           Woman             Kadin                          Haweenka                         Donne                                            Mujeres
   Past and Present Where and What                                                    Diversity
The last few months at the awh            presented and facilitated
                                                                                  El ejercicio y la mujer latinoamericana
program have, as usual, not been          information discussion sessions on
                                                                                  Exercise and the Latin American woman
short of excitement.                      issues such as: a woman’s life
                                          cycle, menopause, diet and nutrition
The Health and Wealth Day
                                          and women’s emotional well-being.
proved to be a winner once again.
Participants were delighted with the      The highlight of the program was a
selection of speakers and activities      lunch and dancing with live
on the day. They enjoyed sharing          entertainment.
information, experiences and the
                                          We take this opportunity to thank all
opportunity to network. This year,
                                          those involved once again but in
the complimentary show bags were
                                          particular the women who
a highlight.
                                          participated, without their presence
The Women’s Financial Network, our        and keen involvement the day would
partners in this venture, were terrific   not have happened.
to work with, so thanks again!
                                          As we approach the end of the year,
A great big thank you to everyone         there are new challenges coming
involved in organising this event.        our way:
Last, but not least, thank you to all
                                          * Jan Sharrock, who has been the
the women whose enthusiastic
                                          editor for Instinct and the media
participation made it a great day!
                                          person for awh events, has moved
Parenting Issues for Lesbians             on from her position within the Well
and Lesbian Families                      Women’s unit. We are very grateful      Corella, Spanish interpreter
This forum was a great success in         to her for the great work that she
reaching out to women with an             has done and wish her luck in her       Karella De Jongh is the Spanish interpreter at Royal Women’s. Karella has a
incredible wealth of knowledge and        new position. Maureen Johnson has       Dutch background but she grew up in South America and later studied Spanish
experience. Attendance was great          taken over Jan’s role and is looking    and Portuguese in England. She later returned to South America where she
and so were participant’s                 forward to the challenge.               worked as an interpreter and ESL teacher. She has been working as a health
contributions and level of                                                        interpreter since she came to Australia 12 years ago.
                                          Christine, our lovely Program
engagement. The guest speakers
                                          Coordinator is on Maternity leave.      Traditionally Latin American or Spanish women are proud housewives and
were interesting and creative in
                                          We all miss her but are absolutely      exercise while they clean the house or do their chores and look after the
addressing the different
                                          certain she will enjoy her new role;    children.Younger women occasionally use exercise bicycles or walking
perspectives. A big thank you to
                                          Motherhood!.                            machines, which are very convenient since they can be used at home.
Meg Gulbin from Women’s Health in
                                                                                  However, the best way to enjoy oneself and exercise at the same time is at
the South East for her invaluable         We have some great ideas for
                                          forums, events and                      dances organized by the national clubs and at the independence day
support in organising this forum.
                                          partnerships in                         celebrations of each country. I have been fortunate enough to celebrate the
The Arabic-speaking Women’s                                                       independence days of many countries when I lived in Latin American (Costa
                                          the new
Health Day was action-packed and                                                               Rica, Venezuela, Panama, Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay and Brazil)
                                          year and
a great success.                                                                                   and after each party where I danced a lot I felt I had run the
                                          we are
The absolutely women’s health             sure that                                                 equivalent of a marathon!
program joined forces with the            you do too,
Voice of Arabic Women and many            so please                                                       Tradicionalmente la mujer latinoamericana o espanola es un
other agencies and groups to              ring us and                                                   ama de casa orgullosa y hace bastante ejercicio mientras que
organise a day aimed at improving         let us know!                                                  limpia la casa, hace sus quehaceres y cuida los hijos. Las mas
access of mainstream services for                                                                           jovenes a veces usan maquinas de gimnasia como la
                                          Patricia                                                             bicicleta o la maquina para andar, que son muy
women from this community.
                                          Papsis                                                                convenientes porque se pueden usar en casa. Sin
Two hundred women and their               Community                                                             embargo, la mejor manera de divertirse y hacer ejercicio
children were actively involved in        Education Officer.                                                    al mismo tiempo es de asistir a los bailes organizados por
sharing their information and                                                                                  los clubes nacionales y festejar durante los dias de
experience on women’s health                                                                                  independencia nacional. He participado en bailes para
issues.                                                                                                       celebrar los dias de independencia de varios paises
There were valuable contributions                                                                            latinoamericanos (Costa Rica, Venezuela, Panama,
from health professionals from the                                                                          Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay y Brasil) y despues de cada
Arabic speaking communities who                                                                             fiesta y tanto bailar senti que habia corrido el equivalente
                                                                                                              de una maratona!

            Woman              Kadin                        Haweenka                            Donne                                                 Mujeres
   A Letter from the heart
The watery road to recovery
 Hi, my name is Trudy Armstrong, I am in my sev-          Hospital and that is where I discovered the                a week, I am back to ballroom dancing and line
enties and have had osteoarthritis for more than          benefits of hydrotherapy. Warm water exercise not          dancing. My muscles became stronger and I
40 years. Prior to joining the East Bentleigh Self        only helps with the widest range of joint                  regained my mobility. You have to think positively
Help Group, I had been through a great deal.              movements and stretches but also stimulates                and you have to find out things for yourself.
I wore a back brace for 8 years, had cortisone            concentration and co-ordination. The warmth of             Doing exercise is the main thing and there’s a lot
injections in my spine for many years and I was           the water and the freedom that the buoyancy                people can do to help themselves. People with
under the care of specialists plus an osteopath,          allows, enabled me to perform exercises which              arthritis can and should make a life for themselves
chiropractor, acupuncturist and a physiotherapist.        were impossible on land due to the pain. It also           and exercise is a large component of their self
So you can see that a range of professionals had          became a social outing enabling me to talk to              management.
poked and prodded me over the years. But it was           others who had a similar condition to myself.
good old water that finally made the difference to                                                                   I am a trained telephone adviser for Arthritis
my life.                                                  I can not be more enthusiastic in my endorsement           Victoria and have been a volunteer in this role
                                                          of both one to one hydrotherapy and group warm             since 1994. While I still have osteoarthritis in my
I could not sit for longer than 10 minutes and was        water exercise classes or about exercise in                spine, feet and fingers, I am in better health and I
forced to give up tennis and all social outings.          general. I thought that I was facing a life in a           feel fitter than I did before I discovered the self
I wore a TENS (tram electrical nerve stimulation)         wheelchair. I went through years of frustration and        management approach of the self help groups.
machine for many Years to control the chronic pain        pain. When it was very bad, I’d burst into tears and       The Arthritis Victoria self help groups empower
and still use it on occasions. Ten years ago, I joined    I’d get depressed. I had to give up dancing, which         people who have arthritis to win back control of
the self-help group and was advised to see a              I loved. After commencing water exercise,                  their lives through education, exercise and action.
rheumatologist. He put me into Cedar Court                including three years of private hydrotherapy once

   Move it or Lose it
The Arthritis Foundation of Victoria                     Exercise boosts your energy levels, improves your       The Benefits of exercise
(AFV)                                                    immune system and general health, and helps you
The Foundation of Victoria is a non-profit               sleep better, Exercise is also known to have a          Some of the benefits of exercise for people with
organisation that works to improve the quality of        positive effect on moods, making you feel happier       (and without) arthritis include;
life of people with arthritis and other musculo-         and healthier.
                                                                                                                 •     improved joint mobility/ decreased stiffness;
skeletal conditions. It promotes self-management,
positive health, fitness and independence through        Is exercise harmful for people with                     •     increased muscle strength;
a variety of services including a Telephone              arthritis?
                                                                                                                 •     stronger bones;
Advisory Service, Phone Link, a Library/Resource         Many people with arthritis have a natural concern
Centre, Youth and Family services, support groups        that exercise may cause further damage to their         •     improved heart/lung fitness;
and self management courses,                             joints. However this is not true. Exercise actually     •     decreased stress levels;
                                                         helps to relieve and prevent many of the problems
Exercise and arthritis                                   associated with arthritis such as joint stiffness,      •     weight control and decreased body fat;
The AFV actively promotes exercise as an                 joint deformity and muscle weakness.                    •     improved sleep;
essential component of arthritis management. The
message to all people is: “Move It or Lose It”.                                                                  •     social interaction;
                                                                                                                 •     development of a positive attitude and healthi-
What is exercise?                                                                                                      er lifestyle.
Exercise includes any type of physical activity, be it
yoga, Tai Chi, dancing or lawn bowls. As long as it
gets you moving and you enjoy it, it is exercise.                                                                MOST OF ALL EXERCISE IS FUN!
You do not have to pound it out on the footpaths
or sweat it out at the gym to get benefits.                                                                      Exercise at the AFV
                                                                                                                 The AFV provides a number of services to promote
Barriers to exercise                                                                                             exercise, by helping people with arthritis learn
Many barriers can prevent us from participating in                                                               more about exercise and become more active.
regular exercise and activity: “I’m too tired”, “I’m                                                             Contact the AFV on 9530 0255 for more
too sick!”, “I’m too upset”. The irony is that getting                                                           information.
active can actually help many of these complaints.

           Woman               Kadin                       Haweenka                             Donne                                              Mujeres
                                                                                     in mind that this strength training programme is for women aged 35 and over,
 By Sally Madsen                                                                     it claims to help reverse bone loss, replace fat with muscle and increase
                                                                                     strength and energy - all in just two sessions per week. And never fear you’re
 At Readings we’re often asked to recommend a practical, up to date and not          not going to end up looking like a body building hulk! Just trim, taut and terrific.
 too daunting reference book that deals with women’s issues. WOMEN’S
 TROUBLE by Ruth Trickey and Kaz Cooke (Allen and Unwin $19.95) is the               There is a boom in books about healthy eating as opposed to strict day by day
 book. Ruth Trickey is a well known Melbourne natural therapist and herbalist        diets. Diet as opposed to diets! And what about mental well being? And now
 and Kaz Cooke’s wonderful cartoons are a part of Melbourne life. This manual        I’m here in the older age bracket, what about ageing memory? How does it
 is both sensible and fun and explains the self-care, natural therapies and          change as we grow older and what can we do about it? REMEMBERING
 medical solutions for a huge range of “women’s troubles” (a catchy and              WELL by local authors Delys Sargent and Anne Unkenstein (Allen and Unwin
 slightly ironic title)!                                                             $16.95) looks at these issues and discusses the problems with warmth and
                                                                                     humour. Importantly, it is down to earth advice.
 We all know that exercise and diet are essential to a healthy life. But what
 sort of exercise? I must admit that I count walking to work, the odd swim and       In the meantime, I think that the answer to keeping fit both physically and
 spot of tennis and even gardening in the fresh air as exercise. Not enough          mentally (and spiritually too) might be yoga. Lots of people swear by it. We
 and not so, says Miram Nelson in STRONG WOMEN STAY YOUNG (Lothian:                  always sell books on yoga. So it might be a trip down the road for me to
 Aurum $24.95) this year’s runaway best seller in the exercise stakes. Bearing       Mangala Studios of Yoga and Creative Dance.

        Your Opportunity to Win Two Tickets to the Australian Tennis Open
             If you send your application for membership to the absolutely women’s health program before
             Tuesday 15 December you will be put into the draw to win two tickets to the Australian Open.
Complete this Absolutely Women’s Health Membership Form and go to the Tennis Open

Date:               Name:                                      Adress:
                                         P/code:               Telephone (Home):              (Work):                Occupation:
Special Interests:
How did you find out about the absolutely women’s health program?:
Do you have any suggestions for the program?:
Have ypu used the hospital services before? Yes No
Individual membership is $20 per year. Cheques to be made payable to the Royal Women’s hospital. Please send your membership form and payment to:
Absolutely Women’s Health, the Royal women’s Hospital, 132 Grattan Street, Carlton vic 3053
Or charge my Visa ❒ Mastercard ❒ Bankcard ❒ Card number:
Cardholder’s name:                                  Expiry date:                  Signature:                      Organisational membership available.

    The                                                                                 Contacts
   program, with the help of Kirsty Douglas, has
                                                                                     Editors: Georgia Birch and Maureen Johnson
   completed a comprehensive evaluation of the                                       Manager: Christine Gordon
   program to ascertain strengths, improvements                                      Community Development Worker: Patricia Papsis
                                                                                     Telephone: 9344 2199
   and strategies for the future.                                                    Fax: 9348 2134
   The report is still in draft form but if you would like to see a
   copy please let us know.                                                          If you have any ideas or contributions, please contact us.


          Woman             Kadin                         Haweenka                           Donne                                                Mujeres

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