Industry confidence remains strong

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Industry confidence
remains strong
Industry confidence continues to              The objectives of the previous strategic    identified the priority areas for the
remain strong with the statutory levy         plan were all achieved, which is an         Industry Development Manager (IDM) to
progressing well and continuing to grow.      achievement in itself. The continued        focus on during a meeting held with the
Despite some adverse weather patterns         growth in the industry is supported by      Industry Advisory Committee (IAC).
at the beginning of the year and the          strong consumer demand. Advances            There were four top priority areas
effects of drought, the statutory levy        in product quality through agronomic        identified.
finished the 2008/09 year 15 per cent         advances, disease resistant cultivars,
ahead of the budgeted figure. A new           and increased areas of covered              Australian Rubus Fruit Best Practice
                                              cropping, together with the health          and Integrated Production
marketing levy was also established
in the 2008/09 financial year. Once           attributes of berries, will ensure
                                                                                          Continuing the work of the IDM with a
this has built up, it will be invested        demand continues.
                                                                                          focus on:
in promoting the Rubus industry and           The ARGA (Australian Rubus Growers          •	 Adoption of best management
leveraging the R&D levy.                      Association) is continuing efforts             practice
                                              to acquire varieties from overseas
Rubus industry leaders are forecasting                                                    •	 Organisation of field days, workshops
                                              breeding programs that display
that the industry will double in size by                                                     and study tours
                                              characteristics such as fruit with
2014. The completion of the industry                                                      •	 Project management
                                              enhanced flavour and large-sized fruit
strategic plan in late 2009 will help
                                              together with high yielding varieties       •	 Links with international programs and
guide R&D investment to drive the
                                              suited to the Australian climate.              other extension activities.
predicted growth. Future sustainable
growth for the sector will remain positive    The industry development needs
with new key objectives in place.             assessment during the 2008/09 year                               continued on page 2

 Climate Change is increasingly becoming a significant topic for the horticulture
 industry. In 2007/08 the industry began contributing to the horticulture component
 of phase one of the national Climate Change Research Strategy for Primary
 Industries (CCRSPI).

 The aim of CCRSPI Phase One was to develop a comprehensive research strategy
 that will allow industries to be informed by good research and be prepared to
 respond to the opportunities and risks presented by climate change. The scope of
 the strategy will be broad, covering any issue that needs consideration over the short
 (3 years), medium (5+ years) and long term (10+ years). The research strategy and
 Phase One final report is available from the CCRSPI website

 HAL is now contributing to Phase Two of the project in 2008/09 in collaboration with
 other Rural RDCs, CSIRO and Federal, State and Territory Governments. This phase
 aims to develop an implementation plan for the research strategy for 2009/10 onwards.

 These projects have been funded by HAL using the Rubus levy and/or voluntary contributions from industry with matched
                              funding from the Australian Government for all R&D activity.
    industRy                               Growers benefit from
    confidence                             Global Berry Congress and
    RemAins stRong
    continued from page 1                  IRC Meeting
                                           Major differences in retail strategies and    Before attending the sixth International
    Creating a DVD with a variety of
                                           in how European/UK producers have             Raspberry Organisation Conference in
    topics that:
                                           adapted to market demands were among          Poland, the group attended a Raspberry
    •	 Aim to increase sales and reduce                                                  Symposium at Tongeren, Belgium, where
                                           the discoveries made by a delegation of
       wastage                                                                           there was opportunity to observe and
                                           Rubus growers following a study tour to
    •	 Can be used as a training tool at   Europe in May 2008.                           assess current leading cultivars as well
       supermarkets                                                                      as a number of promising new selections
                                           The delegation attended the first Global      from breeding programs around the
    •	 Provides production techniques
                                           Berry Congress in the UK, visited             world.
       for new growers
                                           retailers, research and nursery facilities,
    •	 Offers other topics depending on                                                  Several cultivars were noteworthy
                                           plus a large berry producer utilising
       industry needs.                                                                   as being suitable for introduction to
                                           covered cropping systems in Scotland.
                                                                                         Australian commerce.
    Study tour                             All the UK Congress sessions on               Project RB07002
    Organising a study tour and            varietal development were focussed on
                                                                                         For further information contact:
    determining the destination through    tight alliances between breeding and
                                                                                         Philip Rowe, Australian Rubus Growers
    the strategic planning process and     marketing, with other presentations           Association
    consultation with industry.            addressing consumer needs for                 T 03 5634 7526
    Communication                          freshness, health, flavour and residue-       E
                                           free fruit that will enable further
    Improving industry communication
                                           expansion of the sector, as long as
                                           labour shortages can be solved.
    •	 Managing ARGA website content
    •	 Developing newsletters
    •	 Ensuring flow of information           Rubus-HAL PARtneRsHiP AgReement
       between industry, ARGA board
       and the IAC.                           All projects in the Rubus levy program are supported by a strong industry
                                              communication and consultation strategy funded through a partnership
    For more information contact:
                                              agreement project with HAL.
    Astrid Hughes, HAL Industry
    Services Manager                          Partnership agreement activities are funded by HAL using the Rubus R&D levy
    T 02 8295 2300                            and matched funds from the Australian Government. These matched funds
    E       enable the Australian Rubus Growers Association (ARGA) to undertake the
                                              Annual Levy Payers Meeting (ALPM) and program consultation to enable the
                                              industry advisory committee members to meet with HAL and advise HAL on the
                                              levy program investment.

                                              More specifically, the general consultation element of the partnership agreement
                                              covers attendance at HAL Industry Forums, attendance at HAL/ARGA
                                              Executive Board to Board consultation meetings, and other formal and informal
                                              consultation between personnel of ARGA and HAL. These costs are reviewed by
                                              ARGA and HAL at least annually.

                                              Project RB08910
                                              For more information contact:
                                              Astrid Hughes,
                                              HAL Industry Services Manager
                                              T 02 8295 2300

Industry development – best practice and
integrated fruit production
The national Industry Development              This information will be used to write an     Two other grower events were planned
Manager (IDM) role is a central point          irrigation module for the Integrated Fruit    for 2009 – the biennial Berry Expo held
for communication and information              Production Manual.                            in July and a combined Rubus and
dissemination for the geographically                                                         blueberry industry mini-conference
                                               ARGA is committed to continuing               to be held in Coffs Harbour, NSW, in
dispersed growers in the Australian
Rubus industry.                                the evaluation of the outstanding             September.
                                               material from the now defunct DPI
The IDM consolidates information               Victoria breeding program. The best           Project RB08001
gathered in the previous industry              15 selections from Stage Two Junior           For further information contact:
development and breeding project               Trials were transferred to the Elite          Alison Brinson, DPI Victoria
(FR05003) and extends best                     Selection Trial site. The most outstanding    T 03 9210 9308
management practices as part of a new          selection was initiated into tissue culture   E
three-day per week IDM role.                   to fast-track its trialing in commercial
                                               situations. Seven plants from the Stage
The project will continue to assess
                                               One seedling site at Toolangi, VIC, were
the best selections from the DPI
                                               transferred to the Elite Selection site,
Victoria/Australian Rubus Growers
                                               mainly to preserve the germplasm should
Association (ARGA) breeding program,
and assist the industry with the import        breeding ever be recommenced.
of promising varieties from overseas           While major communication with
for commercial trialing locally. Major         industry is via email and the industry
activities will be based on the Rubus          website, a newsletter was also
industry strategic plan (currently under       distributed in May.
                                               After the devastating bushfires in Victoria
The ‘WaterWise Berries’ cross-berry            during February 2009, an information
industry project, funded by the                sheet, ‘Recovery from Fire Damage in
Australian Government’s ‘Caring for our        Rubus Crops’ was produced to assist
Country’ initiative, evaluated current         affected growers.
irrigation management practices with
the aim of identifying opportunities           A consultant has been engaged by
for more efficient water use. It also          ARGA to prepare the next strategic plan.
examined the effect on berry fruit             Grower consultation meetings will be
quality of under and over-watering.            held in Victoria and Tasmania in August.

  minoR use PeRmits foR Rubus industRy
  Australian Pesticides and Veterinary           through the APVMA permit application        for the residue analyses of raspberries
  Medicine Authority (APVMA) minor               process until the permit is achieved        treated with chlorothalonil (e.g. Bravo)
  use permits are required in the Rubus                                                      taken from two trials.
                                               •	 The payment of APVMA permit
  industry. Minor use work for the Rubus          application fees for new and/or            Project RB08002
  industry can include:                           renewing minor use permit (present         For more information contact:
  •	 The generation or collection of              but expiring permits).                     Brad Wells, HAL Plant Health
     residue data, which addresses the                                                       Manager
                                               This project funds the activities for         T 02 8295 2300
     requirements for new or renewing
                                               accessing priority pesticides for the         E
     APVMA permits
                                               Rubus industry. Two specific activities
  •	 Desktop permit applications –             have taken place in 2008/09. The minor
     collation of available data, writing up   use permit for the use of copper was
     and submitting permit applications        renewed with the payment of the APVMA
     and following the applications            minor use fee. The rest of the funds paid
    Website enhances                                                                    dAtA coLLection
    communication with an                                                               PRogRAm
                                                                                        The data collection project allows

    expanding industry                                                                  for the acquisition, analysis and
                                                                                        reporting of horticulture industry
                                                                                        import and export data and domestic
    To communicate effectively with growers                                             market trade data to support
    throughout Australia, the Australian                                                industry knowledge and decision
    Rubus Growers Association (ARGA)                                                    making based on consumption and
    commissioned a HAL-funded project to                                                trade patterns.
    develop an industry website:                                                        The project has historically                                                                    delivered information to the
    With Rubus production increasing                                                    investing industries via reports and
    and expanding across more of the                                                    demonstrations created from the
    country, there was a need to improve                                                available data platforms acquired in
    communication and services to all                                                   the project.
    members. The aims of the project                                                    The project has now entered a new
    therefore included:                                                                 phase that will look to build on
    •	 improved communication with                                                      the past as well as see a greater
       members, levy payers and prospective                                             emphasis on communicating with
       new entrants to the industry in all                                              industry to arrange the supply of
       Australian states                                                                key statistics and data with a view
                                                                                        to having positive impact on each
    •	 development of a stand-alone industry
                                                                                        industry’s production and trade.
       website that would provide up-to-date
       news about industry activities, best    The website receives an average          Particular reports will vary across
       practice production information and     of 1,000 hits per month. ARGA            industries but typically will include
       association services                    membership has increased by more         Australian export volumes and
    •	 improve the profile of ARGA             than 35 per cent in the last 18 months   amounts versus imports across
                                                                                        different trade partners. Domestic
    •	 provide consumer information on the     Project FR06003
                                                                                        sales trends will be displayed across
       health benefits of consuming Rubus      For further information contact:         retail and independent markets
       fruits.                                 Philip Rowe, Australian Rubus Growers    as well as providing consumer
    The website includes an ARGA members                                                behaviour data on purchase
                                               T 03 5634 7526
    area containing a members directory,                                                frequency, volumes, value and
    industry barcodes and association                                                   market penetration.
    information.                                                                        Reports are usually produced
                                                                                        quarterly but industries with a peak
                                                                                        season may look to have their
                                                                                        reports tailored to key time periods
                                                                                        across the year. This project will
                                                                                        continue to build capacity with
                                                                                        improved data and reporting to aid
                                                                                        industries in the coming year.

                                                                                        Project MT08015
                                                                                        For more information contact:
                                                                                        Roger Bramble, HAL Horticulture
                                                                                        Industry Analyst
                                                                                        T 02 8295 2300

Investing in Australian horticulture
AustRALiAn goveRnment PRioRities                                                              ReLAtionsHiPs And
As part of the Australian Government’s                                                        RoLes ReLAting to
commitment to rural research and                   Productivity and Adding Value
development, horticulture industries
                                                   Improve the productivity and
                                                                                              HAL PRogRAms
can access matching Commonwealth                                                              Horticulture Australia Limited (HAL) is a
                                                   profitability of existing industries and
funding through HAL for all research and                                                      not-for-profit industry owned company.
                                                   support the development of viable
development activities.                                                                       Its role is to manage the expenditure
                                                   new industries.
The Australian Government’s Rural                                                             of funds collected by the Australian
Research and Development Priorities
                                                   Supply Chain and Markets                   Government on behalf of horticulture
aim to foster innovation and guide R&D             Better understand and respond to           industries.
effort in the face of continuing economic,         domestic and international market          HAL invests $85 million annually in
environmental and social change. HAL’s             and consumer requirements and              projects to benefit horticulture industries.
operations are closely aligned with these          improve the flow of such information
priorities.                                        through the whole supply chain,            An Industry Advisory Committee (IAC)
                                                   including to consumers.                    is established for each industry with
This chart shows the percentage of                                                            a statutory levy and annual income
projects in HAL’s Rubus R&D program                Natural Resource Management                exceeding $150,000. The IAC is a
allocated against each of the Australian                                                      subcommittee of the HAL Board. It
Government priorities for rural research           Support effective management
                                                                                              makes recommendations to HAL on the
and development. Full details across all           of Australia’s natural resources to
                                                                                              expenditure of funds.
industries are available in HAL’s annual           ensure primary industries are both
report at 09               economically and environmentally           The Industry Representative Body
 Percentage by value of Rubus
                                                   sustainable.                               (IRB) for an industry is responsible for
                                                                                              recommending to HAL the establishment
                                                   Climate Variability and
                                                                                              of, and any changes to, statutory levies.
                                                   Climate Change                             The IRB for an industry with a statutory
                                                   Build resilience to climate variability    levy recommends membership of the
                                                   and adapt to and mitigate the effects      IAC to HAL and must demonstrate how
                                                   of climate change.                         the skills required on an IAC are met
                                                                                              by the persons they recommend for
                                                   Biosecurity                                appointment to the committee.
                                                   Protect Australia’s community,             For more information please visit
                                                   primary industries and environment
                                                   from biosecurity threats.

                                                   Innovation Skills
   Productivity and Adding Value (40.0%)           Improve the skills to undertake
   Supply Chain and Markets (22.5%)                research and apply its findings.             In 2008/09 Australian Rubus
                                                                                                Growers Association acted as the
   Natural Resources Management (6.3%)             Technology                                   service provider on two projects.
   Climate Variability and Climate Change (5.0%)
                                                   Promote the development of new               Full details can be found on page
   Biosecurity (3.8%)                              and existing technologies.                   seven of this report.
   Innovation Skills (15.0%)

   Technology (7.5%)

                                                   consuLtAtion funding
                                                   Consultation funding is paid by HAL to cover costs for IAC meetings, annual levy
                                                   payers’ meetings and costs within the partnership agreement between HAL and
                                                   the member industry that are specified as consultation, for example R&D program
                                                   consultation. In 2008/09 $2,500 of consultation funding was budgeted to be
                                                   provided to the Australian Rubus Growers Association.
    Across Industry Program
    The Rubus industry contributes funding towards an across industry program that addresses issues affecting all of horticulture.
    Details of the current program are listed below. A full report of the program can be found at

     Project                                                             Project     Project
                Title                                                                             Organisation                     Contact
     No                                                                  start       completion

     Outcome 1 Enhance the efficiency, transparency, responsiveness and integrity of the supply chain for the total industry to provide clear
     market signals

     AH04007    Pesticide regulation coordinator                         5 Jul 04    1 Jul 09     AKC Consulting                   Kevin Bodnaruk
                                                                                                                                   02 9499 3833

     AH07033    Incident Response Protocol – development and training    21 Apr 08   30 Sep 09    Control Risks                    Julian Heath
                for horticulture                                                                                                   02 9279 0099

     AH08011    A baseline survey of knowledge, attitudes, approaches    31 Jul 08   31 Jan 09    Instinct and Reason              David Donnelly
                and aspirations regarding contamination management                                                                 02 9283 2233

     AH08012    Country of origin labelling research project             1 Oct 08    31 Oct 08    Horticulture Australia Limited   David Chenu
                                                                                                                                   02 8295 2300

     MT07029    Managing pesticide access in horticulture                1 Jul 07    30 Jun 10    AgAware Consulting Pty Ltd       Peter Dal Santo
                                                                                                                                   03 5439 5916

     Outcome 2 Maximise the benefits of horticultural products in the eyes of consumers, influencers and government

     AH07006    Promoting the health advantage of fruit and vegetable    1 Jul 07    30 Jun 10    Horticulture Australia Limited   Chris Rowley
                to increase their consumption                                                                                      02 8901 0329

     Outcome 3 Position horticulture to compete in a globalised environment

     AH07002    HAL market access coordination                           1 Jul 07    30 Jun 09    Stephen Winter & Associates      Stephen Winter
                                                                                                  Pty Ltd                          03 9832 0787

     AH07003    Market access support program                            30 Jun 08   30 Jun 09    Horticulture Australia Limited   Kim James
                                                                                                                                   08 6389 1407

     AH08010    Workshop on quantitative methods applied to              16 Jul 08   30 Sep 08    Australia Crop Genetic           Craig Hardner
                horticultural improvement                                                         Services                         07 3346 9465

     Outcome 4 Achieve long term viability and sustainability for Australian horticulture

     AH07031    Peri-urban horticulture and land use planning:           1 Apr 08    31 Oct 08    GHD                              Luke Jewell
                Literature Review & ‘Tool-kit’                                                                                     02 9241 5655

     AH08002    Horticulture Water Initiative 2008/09                    1 Jul 08    30 Jun 09    Horticulture Australia Limited   Alison Turnbull
                                                                                                                                   02 8295 2300

     AH08003    Analysis of Horticulture’s carbon footprint              15 Jan 09   31 May 09    Horticulture Australia Limited   Alison Turnbull
                                                                                                                                   02 8295 2300

     AH08014    Horticulture industry consultation on Award             17 Nov 08    30 Apr 09    Horticulture Australia Limited   Ravi Hegde
                modernisation                                                                                                      02 8295 2300

Rubus Program 2008/09
Project                                                    Levy    Project     Project
          Project title                                                                     Organisation               Contact
No                                                         or VC   start       completion

FR05003   Facilitating the development of the Rubus        Levy    1 Sep 05    15 Jul 08    Victorian Department of    Alison Brinson
          industry – breeding and IDO                                                       Primary Industries         03 9210 9308

FR06003   Facilitating communication in the Rubus          Levy/   1 Jul 06    31 May 09    Australian Rubus Growers   Philip Rowe
          industry                                         VC                               Association                03 5634 7526

RB07002   Global Berry Congress and IRC meeting            Levy/   24 Apr 08   30 Sep 08    Australian Rubus Growers   Philip Rowe
                                                           VC                               Association                03 5634 7526

RB08001   Australian Rubus industry development –          Levy    31 Aug 08   30 Jun 11    Victorian Department of    Alison Brinson
          best practice and integrated fruit production                                     Primary Industries         03 9210 9308

RB08002   Minor use permits for Rubus industry             Levy    16 Jan 09   31 May 09    Horticulture Australia     Brad Wells
                                                                                            Limited                    02 8295 2300

RB08006   Strategic planning facilitation – focus groups   Levy    25 Apr 08   31 May 10    RMCG                       Peter Gray
                                                                                                                       03 5441 4821

RB08910   Rubus Partnership Agreement 2008–2011            Levy    1 Jan 08    30 Jun 09    Horticulture Australia     Astrid Hughes
          – consultation                                                                    Limited                    02 8295 2300

MT08015   Data collection program                          Levy/   15 Sep 08   31 May 10    Horticulture Australia     Roger Bramble
                                                           VC                               Limited                    02 8295 2300

    Financial Report
    Rubus investment summARy
    Year Ended 30 June 2009
                                                                                         Marketing                R&D                Combined
                                                                                          2008/09              2008/09                 2008/09

     Funds available 1 July 2008                                                                               40,704                   40,704


     Levies Received                                                                                           57,703                   57,703

     Commonwealth Contributions                                                                                55,305                   55,305

     Other Income                                                                                                1,604                   1,604

     Total Income                                                                             N/A             114,612                 114,612

     Budget                                                                                                   108,783                 108,783

     Variance to Budget                                                                                          5,829                   5,829


     Levy Programs                                                                                             97,351                   97,351

     Service Delivery Programs by HAL                                                                          13,259                   13,259

     Across Industry Funding                                                                                     1,129                   1,129

     Levy Collection Costs                                                                                     10,191                   10,191

     Total Investment                                                                         N/A             121,930                 121,930

     Budget                                                                                                   127,924                 127,924

     Variance to Budget                                                                                          5,994                   5,994

     Annual Surplus/Deficit                                                                   N/A               (7,318)                 (7,318)

     Funds available 30 June 2009                                                             N/A              33,386                   33,386

                                                                                                     FOR MORE

      Rubus industRy                                                                                 INFORMATION CONTACT:

      committee (iAc)
      Philip Rowe (chair)
      Tony Allen (secretariat)
      David Bardon
      Lorraine Chapman
                                                                                                     Astrid Hughes
      Steve Chapman
                                                                                                     Industry Services Manager
      Philip Dornauf
                                                                                                     Horticulture Australia Limited (HAL)
      Philip Marshall
                                                                                                     Level 7, 179 Elizabeth Street
      Albert Meeuwissen
                                                                                                     Sydney NSW 2000
      Stephen la Morticella
      Jeremy Tisdall                                                                                 T 02 8295 2300
      Gary Wright                                                                                    E
      Alison Brinson (ex-officio)
      Astrid Hughes (ex-officio)

    Horticulture Australia Limited (HAL) Level 7, 179 Elizabeth Street Sydney NSW 2000
    T 02 8295 2300 F 02 8295 2399

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