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					  Dedicated to Serving the Lord and the            Child Sexual Abuse
         Community since 1963                                                               Sanctuary-Plus
                                          According to one church leader
                                          this issue is epidemic in our society
Brokerforce Insurance Inc.
    200 Consumers Road, Suite 608
                                          and the results are disastrous.

                                          We live in turbulent times today but the issue
          Toronto, Ontario                of child offence was also on the Lord’s heart
             M2J 4R4

           Tel: 416-494-2696
                                          as shown in the following Scriptures
                                          Mark 9: 36-37 & 42 and Luke 17: 1-2.
                                          The Lord also spoke of the disastrous
      Toll Free: 1-800-263-9870
          Fax: 416-494-7130
                                          consequences of damaging “little ones”
                                          According to Focus on the Family, our society
   E-mail:               is a breeding-ground for the offences                      &
                                          of abuse, and our churches need to train and
                                          implement safeguards to protect the children            MATERIALS
         For Clarification,               in our current and future care.

                                          Your church can be actively involved                Child Sexual Abuse
                                          in prevention by implementing and                   Prevention Program
                Or                        maintaining leader/volunteer-screening
    “No Obligation Quotation”             procedures. This also tells our society                      for
of your church’s insurance needs,         that we are prepared to deal professionally
                                          with these issues.                               Evangelical & Fundamental
contact our staff who want to help.
                                                                                              Ministries in Canada
                                          How the Reduce the Risk Seminar can Help
             Eldon C. Smith                       Understand the problem
                                                  Expose your church to the problem        Brokerforce Insurance Inc.
                                                  Screen out the problem                    (Formerly Smith & Fraser Insurance Brokers Limited)
               Scott Fraser                                                                     200 Consumers Road, Suite 608
                 Vice President                   Protect the children in your care
                                                  Protect your leaders                                  Toronto, ON
                                                  Protect the church’s ministries                        M2J 4R4
            Roger Wingfield
       Vice President & General Manager           Be prepared to respond properly
                                                  to the problem when it arises                       Tel: 416-494-2696
           Karen Wilkinson                        Protect your insurance                         Toll Free: 1-800-263-9870
         Sanctuary – Plus Administrator           Tell society that your church cares                 Fax: 416-494-7130
                                                  and actively does something to protect      E-mail:
                                                  their children from problems that       
                                                  might arise in the church                                                          March 2005
   Reducing the Risk                  Child Abuse,                                                    Instructors
  These resource materials             Harassment                                       Barry Sweeting
   come in a kit consisting                 &                                           4047 Jarvis Crescent
                                                                                        Burlington, ON, L7M 4M6
      of the following:                Molestation                                      905-335-8983
                                   Prevention Seminars                                     insurance underwriting exec for 30 yrs
                                                                                           educator for Reduce the Risk seminars
         One DVD                                                                           member of Faith Baptist Church, Oakville
             on                     For YOUR Church                                        abuse officer and worship team leader
                                                                                           educator for insurance courses
 What Leaders Need to Know                               or                                husband and father of 2 children

      One Guidebook                        Organization
             on                                                                         Dave McAllister
   How To Set Up Practical        For information on seminar                            9514 – 96 Street
                                                                                        Morinville, AB, T8R 1H8
Prevention and Risk Reduction      materials and availability                           780-939-4780
                                   of time for your church,                                insurance broker in Alberta
   One Training Manual             please contact our office.                              member of Morinville Baptist Church
             on                                                                            educator for Reduce the Risk seminars
                                                                                           youth leader/deacon
   How To Approach and          Brokerforce Insurance Inc.                                 educator for computer software courses
  Implement and Maintain          (Formerly Smith & Fraser Insurance Brokers Limited)      husband and father of 3 children
                                      200 Consumers Road, Suite 608
 Leader/Volunteer Screening               Toronto, ON, M2J 4R4
                                                                                        Roger Wingfield
                                Tel: 416-494-2696 Toll Free: 1-800-263-9870             35 McCauley Drive
       One CD-ROM                            Fax: 416-494-7130                          Bolton, ON, L7E 5R8
             on                                                                         905-880-9531
       Canada’s Law                                       or                  
                                       Contact Karen Wilkinson                             insurance exec for 38 yrs
   on Child Sexual Abuse            E-mail:                       insurance broker in Ontario
                                                                                           educator for Reduce the Risk seminars
       One CD-ROM                                                                          member of Nashville Road Church, Kleinburg
                                                                                           AWANA leader and youth leader
             on                     Now is the time to act                                 Husband and father of 2 children
  Prototype Abuse Protocol               to protect
   For your Organization
                                     your children and                                        We are here to help!
                                      your ministries.                                          Call us today.
Cost: $75 CDN for the kit