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If You Dont Train Them, Dont Blame Them


If You Dont Train Them, Dont Blame Them

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									                                                                                                                           M A G A Z I N E

If You Don’t Train Them, Don’t Blame Them...
                                              operation today is to train employees          Training all employees need not be
                                              and, in some cases, to retrain them and        such an expensive proposition for
                                              then remind them to practice what              foodservice operators; the investment
                                              you’ve preached.                               pays off in several ways. Leslie says that
                                                                                             while she recognises the risk of training
                                              Safe food handling, including temperature      and then losing an employee, ‘‘when
                                              monitoring, hand-washing, and being sure       employees see that we’re willing to
                                              everyone is aware and understands the          invest in training them, they appreciate
                                              need for safe food handling is extremely       it and it builds loyalty.’’ The cost of not
                                              important.                                     training employees is too high.

                                              Employee training that ensures ‘‘knowing       The common response from business
As the food safety supervisor                 it and doing it’’ is at the heart of the       owners is: “What if you train them and
you would agree that thorough                 training programs from CFT .                   they leave?” The real issue is: What if
training in Food Safety for every                                                            you don’t and they stay!” The general
food handler is the first priority for        Training must be nationally accredited         public is now more aware than ever
Smart Operators.                              Marg Leslie, CFT Director, says, “Making       about correct hygiene practices. If they
                                              sure that students understand why              see your staff breaking some of the
No-one is born knowing how to prevent         procedures are important underlies             “rules”, you can be assured they will
food-borne illness, and no employer can get   all CFT’s programs.’’ ‘‘They need              think twice before they risk buying from
by hoping that safety standards are known     to understand why clean hands are              your establishment in the future.
and practiced. Assuming that employees        important and why they have to check
understand the importance of food safety      food temperatures,’’ she explains. ‘‘Then      Contact CFT on 1300 665 633 for
and hygiene is a deadly mistake.              they have a better understanding of how        both Basic Food Safety and Food Safety
                                              their practices can have a positive impact     Supervisor classes scheduled across
One of the many responsibilities of           on food quality, increased shelf life for      Victoria, or you can do your training
being an employer in a foodservice            foods and higher customer satisfaction.’’      online at at anytime.

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