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Hydro Power, China

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									                                             The project is located in the Tongren City
                                             area of Guizhou Province near the
                                             UNESCO listed Mt Fanjingshan National

                                             Nature Reserve


 Hydro Power, China
 Renewable energy project for Songtao County,
 Tongren City in Guizhou Province, China.

The 9.8 MW capacity hydro project         implemented, nearby rural villages
is located on the Daliang River,          were relying on forest wood burning
                                                                                          Project Objectives:
near the town of Daxing, Songtao          which resulted in damaging
County, Tongren City, Guizhou             greenhouse gases being released.                • Design, engineering,
Province of China.                                                                         procurement, construction,
                                          As a result of the project, clean and
Tongren Region is a mountainous           reliable power is now available to               operation and maintenance of
area with a population of                 Tongren City and new, non-rural                  9.8MW of renewable hydro
approximately 3,800,000 and a             jobs have been created.                          electric power
large proportion of the population
being ethnic minorities which make        Creating non-rural employment and               • Support local community
up over 50%. The area is known for        generating renewable energy are                  through 10 new jobs in the
its tobacco and agricultural produce      key priorities of China’s national
                                                                                           renewable energy sector
as well as the Mt Fanjingshan             energy policy and Western
National Nature Reserve which lies        Development Strategy.                           • Increase renewable energy
at the border of Songtao, Jianghou
                                                                                           generation capacity
and Yinjiang Counties.
                                                                                          • Increase energy availability
Previous to the project being

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The project produces almost 32,000
MW hours of clean renewable
electricity each year
                                                                               1. Emission reductions.
                                                                               The project activity reduces
                                                                               over 188,783 tonnes of CO2e
                                                                               during its lifetime

                                                                               2. Develop rural economy.
                                                                               By generating additional
                                                                               electrical capacity in rural
                                                                               areas, local villages’ quality of
                                                                               life is improved as the power
                                                                               shortages in Tongren City are

                                                                               3. Improve environment.
                                                                               Renewable energy generation
                                                                               such as hydro displaces the
                                                                               use of coal, gas and other
                                                                               fossil fuels and results in less
                                                                               pollution released into the
Technical Information
                                       2 locally sourced turbines each of
Installed Capacity: 9.8 MW             4900 kW capacity are in operation       4. Generate employment.
Power Density: 70.8W/m    2            which provided valuable assistance      The project installed locally
                                       for the Chinese renewable energy        sourced turbines and created
Rated Head: 56 metres                  sector by building capacity and         temporary jobs during
Flow: 10.42m3/sec                      skills.                                 construction and an
                                                                               additional 10 permanent
Reservoir Surface Area: 211,864m2      At 9.8MW capacity the project
                                                                               positions for ongoing
                                       activity will generate approximately
                                       32,000 MW hours of renewable            operations, monitoring and
Cleaner Climate’s small scale
                                       electricity to the China Southern       maintenance
hydro project, generates electricity
based on the flow of the river as      Power Grid through a long term
part of the Daliang River              Power Purchase Agreement.               5. Minimise Impact.
Development Program.                                                           The mini hydro plant
                                       Electricity is transferred via a        improves electricity
An Environmental Impact                newly installed 35kV transmission.      accessibility and reduces the
Assessment was carried out by the                                              prevalence of local villagers
Institute of Geology, Chinese          Cleaner Climate’s hydro power
                                                                               using firewood
Academy of Science and was             plant has been developed as a
approved by the Environmental          Clean Development Mechanism
Protection Bureau of Guizhou           project and supports the
Province in 2007.                      renewable energy development
                                       goals of the Western Development
Specialised equipment was              Strategy.
                                                                              The total estimated reductions
selected during construction to
                                       Requirements of project                over the project life are 188,783
limit noise and disturbances to
                                       additionality are met due to the       tonnes of CO2e
local communities and once
completed, trees and grass were        investment barriers attributed to
to be replanted to strengthen soil     developing small scale hydro
and water conservation.                projects.
Furthermore, the generation of         The project’s Internal Rate of
electricity capacity in rural areas    Return including carbon financing
and the creation of new non-rural      is still less than the benchmark
jobs are in line with the economic     10% issued by the Ministry of
development goals of for China.        Water and Resources, but was
                                       acceptable to the project operators
The Macahoe hydro plant is owned       due to the longevity of the project
and operated by Macaohe Hydro          and its contribution to the local
Power Development in Songtao           communities.
County Ltd.Co.

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