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                                                                                                 The ABCs of Sailboat Handling

                              Canadian Power & Sail Squadrons

                                        26 Golden Gate Court, Toronto
                                         Ontario, Canada M1P 3A5
                                         1-888-CPS-BOAT (277-2628)
                                              Fax: 416-293-2445

                           Established in 1938, Canadian Power & Sail
                           Squadron (CPS) is a nationwide organization of
                           recreational boating enthusiasts. Incorporated
                           under the Companies Act of Canada, CPS is a
     Exposing the          charitable organization with over 30,000 active
                           members. Our volunteer instructors help recre-
     mysteries of          ational boaters improve their boating safety
                           knowledge as well as their vessel handling and
sailboat systems           navigation skills. Students successfully complet-
  and handling.            ing “The Boating Course” or “BoatPro” may then
                           elect to join CPS.

                           Mission Statement
Register with your local
  CPS volunteer today.     To increase awareness and knowledge of safe
                           boating by educating and training members and
                           the general public, by fostering fellowship
                           among members, and by establishing partner-
                           ships and alliances with organizations and
                           agencies interested in boating.                                             Canadian Power & Sail Squadrons
                                                                                                          Volunteers Teaching Safe Boating
                           Brochure: EB-SS-E- (G: grayscale, C: colour)   This revision: 01/05
Seamanship Sail                             Topics                                   Other Courses
 The Seamanship Sail Course provides           »   Spars and Rigging                    Introductory Courses
 the knowledge required to operate a           »   Sails                                » BoatPro
 sailboat safely in most conditions.           »   Theory of Sail Action                » The Boating Course
 Building upon the skills gained in            »   Balance Under Sail
 Piloting, this course will acquaint           »   Getting Under Way                    Advanced Courses
 the beginner sailor with day-sailing          »   Under Way                            » Piloting
 in protected waters, and allow expe-          »   Sail Trim                            » Advanced Piloting
 rienced sailors to sharpen their skills.      »   Piloting Under Sail                  » Celestial Navigation
                                               »   Cruising Under Sail—Day Sailers
 Emphasis is placed on how a sailboat          »   Cruising Under Sail—Keel Boat        Elective Courses
 works and the special terminology             »   Racing                               » Powerboating
 associated with sailboats and sailing,        »   Fire Extinguishers                   » Seamanship Sail
 as well as practical seamanship.                                                       » Extended Cruising
 While there is no chart work or navi-                                                  » Marine Electronics
 gation, the particular problems of                                                     » Marine Maintenance
 piloting under sail, and making                                                        » Fundamentals of Weather
 progress to windward are discussed.                                                    » Global Weather
                                                                                        » Maritime Radio Course
 Expose the mysteries of sailboat sys-
 tems and handling. Sign up for the                                                     Seminars
 Seamanship Sail Course today.                                                          » Navigating with GPS
                                                                                        » Radar
                                                                                        » Auxiliary Equipment
                                                                                        » Finding your Way
                                                                                          With GPS

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