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                                            Wall Mounted Modern Bathroom Vanities
                                                             By Laila Armstrong

   Remodeling your restroom with a modern scheme may come as a challenge. But the first step is to
look at modern bathroom vanities. With the vast variety of vanities on the market today you are
guaranteed to find the perfect vanity to fit your personal style and needs.

 If you are planning on purchasing your vanity from a local store keep in mind that you will probably be
seeing the same boring styles. Modern bathroom vanities have not yet become as popular as the basic
traditional vanities available at your local hardware store. Having a unique vanity will drastically change
the appearance of your bathroom as a whole.

 Consider searching online for modern bathroom vanities. A major advantage of purchasing online is
being able to purchase at factory direct rates. Shopping online will not only cut out the middle man but
will give you the freedom to shop at your own leisure time.

 Once you begin searching online for modern bathroom vanities you will begin to realize how many
different styles, colors, and sizes there are available to choose from. You will also need to decide
whether you would like a wall mounted vanity or a standard vanity that sits on the floor. Each one is
different so you will need to decide which better fits your needs and better suits your bathroom décor.

 With the extensive selection of modern bathroom vanities on the market today, it can be fairly tricky
finding the best deal with so many competitors fighting for your business. But, this actually works out to
your advantage. It gives you the opportunity to choose the best vanity at the best rate.

 Many modern bathroom vanities are offered with the displayed fixtures. Try to take advantage of the
“featured” fixtures which some competitors include with the purchase of a vanity. This will not only save
you money but will also save you time searching for fixtures that will match your vanity.

 Quality not only plays a major role when searching for modern bathroom vanities but may be the deal
breaker in many cases. Oak wood is an excellent choice when purchasing bathroom furniture. It is not
only a beautiful wood with elegant grain markings but is also a durable wood sure to stand the test of

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 Once you have chosen the perfect vanity pay special attention to the mirror. Many modern bathroom
vanities come with a matching mirror while others don’t. If you end up choosing a vanity that does not
include the mirror do not feel forced to purchase the mirror that is featured with the vanity.

 If you decide to purchase a mirror separately pay special attention to the modern bathroom vanities
that come with a mirror. This way you will be able to determine which mirror would most match your
vanity. If you have chosen a more detailed vanity try to choose a simpler mirror and vice-versa if you
have chosen a simple vanity, a more detailed mirror will probably add the missing special touch.

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                                          Modern Bathroom Vanites With Marble
                                                       By Madeline Johnson

Modern bathroom vanities are the number one type of vanity purchased today. Most have switched out
their traditional looking vanity and remodeled their bathroom to a new modern look.

 Whether it be European inspired or Italian inspired they have become very popular in the U.S. Some
are wall-mounted while others sit on the floor. Depending on the size and structure of the bathroom
one would probably work better than the other. It may be a difficult decision choosing between modern
bathroom vanities that have countertops and those that don't.

 If you are looking into purchasing a vanity that does not have a countertop, one that is just wood, be
sure that the wood has a protective seal to guard against water damage which may cause fading in the
finish or may even begin to peal. With modern bathroom vanities the best way to go is with a protective

 Not only are countertops a beautiful addition to a vanity but are also very easy to clean. A few different
countertops will be mentioned in this article. Surgical tempered glass has become very popular with
modern bathroom vanities.

 Many people love this type of countertop because of its sleek look and style. Not only is it beautiful but
will withstand all temperatures and is stain proof! Believe it or not now-a-days natural marble
countertops are also being used on modern bathroom vanities.

 This may be offered by special order or may even be custom made for your vanity. The marble
countertop is not only very heavy but still holds a traditional look like no other countertop does. The
only fallback on choosing a natural marble countertop is that the colors are limited. If you are
fascinated with the appearance of the marble countertop but would like a color not available consider a
man made countertop. These look like the natural marble top but you have more flexibility with
choosing which color you would like. Many who carry modern bathroom vanities offer this option.

 If you don't really like the appearance of the ceramic basins sitting on top of the countertop consider
the surgical tempered glass countertops with sinks. These not only look great but are very easy to
clean. These are typically used with the larger modern bathroom vanities.

These types of countertops have a sleek appearance that are sure to impress your guests.

 White ceramic basins are also an option with modern bathroom vanities. Depending on the modern
bathroom vanities you are looking at the basins come in different shapes and sizes.

 It's up to you to decide how large or how small of a basin is needed. As long as the end product is to
your liking this is all that matters. Whether it be a marble countertop or a surgical tempered glass,
modern bathroom vanities are beautiful in and of themselves. Explore different options and don’t be
afraid to try new things. With thousands of different styles and sizes you are guaranteed to find the
perfect vanity for you!

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