Safety Instrumented Systems – Safety Integrity Level _SIL by csgirla


									        Safety Instrumented Systems –
         Safety Integrity Level (SIL)
This 2-day course provides an overview of Safety Engineering from the Risk Analyst, Process Safety
Coordinator point of view. Covering in moderate depth, the first half of the safety life cycle, the course
focuses on Process Hazard and risk analysis, management of functional safety, SIL determination,
Layer Protection of Analysis, and basics of SIS design. This course will help you develop a thorough
understanding of the quantitative and qualitative methods and issues relating to SIL determination
Day One                                                  Day Two
•   Safety Lifecycle concepts and the tasks              •   Consequence analysis techniques
    included in the safety Lifecycle                     •   Likelihood analysis, event trees
•   The principles and purposes of Risk                  •   LOPA – Layer of Protection Analysis
    Management                                           •   Methods for assigning SIL, both qualitative and
•   Management of Functional Safety                          quantitative
                                                         •   The development of safety requirements
•   The purpose and available methods for
    process hazards analysis
•   The methods for identifying safety
    instrumented functions

Who should attend
•    Those who want a good review prior to taking CFSE application exam
•    Loss Prevention Professionals
•    Instrumentation Engineers & Technologists
•    Safety & Reliability Engineers & Coordinators
•    Maintenance Engineers & Technicians
•    Management personnel

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