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									St Columba’s News
5th October, 2004
Week 1, Term 4

                       Heavenly Father
At the start of this new term we praise and thank you for the gift of life and the
                       opportunity of growth awaiting us.
                  We ask you to bless each of us for the semester ahead.
                  Help us to grow in faith, in goodness and in generosity.
                              Let your wisdom be our guide.
                  May each of us be a messenger of peace, truth and joy.
Welcome everyone to the last term of 2004. With only eight weeks of school you can
be sure it will be busy!
Be sure to read the article in this newsletter concerning a new way of supplying books
for our Preschool & Prep, Year One and Junior Unit classes, which will be introduced
next year.
St Columba's has received building approval for a Preschool Unit and another
classroom. We hope the construction will occur mainly over the summer break, but
some things will need to happen earlier. There will be a working bee (or two) coming
up.... further details at a later date. As a part of this, we will need to move the place
where cycling students keep their bicycles during the day, and students will be
informed of the new arrangements this week.
Senior KB and JG classrooms will become polling booths for the federal election this
Saturday. When you vote, you will also be able to support our Preschool and Prep
classes by purchasing some goodies at their cake stall.
Finally, a warm welcome to those families new to the St Columba's community. We are
glad you are here, and look forward to working with your children.
Damien Morgan – (Acting Principal)

After much discussion through the Curriculum Committee it has been decided that in
2005 we will introduce a new method of 'booklisting' for students entering Preschool,
Prep, Year 1 and the Junior Unit.
Research has shown us that by bulk-buying on parent's behalf we can supply all the
children's stationery requirements at a substantial saving.
Under this programme parents are expected to pay a 'book levy' which will cover all
anticipated stationery costs for the year. Children will then be issued with the
requirements they will immediately need at the start of the new school year. Other
materials purchased by the teacher will be stored safely in the classroom. Further
materials will be distributed as they are needed.
There are a number of benefits of operating this programme, apart from saving
parents money. Firstly, it means that children will not have a desk full of books or
other materials which they don't yet need. Secondly, all materials for the year are in
the teacher's safekeeping before the year starts. Thirdly, all students have what
they need, when they need it.
Over the next few weeks costing for each class and payment options will be
There will be no change in booklist procedure for students in Intermediate and
Senior Units next year. They will receive their booklists with their second semester
report during the last week of term.

On the weekends of 16th/17th October and 23rd/24th October children will be
receiving the Sacrament of Holy Communion for the first time. We continue to
pray for these members of our faith and school community as they make yet
another important step in their faith journey.
It is my fullest intention to gather the children together for a little talk and
discussion on what they should expect at this very special celebration sometime
next week.
A reminder to all those parents who have not yet paid their $5 for the
Confirmation sashes, I would appreciate quick payment as soon as possible.

PRINCIPAL AWARDS were presented to the following students on parade in the last
week of Term 3:
1A         Samuel Clark                      1B    Jade Neahros
1C         Katlyn Bambrick                   JURR  Callum O’Toole
JUJD       Tim Ostwald                       JUMB  Frank Witcombe
JUEB       Brandon Harrison                  JUDJ  Ben Wylie
IUDM       IUDM entire class                 IUTM  Bridget Boland
IUAW       Megan Wolski                      IUAJ  Greg Milne
IUMN       Bradley Stevens/Taleah Riethmuller
SUKB       Brittany Hayes                    SUJG  Jarrod Milford
SUCH       Sarah Mason                       SUCR  Brad Milne
SUAC       Breanna Lee
SPORTS AWARD           Harry Frith/Chelsea Waters

            Congratulations to the following students who were awarded
               “Aussie of the Month” for the month of September:
                            AUSSIES OF THE MONTH
                             1B         Ben Harwood
                             JUMB       Casey Boyd
                             IUTM       Zoe Neahros
                             SUKB       Rebecca Boland
Welcome back to all of the Prep/Preschool children. Here's hoping you are all well rested
and refreshed for our last (hot) term together! We would like to remind all families that we
are holding another cake and biscuit stall in conjunction with Election day this Saturday.
We are hoping to replicate the success of our last Election day stall! Please help us out by
making a small contribution by way of cake, biscuits or slice for us to sell. If you are able to
package and label your goodies, we will price them for you. Any donations can be dropped
into any of the Prep/Preschool rooms on Friday or may be delivered early Saturday
morning directly to the stall.
Thanking you in anticipation,
Kathy, Andrea and Katrina

Welcome back from the holidays. We are so excited to see our children back - we've missed
them so much. This week Year One's are jumping straight back into work. In activities we
are making thickshakes and things to go with learning about the digraph 'th'. We will also
be doing some tricky language activities to get us thinking! We would like to remind all
parents that you are always welcome to come up for an activity session (even if it's just a one
off). We do activities from 12.00 - 1.00pm each Monday to Wednesday.
We look forward to our last term together.
Melita, Jenna and Berni.

Welcome back to Term Four! Can you believe it? Only nine weeks until the end of the school
year. But still there is much to achieve and strive for. Teachers will be probably sending
home their own Term Four letter in the next couple of days. It should outline what's in store
for your child this term. For the time being please pray for the children in the Junior Unit
who are celebrating the Sacrament of Holy Communion for the first time over the coming
Patrick, Tabitha, Elizabeth, Melissa, Judy & Renee.

Welcome back to term four and welcome to Susan Wirth who joins the IU team later this
week! We have a short, nine week term packed full of exciting things to do and learn. We
have a camp, swimming sessions, an exciting unit based on health and safety and of course,
report cards. We will also be providing family life sessions in week seven of this term. You
will receive more information about this in the near future. Camp is in week four of this
term and it is essential that forms and payments be returned as soon as possible.
The following table lists homework requirements for IU students this term:

         ClassMathematics                             Classroom Homework
         IUDM No mathematics homework this            Some homework provided.
         IUAW No mathematics homework this            No class homework.
         IUAJ Mathematics Text Homework.              No class homework.
         IUMN No mathematics homework this            Some homework provided.
         IUTM No mathematics homework this            Some homework provided.
We hope that we have reduced some of the homework pressures that we know many of you
endure each afternoon.
Thank-you for your ongoing support.
Danielle, Anna, Merv, Allyson, Susan, Janine and Lisa.

Welcome back to all Senior Unit Parents and Students. From the buzz on the verandahs
and in the playground today it is apparent all had a good break away from school! This
term with the visit of Morris Gleitzman in November each class is exploring the worlds
presented in his books. Don’t forget the unique experience to dine with Morris on
Tuesday 9th November at the Russell Tavern - contact the school office to book. Year 7
camp money can be paid at the school office any time and is all due by week 6. Have a
great week!
Cate, Anthony, Kylie, Jacque and Carey.

This Friday, 3:30 - 5:30 pm. Come along and have an afternoon of fun and games.
The afternoon will have 'sports with a difference'. At Iona on the corner of Edward and
Cunningham St. Cost of $1 applies.

School swimming will start next week (Monday October 11). A note went home yesterday to all
parents regarding this. If you can assist in these lessons could you please let your child’s teacher
know. All students must wear a sun protection shirt in the water at all times. No shirt, No

School fees will be distributed later on this week. Please check your child’s port
for your families latest school fee account. As the end of year is fast approaching,
your immediate attention to any outstanding fees would be greatly appreciated.
Mrs Barabra Irwin wishes everyone the best for Fourth Term, and would like to advise
her students that lessons will re-commence on Wednesday, November 3rd.

Over $2500 in prizes go up for grabs on the 30th of October at the PCYC in this
year’s Battle of the Bands and it is going to be AWESOME! Register in solo artist or
band, in 16 years and under, or over 16 years categories. All styles of music are
welcome. Drums and PA system provided. If you don't have any musical talent then
sign up for the AIR GUITAR EXTRAVAGANZA! Register at O'Shea's Music Centre
or phone 46623100.
                                    Calendar of Events
9th October – Election Day Sweet Stall
12th October - RESCHEDULED – Spring Fair “Wrap Up” Meeting @ 7.30 pm
17th October – Family Portraits
18th October - PUPIL FREE DAY!!
25th October – Parish Education Board Information Night
27th – 29th October – Intermediate Unit Camp
28th October – P & F Meeting – “You Can Do It” Program
2nd November – Melbourne Cup Day
3rd November – All Saints Day : Liturgy 9.00 am
18th November – (proposed) Swimming Carnival 5.30 pm
21st November – 5.30 pm Awards & Concert evening
24th – 26th November – Second Year Seniors camp to Brisbane
26th November – Retreat Day at Lake Broadwater for First Year Seniors
2nd December – Graduation Eucharist & End of Year Eucharist 9.00 am

                               PARISH YOUTH RAFFLE
       $50 Service voucher, Ford and Holden Merchandise and heaps of food.
      Tickets 50c each or 3 for $1. Available at the parish office or from Liam.
        All proceeds will go towards helping the young people in the parish.
                     Raffle will be drawn in a couple of weeks.

Tuesday 12th October, at the Dalby Leagues Club. Tickets on sale from 9.00 am. Auction starts
at 9.30 am. Entry fee is $ 2.00 includes tea/coffee, one free sheet of tickets and a ticket into lucky
door prize. Hosted by Dalby South State School P & F Association.

ST COLUMBAS GIRLS UNIFORMS - very good condition, less than 1 year old
Winter shirts (sizes 6, 10) $15 each
Green sports jacket (sizes 6) $15 each (only 3 months old)
Please phone Camilla Rowland on 4662 5444 after hours.

Last week of Term 3 – bottle green zip-up parachute material jacket (near new) Size 8.
Clearly marked “McKEE”. Please return to Hannah in JUEB or Thomas in 1C.
                    Uniforms for Sale $ 5.00 each – Phone 4662 2551
Dresses 4 x Size 6/8                                  Sports skirt 1 x Size 6
Sports Shorts 1 x Size 10 jersey                      Sports shirts 2 x Size 8
              2 x Size 8 Ruggers                                    2 x Size 10
              2 x Size 12 Ruggers                                   1 x Size 12
Boys Shorts 1 x Size 10 Stubbies                      Boys Shirts 3 x Size 10
            2 x Size 10 Scaggs                                     1 x Size 12

A special thanks to Noel McNamara and his son, Martin, who during the holidays put in
many hours erecting the weldmesh panels under the pavilion.           John Telford

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