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Walt and Aaron Theory

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									Thinking on paper about Walt, Aaron, dualism, and leadership.

I am wondering if Aaron and Walt both have the potential to be very evil or very good and their potential is realized is not so much a part of their nature, but rather as a result of how they are nurtured. In other words, they are both exceptional or “special” by nature, but events shape them to be exceptionally good or evil. Since we also have the possibility of time travel, we potentially have good and bad Walts and Aarons running around at different times and ages and may explain why Ben wanted to kidnap both of them. (Of course Ben tries to kidnap every child he meets, so maybe that’s just one of his personality flaws).

Walt Walt is special and makes things happen. These things often involve animals and tend to either inspire (Locke) or creep out (Brian, Walt’s step dad and assorted Others). “Things happen when he is around”. Quite frankly, there are not a lot of African Americans on Lost, so my choices for adult Walt are not varied, but Walt properly nurtured could be like the friendly cheerleading orderly who calls Locke “Mr. Locke”, suggests Locke go on a walkabout, and talks about how he thought he was one thing and came back from his walkabout another. He suggests that if he and Locke meet again Locke will owe him one. He says this with a “get back in the game” poster behind him. Backgammon anyone? Granted, Abbadon the orderly is not “exceptionally” good that we know of, but he may be. Maybe he represents neutral Walt. Of course the first time I saw him I thought he was up to no good.

Improperly nurtured, Abbadon is someone more sinister:

Again, we don’t know that this Abbadon is really “a bad one”. He is a bad liar and slightly menacing, but he may not really be a bad guy, but this is just a theory so I am theorizing.

Aaron Aaron may or may not be a messiah, but, according to Richard “fake psychic” Malkin he must be raised by Claire. "Your nature, your spirit, your goodness, must be an influence in the development of this child”. Richard has a daughter, coincidentally named Charlotte who like Jesus and Lazarus before her was raised from the dead and may have said something like “Let John Locke go!” but I digress… In season four we saw Aaron being raised without Claire’s goodness, and rather by Kate. We were also introduced to one of the most “exceptionally” evil characters yet : Vegas freighter psycho, Keamy. Could Keamy represent a potential for Aaron’s future?

And what of “good” Aaron? I don’t know. I would love to see a kinder, gentler Keamy show up this season, but maybe kinder gentler Aaron is more like Desmond. We have yet to meet his family right? I just wonder if Aaron and / or Walt are the leader(s) the others have been waiting for. I know we have been told that multiple realities are not the way they are going, but all the dualism in season one got me thinking of Walt and Aaron, their potential for leadership, their “specialness”. That led me to thinking that it is possible that in a world where Walt is good, Aaron is bad and vice versa. Two things I think I know are these: if Jacob has been seen but not heard, Aaron makes a nice choice (maybe better than Vincent), and Australia is the key to the whole game.

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