HALF PRICE TREATMENTS! Buy one get on for FREE! Give yourself a

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					                                                                                             1204 High Street Armadale Vic 3143
                                                                                        Phone 9509 5283

      Give yourself a gift that you really want!
   Buy a half price package of treatments in January and use them throughout the year.
                   Buy one treatment for yourself and give one as a gift.
         All of these fabulous treatments are yours for half of the normal price.

Superior Medical Skin Peels                                              Vibra-Derm medical microdermabrasion
You can safely refresh your skin over the summer months with a           Vibra-derm is the modern alternative to traditional Microderma-
series of rationale anti-ageing skin peels. These superior brand         brasion. Vibra-derm is proven to effectively exfoliate and stimulate
selection of skin peel s refine and hydrate skin without irritating or   new collagen without bombarding the skin with ablative crystals.
sensitising skin.                                                        In addition to the patented Vibra-fusion technology, your vitamin
                                                                         serums can be infused into fresh living skin during the Vibra-derm
Anti-ageing Facial Treatments                                            treatment to enhance your result.
Traditional Hungarian intensive massage for the face, neck and
shoulders ensures ultimate relaxation along with scientifically          IPL (Intense Pulsed Light)
proven ingredients to deliver dramatic results, while maintaining        Permanent Hair Reduction and Skin Photo Regeneration. Not all
the highest standards of safety.                                         IPL systems offer the same level of precision and safety. Our IPL
                                                                         device is high quality with a range of treatment options to achieve
LED Photodynamic Therapy                                                 results on a variety of skin types and conditions.
Although this treatment promises an intense level of relaxation the
intense red light acts to energize, rejuvenate and repair damaged        Lipodissolve and Mesotherapy:
skin , reduce uneven skin tone improve the appearance of fine            Fat removal has never been so quick and easy with lipodissolve.
lined and wrinkles. Anti-ageing has never been more relaxing and         We use a combination of therapeutic ingredients injected into ar-
enjoyable than this!                                                     eas of hard to shift fat for fabulous results! You can combine this
                                                                         treatment with XRF to smooth and tighten your skin and reduce
Cellulite & fat removal and skin tightening.                             cellulite.
New Ageing XRF is the most exciting non invasive technology
offering inexpensive non surgical solutions to conditions like un-
wanted fat, cellulite on any part of the body, saggy knees, flabby
arms, sagging bottoms, loose facial jowls and loose elbow skin.
TGA approved technology that really works!

Half price offer is not available in conjunction with any other discounted offer.

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