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					                              HangUps Closet Organization Service is:
                                  A great way to start to the winter season
                                  A wonderful Christmas gift that keeps on giving
                                  The perfect way to realize your New Year's resolution
                                  A means to feeling and looking better - with ease
                                  All of the above

                             Winter & Christmas 2008 Special!
                      Book between November 1 and December 31st and
                                receive a 20% discount
                           on your HangUps closet organization service!

How can HangUps benefit you? Just ask our customers:                                            Improve your closet space

                                                                                      Look your best every day - with ease
""I always heard people say that opening your closet and getting dressed in the
morning should be enjoyable. I thought they were just crazy. My mornings were                Feel organized and in control
more like a) there is nothing in this closet that looks good, b) I don't know how I
even got all these clothes that look so bad on me, and c) I can't possibly justify                    Save time every day
buying more stuff when I have so much that I don't even wear. That changed after
                                                                                         Match your closet to your lifestyle
one morning with HangUps. I now have a closet that I love, love, LOVE! It's a
breeze to get dressed! No more fighting with my closet to find things that suit me      Make smarter wardrobe decisions
or wearing items just because I can reach them. With patience, determination and
confidence, HangUps works miracles. You can have a beautiful closet too! And               Get valuable organizational tips
yes, it really does set the tone for the rest of your day." Tanya Nouwens Gurberg     Get easy-to-use organizational tools

To take advantage of this limited time offer
call 514.975.4648 today

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