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Here are some thoughts shared by program

“You get tired of fighting all the battles by
yourself. It is good to know that I am not alone
after all.”

“Learning that I can manage my chronic illness
and take control of my life – I should not, and
need not, leave that to others.”

“…made me aware that I am responsible for                                                                  YOUR HEALTH. YOUR CARE. YOUR JOURNEY.
my own health and gave me tools to help                                                                    CHRONIC DISEASE MANAGEMENT
manage my diabetes.”

“Of all the courses I’ve taken in these recent
years this one was the most interesting, of great
value and left me with a desire to communicate
my interests and new found info to others.”

                                                    Chronic Disease Management
                                                    Capital Health
                                                    If you need health advice or information about a
                                                    specific chronic condition, call Capital Health Link
                                                    408-LINK (5465) or toll free at 1-866-408-LINK.

                                                    If you want to enroll in an education class call
                                                    401-BOOK (2665).

Realize                                               Realize                                               Realize
YOUR HEALTH.                                          YOUR CARE.                                            YOUR JOURNEY.

If you are at risk for or experiencing a chronic      Capital Health supports you and your family if you    With a positive approach and support to take
health condition, you can enjoy a full, satisfying    are at risk for or dealing with chronic conditions.   charge of your health, you can lead a healthier life.
life. You can take control!                           The most appropriate health services, including
                                                      support, care and follow-up, are available to you.    You can learn to:
Chronic conditions have an impact on your health                                                             • recognize risk factors for chronic conditions
over your life time. Examples of chronic conditions   If you are living with a chronic health condition,
                                                                                                             • manage your symptoms
are diabetes, high blood pressure and asthma.         we encourage you to take part in programs in your
                                                      community to learn how to better control/manage        • be an active partner in your own care
There is hope and Capital Health is here to help!     symptoms, make healthier lifestyle choices and         • make your own action plans
                                                      become an active partner in your care.                 • work with your doctor and health care team
                                                      What’s Available:                                      • deal with stress and feelings

                                                       • Education classes – You can attend classes to       • make healthier lifestyle choices
                                                         learn about specific chronic health conditions
                                                                                                            Capital Health wants to be there for you on your
                                                         and how to make healthier lifestyle choices to
                                                                                                            journey to manage your health. Two programs
                                                         prevent or manage these conditions.
                                                                                                            are offered to support you:
                                                       • Regional Diabetes Program – The program             • Live Better Every Day – a series of classes to
                                                         provides education classes, telephone                 support you in making a plan for everyday
                                                         consultations, advice from a team of experts          living. You will learn ways to deal with your
                                                         (DIAL – Diabetes Information and Advice Line)         feelings, manage symptoms, increase activity,
                                                         and one-on-on assessments and treatment at a          make healthier eating choices, and learn
                                                         Diabetes Center.                                      some tips for partnering with your doctor
                                                                                                               and health care team.
                                                       • Community Network – Capital Health
                                                         partners with businesses, groups and others         • Youth in Transition – A teen version of the
                                                         in the community to support you on your               Live Better Every Day program. This program
                                                         health journey. We provide information on a           supports adolescents and young adults to
                                                         variety of quality programs and services in           manage chronic health conditions as they
                                                         your neighborhood to help you reach your              transition from youth into adulthood.
                                                         health goals. For a list of community network
                                                         members, visit:

                                                         For health advice or more information, please call 408-LINK (5465)

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